15 Great Favors for A Tea Party

So, you decided to warp you and your bridal babes into a time when the most amazing news or events are celebrated over a cup of tea, a few treats, and a whole lot of stories and laughter. But while you are certain that the Tea Party Theme will leave a mark in the hearts of your guests and bride squad, you still want to give a few takeaways for them to bring home something more than a memory.

To aid you in choosing, here is a list of 15 Great Favors for A Tea Party Bridal Shower.

15. Tea Party Tea Cups and Saucers

Pour that brewed goodness and let them steep, they cannot be served better than in these Tea Party Tea Cups and Saucers. These fine bone china and porcelain cups with matching saucers are the essentials you need for your Tea Party Themed Bridal shower, and they double as your party favors too. Guests can bring home a cup, a saucer, or both, hopefully matching ones for a more extravagant home experience and memorabilia.  This set can come with just cups and saucers or with a gold-plated teaspoon and other tea party essentials.

14. Tea Spoon Souvenir

How can anybody mix their saccharine add-on to their cups of tea without a teaspoon? This Tea Spoon Souvenir lets your bride squad enjoy mixing their teas while looking at its beauty as well. Made of hard zinc alloy and electroplated silver surface, this cute piece of cutlery is perfect for mixing and doubles as a decorative utensil on an event table. Plus, your guests can bring it home in a box. Since it comes in a set of two, these durable gifts are great for giveaways especially for those that want to enjoy their home tea with someone special as well.

13. Stainless Steel Heart Shaped Tea Infuser


Some teas do not come packed in a teabag, and the loose-leaf ones are game-changers in tea parties. So, to unleash the freshly brewed goodness of such leaves, this Stainless Steel Heart Shaped Tea Infuser will do the trick. It can be placed on the table for added decoration and guests may bring it home after using it. This stainless-steel heart-shaped infuser will be a reminder of how beautiful your tea party-themed bridal shower was, and they may relive the moments as they brew tea using it.

12. Teapot and Teacup Place Card Holders

These Teapot and Teacup Place Card Holders make the tea party-themed bridal shower climb up a level higher in terms of experience with its full-blown formality and elegance. They set the scene for a true tea party done in the old times where guests are led to their proper seats via place cards.  Only this time, your bride squad may bring home the cardholders that have their names on them as a souvenir and token of gratitude for being a part relationship. Place cards are secured via the gold spiral stems that protrude from the mini teapot and teacups.

11. Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper

Add a dash of sweetness to your already flavorful tea party by filling this Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper with premium honey and letting your guests bring it home afterward. This beehive-shaped, white ceramic honey pot is accented with yellow and black honeybees on the base and the lid adds more to the vibe of your tea party-themed bridal shower. Adding to its charm is the wooden dipper’s ceramic handle that looks like honeybee wings and peeks out through a notch in the lid.

10. Personalized Teapot Party Favor

Your bride squad need not be a tea lover to appreciate the dainty visual of this Personalized Teapot Party Favor that can hold an escort card and maybe an ornament as well. Spread it around your event tables, hang it on the wall or centerpieces or simply place them in one location to lead guests to their seats. However you wish to use these, it will always be an awesome addition to any household, party, or event.

9. Macaron and Honey Tea Party Favor

Make every person in your tea party-themed Bridal shower enjoy their warm drink and cool stories and then let each of them take home this Macaron and Honey Tea Party Favor. It is a souvenir and token of appreciation wrapped in a natural sinamay bag. Each chic and handmade bag includes two eco tea bags filled with your choice of unique teas, a 1.5 oz glass jar filled with honey, a mini wooden honey dipper, and a choice between a package of 8 pieces of Scottish Shortbread cookies or a gift box filled with two packs of locally made macarons.

8. Teapot-Shaped Tea Bag Holder and Spoon Rest

Guests may second guess if they want to use this Teapot-Shaped Tea Bag Holder and Spoon Rest as it is too beautiful to just put a used tea bag on or lay the stirring spoon to rest. But since this clean and crisp white coaster makes a great addition to any kitchen table or breakfast nook, your bride squad will have no reluctance to bring it home as a token of your gratitude and appreciation. This novelty saucer is also best for holding a strainer, tea infuser, or tea ball as it ensures mess-free steeping.

7. Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Your love has steeped and brewed to perfection. So, on your tea party-themed bridal shower, let that love be shown and experienced by the guests who will take a sip from the steeped Heart Shaped Tea Bags. Made with eco-friendly and biodegradable paper, this tea bag is small enough to fit an average mug or teacup and holds plenty of tea inside for a good brew. They are cut, filled with loose English breakfast tea, and then heat-sealed to reach the teacups of your guests at home with so much love and excellence.

6. LAVENDER and ROSE Petal Blue Hearts Sugar Cubes for Tea Lovers

Add romance and sweetness to every teacup in your tea party-themed bridal shower with this LAVENDER and ROSE Petal Blue Hearts Sugar Cubes for Tea Lovers. This saccharine goodness is a flower petal sugar made from Rose that has a lighter taste than lavender. It will leave petals floating in your tea that makes the tea drinking experience more memorable. Made with edible petals, the color of choice, non-GMO sugar, and spring water, these sugar cubes may be placed in a box or jar for a sweet giveaway treat to guests and loved ones.

5. Rustic Tealight Holder

Made by hand from quality woods and dry flowers, this Rustic Tealight Holder makes for a great addition to the venue as it highlights the ambiance of a tea party. Partnered with a tealight candle, this beautifully crafted holder can make special occasions more extraordinary. It may be spread all over the location or made a centerpiece in the table. Better yet, it can be a place to put the tealight after it has done its job heating the teapot for a warm sip of tea. Either way, this useful and decorative token of gratitude will be appreciated by any recipient.

4. Scented Tealight Candles

Fill the place of your tea party-themed bachelorette party with lavender aroma when you light these Scented Tealight Candles. The ambiance will immediately transform to a more relaxing one as the soothing scent of lavender can relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. Made from 100% plant-based wax and handmade from a natural and sustainable plant source recyclable aluminum holder, these tealight candles are a perfect match for any thematically aligned tealight holder. Give one or a bunch to each guest and you would have given them a restorative token they will cherish.

3. Pure Honey Stick Favors

A perfect gift box content, treat bag filler or solo giveaway, these Pure Honey Stick Favors are some of the most versatile tea party-themed bridal shower favors there are. Cholesterol, sodium, gluten, and fat-free, these Midwestern Wildflower honey sticks have a sweet and mild taste. Your guests may want to open a few of these sticks for their tea and bring home the rest for later use. It comes in a set of 12 sticks with favor bags and tags to ensure a more personal gift-giving experience.

2. Tea Party Organic Soap Favor Bag

Clever but on point, this Tea Party Organic Soap Favor Bag will really bring the tea party vibe from your shower (bridal) to theirs (bath). Made from organic shea butter, this soap favor bag includes bubbly treats in the shape of a tiny teapot, cookie jar, cupcake, and more. They are wrapped in a clear cellophane bag with ribbon and a personalized tag. The luxury of writing whatever you want in the tag is what makes this favor more appealing and charming.

1. Loose Leaf Tea Favor

What is a tea party without tea? And an authentic one must have loose leaves steeping for a nice and warm sip. So, for your tea party-themed bridal shower will do well to have this Loose Leaf Tea Favor as your giveaway or token of appreciation to your guests and loved ones. This glass cork vial or jar is filled with 11 different teas that fuse so many flavors into one brew. The teas in the mix are Chamomile, jasmine, hibiscus, sage, linden, lemon balm, rose, rosehip, mallow tea, green tea, and mix tea. Add a tag and you are set to have your guests bring home a decent amount of relaxation in a jar.

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