50 of the Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day which is often met with more dread than anticipation, because navigating the minefield that is ‘what to get for your man on Valentine’s’ can be a tricky one. Especially if your man’s interests have lately been limited to the couch and Call of Duty. 

So, what should you be looking for when buying the best Valentine’s day gift for him? Ask yourself these three questions, and you can’t go wrong:

  • Is it a functional gift?
  • Does it suit his passions/interests?
  • What does it say about his personality?

Let’s face it, men can be simple creatures, but their tastes? Not so much. So whether he’s a dapper dandy or worships at the altar of Bear Grylls, our list of gift ideas will satisfy even the pickiest of guys this coming Valentine’s day.

Note: We participate in an affiliate program that may earn us a small commission on our editorially chosen Valentines day gifts for him. Choosing these gift ideas helps us out a lot, but don’t worry, it comes at no added cost to you!

50. The Norse God of Drinking – A Viking Mead Horn

Does he have a magnificent beard? Does he like to drink mead after a weekend of looting? Does he occasionally destroy things with a magical hammer? Nothing says “I like to pillage on the weekends” with class quite like a gigantic 16 oz beer horn, complete with a handsome stand made of wood and leather.

49. The Modern-Day Magellan – A Levitating Globe

Renaissance men are hard to come by these days, and it definitely takes one to appreciate this levitating globe. The best Valentine’s day gift for any globetrotter, jet setter, or extremely techy cartographer.

48. The MacGyver – A Pocket Multitool


Can he fix a tire with a carrot and some paper clips? Get him something that will let him flex his handy skills. With over 20 features jammed into a 420 stainless steel card, this tiny tool packs a powerful punch. It can do all the big jobs around the home while being small enough to fit in his wallet!

47. The Space Cadet – LEGO Ideas International Space Station

Satisfy his curiosity for the infinite and the unknowable with his very own International Space Station. The stunning 864-piece set captures every detail of the real ISS authentically. Plus, it’s accompanied by a 148-page booklet of information about the ISS, making your favorite astronaut’s Valentine’s day out of this world.

46. The Monocled Man – Secure Cigars

Connoisseurs are often the trickiest to buy presents for; cigar connoisseurs doubly so. So why bother springing for cigars he might not even like, when you could protect the ones he already has with a stylish carrying case? Beautifully crafted with a brown leather exterior, this carrying case features a snap-lock closure and its own guillotine cutter. Perfect pampering for the finest of stogies!

45. The Dentist Dodger – Tongue Cleaners

Not everyone has the time to go to the dentist every six months, and those of us who do rarely bother, because dentists are terrifying. Luckily that doesn’t have to mean the end of good oral hygiene! And with Valentine’s day coming up, you can make sure your man’s mouth is clean enough to kiss. Gift him with a set of medical-grade stainless steel tongue scrapers, guaranteed to freshen him up in seconds.

44. The Urban Warrior – A Bag for Battle

Help him navigate the urban jungle with this rugged canvas combat backpack. Perfect for sports, gym days, or a weekend roughing it in the wilderness This dual backpack/duffel bag combo can be customized with up to three initials, dog tags not required.

43. The Supervillain – Devilish Decor

Bad Guy 101: No supervillain’s lair is complete without a Newton’s Cradle. What better bauble to play with as he divulges his evil plan than a kinetic sculpture? One that has long been used as a visual metaphor for the interplay of good and evil? The struggle of humanity through the ages? The raw inevitability of our fates? It also makes a cool little clicking noise.

42. The Caveman Cook – Killer Cutlery

The next time he talks a big game about cooking, make him put his money where his mouth is! The Grill Master set comes with a pair of tongs, a spatula, and a grilling fork for flipping fat steaks. Each piece can be personalized with up to three initials (or his favorite grunt.) Get him downright primal – with this solid stainless steel and bamboo cookware, he’ll be grilling just like a caveman would. 

41. The Master of Magnetism – A Little Zen Garden 

Has he always wanted to have superpowers? This magnetic Zen garden, encased in a beautifully crafted wooden box, is just the right thing to scratch that itch. He’ll spend countless hours moving high-purity iron powder with the power of his mind magnetic tools – just like Professor X! (Sort of.)

40. The Workaholic Alcoholic – A Cell Flask

We get it, being a workaholic (read: corporate slave) is tough. So who says you can’t sneak in a few little drinks here and there throughout the day? Whether he’s coming from a stressful board meeting or just plain bored, this handy flask ensures that your man takes every secret swig in style.

39. The Big Bad Wolf – An AirZooka

The Airzooka provides all the explosive fun of a bazooka with none of the destruction, so your big bad wolf can point and shoot at just about anything, pig or otherwise! When he’s done with this Valentines day gift for him, he’ll never have to huff and puff again.

38. The Gunslinger – Holster for a Cold One

While we can all agree that guns and alcohol don’t mix, we’re willing to make an exception just this once. With this heavy-duty 8-9 oz tanned vegan leather beer holster at his side, how can any Lone Ranger resist the temptation to down an ice-cold brew at high noon? Cowboys from far and wide can come and challenge him for the title of ‘fastest beer chugger in the West’

37. The Caffeine Fiend – Coffee on Demand

This one’s for the man who was just born to be wired. Get him his steady fix of java this Valentine’s day with the Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker. This go-anywhere, drink-anytime device is sure to satisfy the most discerning of coffee lovers.

36. The Foot Soldier – The BEST Argyle Socks

Help him graduate from his Avengers socks to these fashionable argyle foot covers! They’re made with a cotton and synthetic fiber blend to maximize breathability and comfort – a welcome addition to any modern man’s closet.

35. The Ace Hole – Trump Card

Is he a card shark who knows how to appreciate a cold brew? Here’s the perfect Valentine’s day gift for him. Up the ante with this solid stainless steel bottle opener, customizable for up to 30 characters for that personal touch. 

34. The Sleep Scientist – A High-Tech Pillow

This may not be what he meant when he said he wanted to bring technology to the bedroom. But trust us, he’ll thank you for it in the morning! This adjustable pillow of the future is scientifically engineered with memory foam for excellent back support for a great night’s rest. The proprietary fabric made from bamboo that offers unparalleled breathability and comfort, keeping the pillow cool throughout the night.

33. The Time Lord – A Silver Pocketwatch

You can’t give him as iconic a timepiece as Big Ben, but you CAN give him the gift of timeless elegance this Valentine’s day with this classic, brushed silver pocket watch. Even if he’s not a spiffy English bloke, the included silver chain looks dashing on a three-piece suit. This quartz-powered watch consistently delivers the right time, every time, across the pond or otherwise.

32. The After-Hours Conqueror – A Gauntlet for His Goblet

Even mad titans need a break every once in a while. What better use for the most powerful artifact in the galaxy than opening a cold one? Make him feel like an all-powerful cosmic god – minus the tyranny – with this unique Valentines day gift for him.

31. The Grooming Guru – A Bit of Kit

Subtlety is always stylish. Get him a grooming kit with a style as understated as he is, with features such as water-resistant uppers and chic argyle lining – a perfect gift for the modern rogue.

30. The (Ex)Terminator – BUG-A-SALT 3.0

Killing bugs just not as fun as it used to be? Boring old fly swatters not thrilling enough? Why get impractical Valentine’s day gifts for him, when you can transform him into a one-man, bug-killing armada? Introducing the BUG-A-SALT 3.0 – a pest control solution so addicting, you’ll almost wish the bugs didn’t run out.

29. The Jason Momoa – An Ax to Grind

Off-screen, the Game of Thrones actor is known for two things: his love of Guinness, and his ability to throw a mean ax. Unleash your man’s inner Khal Drogo with this rugged hatchet, customizable for up to 15 letters. 

28. The Subtle Cinephile – A Portable Projector

Has he always dreamt of having a home theater, but just can’t find the space? A 4k Ultra High Definition home theater projector should do just the trick! A perfect gift for the man who’s tight on real estate but big on movies.

27. The Party Santa – The Perfect Party Cooler

How does Old Saint Nick carry around ice-cold beers for all the good boys and girls? Why, this giant cooler, of course! If your man likes his holiday cheer with a little buzz, then this cooler is the perfect stocking stuffer…for Valentine’s. Holding up to 16 cold ones with a convenient back door for easy access, this is one of the few Valentine day gifts for him that’ll make him feel like it’s Christmas.

26. The Sasquatch – Shear Brilliance

Those too manly for their own good can’t help but have unwieldy hair…down there. Tame that crotch bush with the Lawn Mower3.0 from MANSCAPED – a rechargeable, cordless razor that’s designed for comfort from top to bottom. It’s made with Advanced SkinSafe Technology that protects sensitive skin while promising a clean shave.

25. The Jack Sparrow – A Ship in a Bottle Decanter

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of whatever fine liquor you have on deck, matey! If the pirate’s life ye be craving, this hand-blown decanter is just what the captain ordered! It features a beautifully crafted glass ship inside a charming bottle, nestled on a handsome wooden rack. One of the finer gifts for him on Valentine’s day that’ll shiver his timbers! After a few swigs from this decanter, you’ll be singing pirate shanties and setting sail in no time.

24. The Mad Gastronomist – Will Sous Vide My Valentine

Does he spend hours tinkering in the kitchen? Is his online wishlist basically just inventory for a fancy restaurant? Make his culinary dreams come true this Valentine’s day with a gift that sparks creativity in the most delicious way possible. The Joule Sous Vide from Breville connects to a phone, making fine dining just one button push away.

23. The Smooth Operator – A Suave Shaving Set

Anyone who takes the time to meticulously groom themselves will appreciate the quality and thoughtfulness of this personalized shaver. This is one of those Valentine’s day gifts that he’ll be using for years to come! 

22. The Bathroom Balladeer – Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

So maybe he’s not the best singer in the world, but he belts his heart out in the shower anyway. Bless him. The iFox iF012 Waterproof Bluetooth speakers connect wirelessly to any device and can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. This shower speaker is loud enough to drown him out too, so it’ll be the best Valentine’s gift for the both of you.

21. The Dapper Don – Engraved Cufflinks

ZZ Top may have sung the truest words ever recorded when they said “every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man.” It’s as true today as it was back then! Nothing gets him looking sharper than the classics, and few things ooze class like a set of personalized cufflinks. It’s a subtle and powerful gift that adds flair to any occasion.

20. The Man Who Has Everything – A Useless Box?

What do you get the man who has everything? The only thing he’d never dream of buying, of course! Flip the switch on this unique oddity, and all it does is flip it back. This simple wooden box is an amusing little conversation piece sure to bring smiles every time you turn it on. A delightfully frustrating gift, and a gentle reminder that having it all doesn’t have to be so boring.

19. The Punctual Lumberjack – A (Time)Piece of the Woods

Keeping track of time while you’re hunting or camping in the woods isn’t always easy, what with all the sundials being useless after sundown. Make sure he makes it back home in time for supper with a timepiece that was made for the great outdoors. Sporting an easy-to-read, oversized face and date/day functions, this sandalwood gift watch is a great fit for the time-conscious nature-lover.

18. The Hot Sauce Kit Kid – The Baddest Hot Sauce Kit In Town

Looking to spice things up this Valentine’s day? Packed with over 999,995 Scoville heat units from select 5th generation heirloom peppers, this Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit is more than enough to get the job done! As far as gift ideas go, this is a hot one that should not be missed.

17. The Sauced Slugger – Beer Bat

The love for beer and the love for baseball are all about the same thing: coming together and making some great memories. Beer and baseball go hand in hand with this huge 12 oz tribute to America’s favorite pastime. Is it a mug? Is it a bat? Who knows. What we do know is that it’s the best way to keep both you – and the bases – loaded.

16. The Tree-Hugging Bookworm – Kindle Paperwhite

You don’t need to stop buying books just to reduce your carbon footprint. With the new Kindle Paperwhite, saving the world one sheet of paper at a time has never been easier. The world’s most popular waterproof e-book reader just got a storage upgrade – a whopping 32GB for an unparalleled, on-the-go, and eco-friendly library experience.

15. The Bad Influence – Complete Cigar Carrying Set

You’ve come a long way from stealing liquor from Dad’s cabinet, so why not introduce your bad influence to finer vices? Presented in a beautiful wooden gift box, this carrying case of mature pleasures includes: 

  • Two compartments for quality cigars
  • A built-in flask
  • A cigar cutter for pampering his favorite temptations.

14. The Secret Agent Man – Spy Pen

Give him the confidence to go undercover AND sign documents with style with a pen that does both effortlessly. This gift toes the fine line between extremely practical and ridiculously cool – it pairs a fine writing instrument with a hidden 1080p HD camera. Capable of storing up to 128 GB of top-secret footage, this is one pen James Bond would be happy to sign off on.

13. The Rugged Archeologist – A Treasure Transporting Bag

Between bullwhips and historically valuable artifacts, finding enough space in your backpack can be a real problem for every aspiring Indiana Jones. Having the right gear – like this heavy-duty, go-anywhere, do-anything adventure bag – helps ensure the Ark of the Covenant doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

12. The Robot Overlord – A Programmable Robot

Does he dream of piloting giant mechas all day? Controlling his very own programmable robot is no longer a sci-fi fantasy! Check out this advanced, high-performance, motorized humanoid competition robot. With state-of-the-art software and hardware designed to do virtually anything, the only limit to this robot’s abilities is your man’s imagination.

11. The Whiskey Snob – Whiskey Stones

The only thing worse than warm whiskey is a watered-down whiskey. So how do true aficionados get their fix? Those who live by the cask know that nothing compares to these cooling, non-diluting stainless steel whiskey stones. With just a few drops of mineral water and these bad boys, your man is sure to get the best out of his drink. 

10. The Heavy Sleeper – Gun Alarm Set

Start his day off by getting his blood pumping– this clock is sure to be the highlight of his morning! Not only is it a completely functional alarm clock, but it also has several play modes that will satisfy his inner action star.

9. The Old Schooler – A Straight Edge Set

This set of old-school tools of the trade – complete with a straight razor, comb, hefty scissors, and whetstone – calls back to the time when men were men and grooming was serious business.

7. The Tie Fighter – Tie Marshall

What good is a brilliant collection of ties if you can’t proudly display them in your closet? With this handy tie organizer, storing and displaying scarves, ties, and belts has never been easier – or so stylishly personalized. This convenient wooden organizer comes with the option of engraving up to three initials for a truly unique gift. You’ll never have to fumble for a suit accessory (or something to tie to the bedpost) ever again!

5. The Hot Head – Bazooka Torch

For those who take their smokes seriously, every step of the habit is part of a ritual. So why not add a little fun and flair to his favorite pastime? This pistol-grip handle butane torch lighter is packed with enough power to make every light an illuminating experience.

4. The Retro Gamer – An Arcade Gaming System

Bring the arcade home, and show these whippersnappers how it was done back in the day! This home console comes with enough built-in games to keep him (and anybody unlucky enough to fall prey to his sick moves) for hours. 

3. The Thirsty Golfer – Golf Ball Glasses

The best way to round off 18 holes is with a great set of balls. Glass golf balls, that is. Help him unwind with a set of glasses that celebrates his favorite game – they’re just the right amount of fun and kitsch!

2. The Dreamer – A Lucid Dream Machine

We can’t think of a better gift for him on Valentine’s day than literally making his dreams come true. This sleep mask is specifically designed to facilitate lucid dreaming, giving him full control and better recall of his dreams in vivid detail. 

1. The “Every Single Guy On The Planet” – A Playstation 5. Duh.

It’s not even a competition. If you want to know the best thing you can get a man, this puts all other Valentine’s day gifts to shame. If he’s a guy, he wants a Playstation 5. If he’s got a pulse, he wants a Playstation 5. If he says he’s not a gamer, and that getting him a Playstation 5 is a waste of money, trust us – he wants a Playstation 5. He just doesn’t know it yet.

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