Choosing Your Honeymoon Package: Should You Go All-inclusive?

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Do you pick each experience of your honeymoon with your hands? Or do you trust the experience of hotel owners and tour guides? Do you let the opinions of the experts lead your honeymoon days? Or should you take the risk of trying what the heart desires?

Well, the choice between all-inclusive and all-exclusive honeymoon packages is difficult. But it’s not impossible. In this guide, we’ll help you decide which one’s worth it by studying all-inclusive honeymoon packages in complete detail.


What is an all-inclusive honeymoon package?

By definition, an all inclusive honeymoon package is one wherein you make bookings for everything in advance. The package includes your hotel fare, food costs, transportation, spa services, sightseeing, water sports, fun activities, and sometimes even airfare.

Who offers all-inclusive honeymoon packages? These packages are offered by resorts, hotels, event planners, or dedicated honeymoon planners. They may have a physical office where you can visit them, or they may have an online website where you can browse your options and make the bookings.

On the contrary, an all-exclusive honeymoon package includes only one of the many aspects of the honeymoon. You could be booking a hotel for your honeymoon. But since it’s an all-exclusive booking, they may not offer food and sightseeing to you. You’ll have to take care of it by yourself.


The Pros 

Like everything in this universe, an all-inclusive honeymoon package has a good side and a bad side. Its good aspects include:



An all-inclusive honeymoon package eliminates the need for running errands. You don’t have to invest time researching and reviewing the best places, and you don’t have to budget for every single activity. Instead, you only have to browse the menu of your available options (i.e., the types of experiences offered), and you can pay one lump sum amount to avail of your desired option.

It cuts down the work on your end before, after, and during the trip. You can focus on spending time with your beloved.



Apart from guaranteeing your mental security, all-inclusive packages also ensure monetary security. Since you have prepaid for all the activities included in your package, you don’t have to carry any extra money. In this way, it is also risk-free.


Value for Money 

Since it’s offered by the hotel or event planners, they’ve probably done their homework and brought you the best possible in your budget. You won’t be taking any risks on foodstuffs, cabs, taxis, or experiences. Those you hired will ensure that you have a fulfilling and worthy experience.


The Cons

The cons of an all-inclusive honeymoon package are not more than the cons of an all-exclusive honeymoon package. But there are some out there, and so they count. Let’s review them quickly. 


No Thrill

Where there’s a risk, there’s an adventure. All-inclusive honeymoon packages make your honeymoon quite very predictable. You know what awaits your arrival each day. And you simply enjoy it with your partner. 

On the contrary, an all-exclusive honeymoon brings you an exciting new day every day. You can’t know what to expect or how you’ll spend the day.



Usually, all-inclusive honeymoon packages are expensive. That’s because the arranging party takes the entire responsibility of delivering a fulfilling and joyous experience upon themselves. So, they charge a bit more than usual for that. 


So, should you go all-inclusive?

Considering the pros and cons of all-inclusive honeymoon packages, it’s a good idea to book an all-inclusive honeymoon package. It’s particularly good for busy individuals who cannot invest a lot of time off in simply planning their days ahead. It’s best to live life instead.

But if you’re up for the risk, adventure, and budgeting irrespective of what it takes from you, go for an unplanned honeymoon. In the end, your soul’s desire matters the most.


Final Words

Whether you go for an all-inclusive or an all-exclusive honeymoon, make sure that you and your significant other collectively take the decision. Often couples blame each other for ruining one another’s idea of a honeymoon in later stages of life. You definitely do not want to recall your honeymoon like that. Do you? So, be careful with your decision. Good luck! 

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