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We love reading and seeing Real Weddings.  We need many inspiring weddings, engagement shoots, celebrations and images to show people what Connecticut has to offer. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Weddings, Engagement Shoots, rehearsal dinners.   We are looking for images that are gorgeous, glamorous and downright breathtaking.
  • Events which embody the simple elegance of New England – from mansions and sailboats to navy blue and white accents–these are just some of the elements which symbolize Connecticut & New England charm.
  • Details, Details, Details! We love to showcase those fine touches that brides can incorporate into their own weddings.
  • Stunning photos. Our philosophy: let the photos do most of the talking.
  • Unique designs. While we value simple elegance, we are always interested in designs which will inspire our readers to take their weddings to the next level.
  • Events that take place in Newport, but also all around Rhode Island and New England.  We have a focus on Newport, but welcome New England shoots as well.


Submit with:

Title the email: SUBMISSION – EVENT TYPE from NAME


(i.e. “SUBMISSION-Rehearsal Dinner from Raina Dawn Events”)

In body of email or submission include list of the following:

  • Event type
  • Date
  • Location
  • Photographer or Videographer credit
  • All vendor credits with urls
  • Submitter contact info
  • Description
  • When you submit, we require that the couple and photographer have approved use of the event on

If we think your event or submission is a good fit we will contact  as soon as possible to let you know if it has been approved! Rest assured if you do not hear back, it is not a reflection of your work, but just what our editors think is the right fit at the time. Be sure to submit again!

In addition to real wedding submissions, we also look for unique stylish vendor/venue features, ideas, parties, celebrations, images, etc. that truly make you say WOW!


  • We believe in the power of visual beauty here at WeddingReports! Minimum of 10 images required.
  • Images MUST be 800 pixels wide for both vertical and horizontal images.  (NO larger than 800pixels wide & NO Smaller than 600pixels wide).
  • We prefer to have fresh content that has not been seen anywhere else, but we understand if it has been on your blog.  Let us know where it has been seen, if you have submitted to another blog or magazine and we will then determine if it is a good fit. Please still submit!
  • Please try and wait to feature images before you posting the wedding on your own blog or Facebook.  This way you can link back to WeddingReports feature on your own blog!  Again, we will still consider the submission if it has posted to your site.
  • Be sure to credit each and every vendor. Ask the bride or planner for a complete list that includes website urls before submitting as we want to be sure to credit everyone! (once submitted can not be edited).
  • Photographers be sure the couples have approved the use of the images on WeddingReports & couples be sure your photographer and all vendors have approved usage on WeddingReports as well!
  • A personal story of the wedding is always nice.  Ask the bride to write up her memories of the wedding, or vendors can write the story or information as well.

Have further questions? Feel free to contact us directly at