How to Get the Perfect Wedding Photographs: 4 Easy Tips

Wedding photography is never easy – not only do you have to magically be present at the right time when something happens, but it also puts your photography skills to the test. All sorts of lighting, backgrounds, colors, themes, and people will forever be putting your skills as a photographer. 

But still, the job is as rewarding as it is hard. With the right precautions, gear, and knowledge, you’ll be able to tackle (or photograph) all of the right moments. Keep reading to find out how. 

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Invest in the Right Equipment 

Like we’ve mentioned before, you’re going to be putting a lot of your photography skills to the test. You might need some macro lenses for those super focused shots of the rings, to bring out your architectural photography skills for when the couple wants photos in front of a beautiful building, and even more when you have to find your way around bad lighting and less than ideal angles. 

This is why the right gear is important. Even if it might be a huge initial investment into your work, it’s going to pay off when your customers are satisfied and happy with the results. Not to mention that you can hire equipment too. 

Meet Up With the Couple Beforehand 

Meeting up with the couple before their wedding will allow you to get to know them better. This will come in handy when you’re taking their photos. If they’re too stiff or not laughing or smiling naturally, you can remind them of their first date or the proposal to make them both smile. 

It will also help you understand the couple so you know what kind of poses they’ll want, and who in their bridal party is important for you to photograph. In group photos, it’s often your job to herd the family and guests together, and it’ll be easier if you know who is important and how. 

You can also do a small engagement photoshoot to get a feel of what it would be like to work with the couple, and also to make them comfortable with working with you. You’ll be able to figure out what results you want with the actual wedding photos and to see how long photoshoots take while in a low pressure and low stress setup. 

Scout the Venue                                      

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In order to know where the best shots are going to be, you need to already be familiar with the venue and where things will be happening beforehand. If you can, visit the wedding venue before the wedding and take a look at where everything will be, where the groom will be standing, where the bride will enter from, and more. 

There are also certain aspects of the venue that might need your attention, like the amount of light there will be and where you can set up your stuff and remain inconspicuous when you need to be. You can check out more about lighting options through blogs written about this topic by Focus Photography and other expert wedding photographers. 

You will also be able to come up with some ideas for group photos and know where you want people for certain shots. All of this is essential to having a good photo shoot the day of. 

Keep a Shot List 

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You might not know it yet if you’ve never covered an event before, but weddings are hectic affairs. With so much and too little going on all at once, it can be easy to forget to cover some important moments. This is why it’s wise to have a list of the things you want to cover so that doesn’t happen. 

The list can contain things like the first looks the married couple has of each other, the bride and groom admiring their outfits before they get ready, and anything that the couple specifies they want photographed. 

This list is also something that you will need to discuss with your clients before the wedding.

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