Tips for Putting Together a Wedding Budget

After you’ve decided to tie the knot, putting together the wedding can be some of the most difficult decisions you have to make. However, to make it easier for everyone, setting up a strict wedding budget ahead of time can make things easier. Here are some tips for setting up a wedding budget.

Decide Who’s Paying
The first thing to figure out is who’s going to pay for the wedding or how expenses will be divided. It used to be common for the bride’s parents to pay, but that isn’t always the case any more. Explore all options – the bride’s family, the groom’s family, or the bride and groom. Once you know who’s paying, ask what the budget is. Many parents offer a set amount – say $20,000, but if you don’t spend it all, they’ll still give you the remaining to set you off on the right foot financially.

Figure Out What’s Most Important to You
The next thing to do is figure out what’s most important when it comes to the wedding. This is when the couple really needs to talk things out. For example, is the CT wedding venue more important than the wedding flowers? What about an open bar? What type of entertainment do you want? Make a list of priorities, and then look at the expense and your wedding budget.

Understand What the Wedding Venue Will Provide
It is also important to understand what the wedding venue will provide. If you forget to include something, it can be expensive to add later, or you could have a not enjoyable wedding (i.e. forget chairs and tables…). Make sure you understand what is included: tables, chairs, silverware, hot holds for food, waiters, bar service, etc. Also, some venues require you to use their catering or other services, so check in advance.

Don’t Forget a Cushion
Finally, don’t forget to add a safety cushion to your budget for unplanned expenses. These happen, so plan ahead. Also, don’t forget that some vendors will need tips, so include that amount in your wedding budget as well.

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