Wedding Boudoir Photography: Need-to-Know Tips & Tricks

Wedding boudoir has been a favorite “just for him” groom gift of many brides over the last few years. However, just because you’re up for the idea doesn’t mean that all types of wedding boudoir photography are for you or that you already know the ropes for how to achieve the perfect shoot the very first time. But don’t worry, that’s why we are here — to cover the things that stress you out or put snags in your wedding planning journey. Wedding boudoir is certainly one of those things that begs many questions and concerns for many brides here in Connecticut, so we’ve put together your need-to-know list of tips and tricks that will answer all your questions and equip you with the knowledge you need to have wedding boudoir done your way.

1. Don’t Choose A Photographer At Random. 

All photographers have their own style when they are taking photos. From the way they work with clients to the way they frame a shot, the differences are dramatic from one photographer to another. This is true for boudoir photographers as well. To make sure you achieve a look that is right for you and that you are comfortable throughout the entire session, be sure to ask around for good recommendations and browse the portfolios of wedding boudoir photographers in your are. Look for photos that really resonate with you and speak to your style. Once you find a few photographers whose work you like, schedule a personal meeting to have get to know you time. This will guarantee that the photos fit your taste and that you are relaxed and more natural for the photos. You want them to really reflect your personality, so be sure that you select a photographer who can accomplish that goal.

2. Choose A Comfortable Location. 

Not so thrilled about the idea of having your session take place in a studio? Then suggestion alternative locations to your photographer. As we said before, your style and relaxation are key to getting great photos for your hubby-to-be. Brainstorm ideas and be open about what really works for you.

3. Think Carefully About Your Outfits & Props.

Sure, the first desire when you book your wedding boudoir session is to head on over to your local Victoria’s Secret and shop ’til you drop. Although it might seem like the next course of action and a good idea, it is a really bad mistake. Your session should reflect who you are, whether you are going for pin-up, classy, glamorous, etc. Think carefully about what you want the theme or tone to be beforehand and then choose looks and props that really highlight your personality and the look you want.

Teniel Kable Photography

Teneil Kable Photography

4. Remember To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin.

With such a intimate style of photography, it is easy to become self-conscious about all the flaws you think you might have, but the key to a successful boudoir session is to stay comfortable and embrace yourself as the beautiful woman you are. Choosing outfits that make you feel sexy, drinking lots of water and getting a good nights of rest will always help you feel better and more confident too, but remember most of all that your groom loves you for who you are. He will love the photos because they are of you — the woman he loves.

5. Browse Photos & Poses That You Like Before The Session.

Most likely you don’t participate in boudoir sessions every week out of the month, so it’s also easy to not know what to do when the photo shoot begins. How do you stand? What pose should your strike? The list goes on. A great way to make sure you are prepared for your session is to practice poses before the session and to browse photos and poses online. These two prep tips will give you tons of ideas for finding poses and angles that work for you.

6. Wear Loose Clothing To Your Session. 

The last thing you want showing up in your photos is marks on your skin from your tight clothing, bra straps, etc.. To avoid this mistake, be sure to wear loose clothing (and if your hair and make is already done, a button down) to your session.

Jo-Ann Stokes Photography

Jo Ann Stokes Photography

7.  Bring Plenty of Outfits & Props. 

Just because we said not to go crazy at the lingerie store doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t arrive to your session with plenty of outfits and props. Ideally, most photographers suggest bringing at least five outfits changes and props to complement those looks and that say sexy to you. On the day of the shoot, you will want your photographer to capture many different sides of you and many different versions of what defines sexy for you, so go prepared!

8. Ask Your Photographer What You Need & Go Prepared. 

You only get one shot to make sure your session is everything you want it to be, so be sure to communicate with your photographer about what you may need for your session and go prepared. Take extra outfits, makeup, etc. and be sure to include an “emergency” kit on your prep to-do list. Nobody wants to be caught without a backup plan; make sure to do your homework.

9. Have Your Makeup, Hair, & Nails Professionally Done. 

Really want to feel confident and look your best? Then make sure to have your makeup, hair, and nails professionally done for your shoot. No, we aren’t saying that you can’t do your own makeup or style your own hair, but it really does give many brides a nice confidence boost for the shoot. Having a professional take care of these details will also help take a lot of the stress of prep off of you and ensure that you look phenomenal.

Kristin Vining Photography Kristin Vining Photography

 10. If You’re Nervous, Play Music Or Bring A Friend!

Day-of nervous are not uncommon for many brides on the day of the wedding boudoir session, so many photographers suggest playing music during your session, having a glass of wine beforehand or bringing a friend. Choose someone thing that will personally make you relax and open up for the session. It can be difficult to transition from being every day you to your sexier side, so explore ways that make you feel calm and comfortable in the moment.

Feature Image: Adam & Imthiaz Photography

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