15 Great Favors for A Tea Party

So, you decided to warp you and your bridal babes into a time when the most amazing news or events are celebrated over a cup of tea, a few treats, and a whole lot of stories and laughter. But while you are certain that the Tea Party Theme will leave a mark in the hearts of your guests and bride squad, you still want to give a few takeaways for them to bring home something more than a memory.

Unique Bachelor Party Destination in Connecticut

Wow your groom and best friends with a bachelor party in Whitney Farm’s state-of-the-art golf simulator party room. When it’s too cold to be out on the greens or you just want to have easy access to the bar our golf simulator will guarantee good times for an awesome bachelor party.

Get Them To Say “I Do”: 19 Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

’t be complete without your friends beside you, so make a groomsmen proposal that they won’t be able to resist! Give these creative gifts or try these cool activities to invite your prospective groomsmen. At least one of these fun proposal ideas will be perfect for your friend group!

17 Magnet Wedding Favors That Will Impress Your Guests

 Wedding favors may not be at the top of a bride or groom’s checklist. After all, the day should be about you and your love.  Still, this overflowing affection always spills over, ready to be extended to friends and family, people that supported and loved you before you even found each other. And they will all gather to share your joy!

7 Anniversary Gifts That Never Get Old

An anniversary is a special day that celebrates another year of being together or being married. While you want to preserve wedding memories, you also want to make new ones and celebrate your years together since the wedding.