30 Unique Bridesmaid Gifts in 2022

It can’t be just another ordinary, boring gift. They deserve so much more than that. It has to be something really special. Your bride tribe has worked hard and invested much time and effort into making your wedding the best that it could be. They have been with you through the ups and downs of not just your wedding preparation but literally all of your life. Your gift should speak of how much you appreciate and value each one of them. Get those creative juices flowing and find a gift that will not only amaze them but also communicate your gratitude to them.

Make it a gift that your bridesmaids will be proud to show-off way after your wedding day. Here are 30 creative bridesmaid gift ideas you can choose from:

30. Monogram Miss Compact


Every girl needs a little retouch now and then so give your bridesmaids a cute compact to whip out. This Monogram Bridesmaid Compact is one that they will get years of use out of all while remembering how much they mean to you. The Rose gold color of this mirror makes it all classier and more elegant.

29. Glass Tea Mugs

Let your bridesmaids drink their favorite beverage like a princess with this beautiful glass tea mugs. Designed with chrysanthemum flowers, tea time with your bridesmaids will never be the same using this glass tea mugs. Elegantly styled using an enamel handle and a glass material that is translucent, glittering and easy to clean. It is of high quality, lead-free, won’t discolor, leak chemicals into drinks or retain smell. Definitely, a healthier option compared to plastic mugs. This visually enticing mug can be used for warm or cold drinks and the perfect gift for your bride tribe.

28. Real Moss Necklace

Your spring wedding signifies the growth of many elements in your surroundings. Let this unique, handmade glass terrarium medallion amaze your bride tribe. Made of lead-free solder, a black plated chain with the pendant containing immortalized real green moss. This jewelry is made with pure vibrations of nature stimulating the spiritual elements of sensitivity contained in flowers and stones. It comes ready to be handed to your bridesmaids in a hand-painted cardboard box in an organza packaging.

27. Charm Bracelet

Special people deserve special and creative gifts. You and your bridesmaid-to-be go way back and the connection between you and her is simply something that will last forever. Ask her to be your bridesmaid with this charming bracelet. Let her know how much you value this friendship with her and you simply can’t do without her on your wedding day. Choose from 12 colors for the gemstone included in each chain with a toggle bar clasp. Let this jewelry piece add some glitter as you let her wear it on your wedding day. Have it engraved with her initials to make it more personalized and special.

26. Sentimental Wooden Frame

This sentimental wooden frame is the perfect gift for your bridesmaid or maid of honor. Thank her with a photo from your wedding day that she can cherish forever. This frame even has a sentimental quote that goes, “ Today my maid of honor, forever my best friend, thank you for standing beside me, today and always.” This gift includes a clear protective acrylic sheet that helps preserve your picture.

25. Tote-al Package

Fill this Tote-al Package with personalized gifts and goodies where she can later carry all the bridesmaid essentials as she says yes to your proposal. Stylish yet functional, this bag can carry all – silky robes, tumblers, sunglasses, candles and the like.  A gift that will surely delight your bridesmaid to be!

24. Monogrammed Jewelry Case

They won’t just carry her jewelry and other wedding essentials, it’s also beautifully personalized with her monogram embroidered on top of the case. This monogrammed jewelry case is made from polyester material and has a zip around closure. It also has 8 mini inside open pockets. You also have the option to choose from the color of thread that will be used.

23. Tumbalicious

Your search for a creative gift as you ask her to be your bridesmaid ends here. Aside from being creative, this gift embodies playfulness, practicality, and personality. This tumbler comes with your bridesmaid’s digitally printed caricature. Seeing her face in this tumbler just shows how much you value her and how you so badly want her to be standing with you on your wedding day. Just send in their pictures and a sketch will be created for each of them. Once the draft is approved, the tumbler is ready to be sent for your bridesmaids. The bonus is you also get to have a digital format of the caricatures for future use.

22. Bridal Party Portrait

This bridal party portrait is a lovely art piece to remember your wedding by. It is completely customizable and the kind of gift that can be treasured for life. You can even have the following details specified in the artwork: hair length or style, hair color, skin tone, dress or outfit color, outfit description and bouquet description.

21. Hang By Me

Your bridesmaids won’t be using just about any hanger on your wedding day. Let them display their bridesmaid dresses on this custom bridesmaid dress hanger. These hangers have carved notches that prevent their dresses from slipping, have a curved shape and a modern hook style that makes it look even more elegant.

20. Ceramic Mugs

This ceramic mug will definitely be one gift she would treasure for life. It is glossy, with white exterior and an easy grip “C” handle. The print on both sides will not easily fade and has good transmittance.  It is made of 35% bone and 65% ceramic. This ceramic mug is lighter, thinner and more solid compared to other ceramic mugs. This gift comes in a special gift box ready to be handed to your bridesmaid or maid of honor.

19. Felted Soap

Your bridesmaids are sure to get pampered with this unique hand-felted, hand-dyed wool covered soap. The wrapping may be used as a washcloth which gently exfoliates the skin. The handmade soap is hard and long lasting and is good for conditioning and cleansing with a rich and creamy lather. It is made of all natural ingredients with a base of mango butter, Shea butter, and cocoa butter.  The colors are customizable and you even have a wide variety of scents to choose from.

18. Bangle Flask

Let your bridesmaids show off this adorable statement jewelry piece that doubles as a flask. This bangle flask is handy and perfect for making your favorite drink available anywhere, anytime. Aside from making a fashion statement, your ladies will have easy access to their drink with the flask’s unique shape and twist-off top. You even have it personalized for your ladies.

17. Hanging Cosmetic Bag

It’s not just a cosmetic bag. This Marilyn makeup bag is easy to carry and hang for stress-free access of your bridesmaid essentials, makeup, accessories and many more. It has spacious interiors and generous compartments, you won’t have to bring extra bags with you. It even comes with six different cosmetic brushes all set for their getting ready time with you on your wedding day. This fabulous Moroccan style cosmetic bag can also be personalized to make it extra special for your lovely bride tribe.

16. Girl On The Go Gift Set

Let this Girl On The Go Gift Set speak of how you want to pamper your bridesmaids. Specially made for ladies on the move, the items inside this gift box have been carefully curated. It includes a gorgeous box with a beautifully monogrammed baseball cap and a gold handy tumbler. This gift will definitely delight any bridesmaid.

15. Personalized Mason Jars

Are your ladies champagne or pina colada lovers? Then these personalized mason jars are the perfect gift for them. With a beautiful caricature of their faces on it, they will definitely treasure this gift for a long time. The jars are insulated in order to keep their favorite beverages cold and come complete with a screw-on lid to keep drinks fresh. Unique and creative, this gift is one that won’t be easily forgotten.

14. Real Flower Jewelry

How creative can you get with this gift of a Real Flower Jewelry. This necklace is made from real flowers and glass. The glass was cut and soldered of tin. It’s the perfect gift for your bridesmaids who are nature lovers. This is one gift that will be treasured forever by your bride tribe.

13. Sterling Silver Filigree Lace Ring

Make the strong connection between you and your best girlfriends even stronger as you give your bride tribe this beautiful filigree ring in sterling silver. This ring is rhodium plated and looks like white gold. The ring size can be pre-adjusted to your bridesmaid’s size. This gift is sure to bring a smile on their faces.

12. Fashion Tote

The luminous pink fractal rose design of this tote bag just made this gift both beautiful and useful. It is made of elasticized neoprene material and is made to stretch and securely stow whatever she would be needing for the day. This gift will surely end up as her favorite tote bag.

11. Nature Inspired Ring

Give her this intricate ring that carefully features preserved authentic tiny watercolor paintings done by artists of the French register of Fine Arts. Perfect for your bridesmaid who loves art and collects one of a kind and unique handcrafted pieces. She will certainly love this beautiful sterling silver ring made with the most vivid colours.

10. White Wreath Rose & Sheep Necklace

She will truly look great wearing this Romantic White Wreath Rose and Sheep Necklace on your wedding day. This lovely necklace used gold plated findings, glass bead, copper wire and glass art. It’s one creative gift  you can be sure she will be using again and again long after your wedding day.

9. Pink & Red Coneflower Clutch

It’s a carry all zipper pouch that can help her organize almost anything effortlessly. It’s denim-lined and provides a soft structure for her carry-all. It’s made of 100% polyester canvas shell so you can be sure its durable. This lovely gift comes in 4 handy sizes. This is one gift you can be sure she’ll truly appreciate.

8. Personalized Paint Stroke Artistic Make Up Bag

This Personalized Paint Stroke Artistic Makeup bag can carry all her essentials and even double as a coin purse. It’s bright white in color with a contrasting zip color giving it a clean and elegant look and feel. It’s a perfect gift that speaks of how grateful you are to your bride tribe fro making your wedding extra special.

7. Hummingbird Jewelry Family

Make your gift extra special for the ladies whoa re closest to your heart. This Hummingbird Jewelry Family will be perfect for wearing on your wedding day. This set comes with an adjustable necklace chain  with a dainty pendant and a specially designed earring. The necklace is made of high quality 925 Sterling Silver that is sure to last a long time. The pendant is also embellished with Swarovski crystals. Its a stylish and sweet accessory that simply speaks of how much you care for your bride tribe.

6. Love Bracelet

This Love Bracelet will definitely look stunning on the wrists of your bridesmaids. It’s high-quality, stylish, non-slip and anti-shedding. This artistic bracelet is perfect for your bridsesmaids and will match any outfit. It comes ready to be handed to your bridesmaid as a thank you gift in a lovely jewelry bag.

5. Korean Mother of Pearl Makeup Mirror

Don’t just give her an ordinary compact mirror. Get creative and give her this Korean Mother of Pearl Make Up Mirror with the classic blue yellow Van Gogh starry night image.  This round compact makeup double pocket mirror can easily fit in handbags or purse. It is durable and lightweight with a glossy hard epoxy protective coating. It’s one practical gift she’ll be using for a long time.

4. Rose Gold Hair Comb

This Rose Gold Hair Comb is a must-have gift that your bridesmaids can use to style and accessorize their hair. It has rose gold-tone finish and will surely give your bridesmaids that classic and modern look. It has clear rhinestones and crystals decorated with ivory simulated pearls. Your bride tribe will definitely look stunning and beautiful with this gift.

3. Monogram Mug

Let your bridesmaids enjoy their coffee or tea with this artistically designed mug. This simple but elegant artwork is printed on both sides. This fine ceramic is sure to impress and be used for a long time by your bride tribe. Definitely a  thank you gift your bridesmaids will surely remember your wedding by.

2. Vintage Crystal Leaf Hair Pins

Keep her from worrying about what to accessorize her hair with. This is one gift that’s practical and creative. Thank your bridesmaids with this Vintage Crystal Leaf Hair Pins to accessorize their hair with on your wedding day. It comes in gold color and is made of beads. With this gorgeous hairpins, they will definitely look neat and stunning on your wedding day.

1. Gold Leaf Bracelet

This gold leaf bracelet is one way of telling her how valuable her presence is in your life. Let her wear it on your wedding day and all other occasions she would be attending long after your wedding day. It will surely remind her of the special bond you share with her and instantly bring back memories of how special your wedding.

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