5 Tips for Reducing Wedding Preparation Stress

From a young age, many of us dream about how our wedding day will look. But when the time comes, the planning stages of the special day can be incredibly stressful.

Especially if you’re a perfectionist, getting your wedding plans perfect can come at a price to your health. To relieve tension from the preparations and ensure your big day is stress-free as well, here are five tips to take on board.

Take Regular Breaks

Whether your wedding day is on the horizon or in the distant future, it can be all too easy to get wrapped up in wedding planning and not have time for yourself. Rather than letting it take over your daily life, it’s crucial that you take regular breaks. Having some time away to let your mind relax will give you a clear head and ensure you’re in the right frame of mind to continue. To help you keep up with work, family, and social commitments, it’s best to create a schedule and limit your wedding planning to specific time slots each week.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Your wedding day should be the occasion you look forward to most, so if your mind is full of dread and it’s having an impact on your sleep, it’s time to make some changes. We all know how important good quality sleep is, so make sure that you get into a routine in advance before your big day arrives. There are lots of methods that you can use to boost your sleep, such as going to bed and waking up at the same time, investing in a new mattress, and creating a comfortable sleeping environment.

Try Something New

Your main focus will naturally be on your wedding day, but that’s not to say you can’t participate in other hobbies and activities alongside your planning. Whether it’s signing up for a dance class, taking a pottery class, or taking up a sport, being caught up in a new hobby will take your mind off the stress and anxiety of wedding planning and give you the escapism you need to relax.

Hire a Planner

If you’re struggling to juggle all your plans, appointments, and vendors, it may be time to bring in a wedding planner to help. Their main duty is to ensure everything runs according to plan, so if your stress levels are through the roof and you’re having difficulty staying on top of everything, hiring a professional planner to work alongside you can be a big help. Don’t worry if you haven’t hired a planner from the beginning, as they will be able to bring their expertise at any point along the way to make sure your wedding day is memorable for the right reasons.

Hit the Gym

Regular exercise will not only help you look your best on the big day, but it will also be an important tool for combatting stress during preparations. Working out and making fitness a priority will take your mind off planning and help you feel your best as well. As you get your sweat on, your brain will release endorphins, which can keep you feeling positive and upbeat. There are even lots of low-intensity exercises you can do, such as meditative yoga.


Planning your dream wedding is like a marathon in the sense that it can be physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. But there is a way to make everything about your big day more fun and relaxed. If the preparations are stressing you out and you’re struggling to get everything together, try a few of our top tips.

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