23 of the Best Wedding Shower Favors in 2021

They may be small gifts but they truly speak tons of gratitude to your wedding shower guests.  Favors come in various forms, from small, tasty treats to more expensive ones but it will always complement the theme or season of your wedding. Most bridal shower favors are intended to last a lifetime so guests will always have something to remember your wedding by. Make thanking your guests extra memorable by taking the time to look for wedding favors that are unique and will impress your guests.

Here’s a list of the 23 best wedding shower favors that will help you find the perfect one for your guests:

1. Personalized Champagne Flutes

Time for the much-awaited toast! Let these champagne flutes adorn your tables and let it double as a keepsake that your guests can take home. Make your wedding shower celebration one can happily reminisce on again and again. These braided-stem flutes can be customized with your names, wedding date, and printed design.  Your guest will truly treasure this bridal shower favor even as you present it to them with their favorite bottle of wine.

2. Wedding Can Coolers

The words written on these wedding can coolers simply describe what transpired in your wedding – Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After! Let guests bring home that “oh so loved” warm feeling as you give these can coolers as wedding shower favors. It is made of collapsible foam and can fit 12-ounce cans. It’s definitely something your guests will always remember your wedding by.

3. Succulents

Give your guest something that can adorn their gardens or living area with these gorgeous succulents. This gift comes with a how-to-care for your succulents. They are easy to grow, saves water and they are lovely to look at as it bolts when it blooms. Guests can easily plant them in the ground, containers and flower boxes. As these succulents grow and mature they spread to create a carpet of colors and contrasts, reminding your guest of the wonderful feeling they felt on your wedding day.

4. Personalized Lip Balm

Like a loving balm on your wedding day, let this lightly scented lip balm with natural vanilla flavor be the gift your guests will remember your wedding by. This vintage floral lip balm can be personalized with your names and wedding dates printed on a stylish label.


5. Thank You Magnets

Thank your guests with these personalized magnets. Let memories of your wedding be reminisced fondly by your guests as they place these magnets on surfaces frequently seen. Each magnet comes with a see-through protective envelope which can be customized with any text you want.


6. Candle Lantern

They won’t just light up your table setting but these Moroccan Style candle lanterns are sure to add pattern, color and an exotic global vibe to your guest’s porch or patio. This lantern has 6” high glass panels with a large door opening that can hold tea-lights, votive, and small pillar candles. You may hang these lanterns or place them on your table setting as a free-standing lamp. For a more dramatic effect, make use of matching blue fairy string lights or blue LED candle.

7. Place Card Holder

Let your place card holder not only point your guest to their seats but let it be the very thing they get to take home as a special thank you gift from you. Your beach wedding will be perfectly accentuated with these nautically inspired weigh anchor. Have a look at these gorgeous place card holders and let it be your way of showing gratitude to family and friends for making your wedding a day to remember.

8. Pashminas

Make your guests blush with delight as they get to take home these eco-friendly pashminas made from silky soft bamboo fiber. These pashminas can be customized from a choice of 31 shades and 17 options for tags. Tags are already assembled together with your pashminas and are ready to be given away to your beloved guests.

9. Mason Jars

You have opted for a DIY favor like your favorite fruit jam or baked cookies. There’s no better way to package them than using these mason jars with a cork lid. This particular bottle comes complete with a label and a string. It is made of heavy duty clear glass that is 3mm thick, durable yet attractive. It has a wide neck and can easily store spices, candies or candles. It’s convenient, practical and simply elegant.

10. Personalized Candle Tins

They simply complete the look of your vintage themed wedding! These personalized candle tins come with a whimsical adventure design complete with a compass dial and vintage décor map. Adorn your table setting with these lovely candle tins and let guests carry them home as a keepsake from your unforgettable wedding.

11. Personalized Mini Soap

Make your wedding favors truly luxurious with these mini soaps. This soap set contains 50 mini soap favors with wonderful scents. The soap is made from the combination of the following oils: palm, essential oils, coconut, almond, olive and castor oil.  It comes with a beautifully designed label with an option for flowers or leaves and color patterns you can choose from. You are sure to delight your guests with this gift.

12. Wine Bottle Design Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

You’ve celebrated with them with their favorite bottle of wine. Let your guests be delighted as you let them bring home this wine bottle shaped corkscrew and opener. It comes with a sleek package and a personalized tag or sticker to complete that charming look. It’s one gift your guests will remember your wedding by each time they open and celebrate with a bottle of wine.


13. Lustrous Leaf Bottle Stopper

Complete the look of your autumn inspired wedding with these “Lustrous Leaf” copper-finish bottle stopper. Excellently designed and placed in a box complete with a bow, this gift speaks much of how sincerely you want to thank your guests for making your special day truly memorable. Guests would definitely be delighted to bring them home.

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14. Victorian Inspired Keys

While Victorian inspired keys are great wedding favors, it becomes extra charming when it’s perfectly disguised and hiding its functional side as a bottle opener. This elegant wedding favor is beautifully packaged in a white box with a clear front cover and a special bow. Guests will be awed not just by the design and look of this key but also its practical use as a bottle opener.


15. By The Shore Coaster

These coasters are sure to remind your guest of your charming and unforgettable wedding by the beach. It is designed with a flower in bloom inspired by your summer themed wedding. Beautifully packaged and tied with a bow, it will not just complete the look of your table setting but one favor that will surely delight your guest as they get to keep these lovely coasters.

16. Bon Voyage Gift Set

A destination wedding won’t be complete without wedding favors that blend with your wedding theme. Let your guests be awed as you give them this bon voyage getaway gift set. This set comes with a faux leather passport cover designed with gold thread against a navy background and a faux leather luggage tag with a gold thread and gold eyelet on top holding the brown leather attachment loop. This is one thank you gift they will always treasure.

17. Elegant Orchid Candle Wedding Favor

orchid candle favor

18. Pink Butterfly Lollipops

No, you won’t see them flying on your wedding day, but they sure will satisfy the sweet tooth of your guests and loved ones. Give them these Pink Butterfly Lollipops that use only the best ingredients and the highest quality flavor oils and food coloring, to ensure the best-tasting candies. It includes free individual wrapping and matching curling ribbon that is sure to delight your guests.

Your guests will adore this cute candle wedding favor.  What’s the tiny light? It’s simply the soft glow from the candle in our stunning orchid holder wedding favor.

19. Bath Salt Favors

Let this handmade item bring that holistic and luxury spa experience to your guests. The Bath Salt Favors are sure to be loved and used as it is all-natural and chemical-free. The Himalayan pink salt & Dead sea salt & of course the flowers make the test tubes look so colorful. This gift comes with a cute little thank you tag with your name.

20. Wooden Picture Frame

Guests and loved ones have made your joy complete on this special day. The relaxed ambiance of your wedding has made it easier for guests to get to know each other and celebrate each moment of your special day with you. And there’s no better way to send them off than giving this eco-friendly and beautiful square resin frame with a wood print that so aptly decorated your beach wedding. Add to that your favorite couple picture in the heart-shaped space and you would have come up with a thank you gift that your guests will truly love.

21. By The Shore Coaster

The design of this cool coaster speaks of a flower in bloom drawing inspiration from your beach wedding. Definitely one of the best wedding favors one can receive after a relaxing walk by the beach! Guests can’t help but bring one home.

22. Bride and Groom Chocolate Covered Pretzels

It’s the memory of you and your groom that you would want guests to remember as you sen them off from your special day. As you give this  Bride and Groom Chocolate Covered Pretzels, you would have made a lasting impression on each of them. This custom gourmet chocolate and caramel pretzels are homemade, especially for your wedding. It is made of high-quality ingredients with an option to choose from the following: chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, charms, color, designs, nuts, ribbon, candy, and much more.

23. Under the Stars Glass Coaster

The design of this cool coaster will remind guests of your starry night wedding. Definitely one of the best favors one can receive after a romantic, memorable wedding! One that will allow them to relive the memories at home every time they place a drink on these beautiful glass coasters. Guests can’t help but bring one home.

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