Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen gifts are your way of saying thank you to the men who supported your during the most important day of your life. It’s easy to go for the predictable (cuff links) or the weak (toiletries) to show your appreciation. But if you want your groomsmen gifts be remembered, steer clear of online catalog stores. Get creative and look for unique groomsmen gifts that you know your friends will love. You may have to dig around a bit by visiting a site like this groomsmen gifts website, but the more time you spend personalizing the  groomsmen gift, the more it will be appreciated. Is your friend a fitness nut, a game nerd or a techie? Is he more weird and funny rather than traditional and strait-laced? Find out and tailor your groomsmen gifts accordingly.

Caricatures and Bobble Head Dolls

Instead of the usual framed photographs, you can commission an artist to draw a caricature of your groomsmen  doing something that he loves doing. It may be playing golf, sitting at the bar surrounded by blondes or holed up in his man cave playing video games. Make it funny and a little embarrassing, but not too annoying. You can also have a group caricature with all the groomsmen in it. Make it dynamic, with action rather than static poses. Another alternative is a bobble head doll in the groomsmen’s own likeness. Pick a theme, like past U.S. presidents or boy band members. It may cost a bit more than you intended to spend, but your groomsmen will love it.

Sports Stuff

For your active groomsmen, a few sessions with a personal fitness trainer can’t be beat. If a personal trainer is too expensive, you can just get them memberships at their favorite gym. You can also give your groomsmen tickets to their favorite sporting event. Another unique groomsmen gift is sports memorabilia, especially autographed ones. You can get autographed jerseys, footballs, pennants and posters on sites like eBay or specialty sports stores.

Survival Backpack

Buy a backpack for each groomsmen and stuff it with “wedding survival” items. You can be as practical and personal as you want. Fill the backpack with their favorite adult magazine, condoms, a bottle of wine or a pack of beer, CDs, gag t-shirts, bathrobes, grooming kits, iPhone or iPod covers, flasks and even food to snack on at the wedding.

Event Tickets

Event tickets are easy to get, and you can take the whole gang with you. Or you can personalize the tickets to your groomsmen’s taste. Give stand-up comedy tickets to the funnyman, premiere movie tickets to the film buff, concert tickets to the rock star and resort or restaurant tickets to your friend who’s also getting hitched.

Salon Day

There’s nothing like a good male bonding session over pedicures. Instead of hitting the local beer joint, head to a salon and pamper yourselves before or after the wedding. Get pedicures, foot spas, massages, facials, hair coloring, haircuts or even a whole makeover. It’s best to go as a group so you can gossip over magazines and make fun of each other. After the event, you can give each of your buddies a pail filled with manly essentials like razors, aftershave, shower gel, loofah and flip flops for showing off their newly pedicured toes.

Customized Gifts

If you’re going traditional and getting cuff links, pint glasses, multi-tools or school spirit items, you can easily add personality by adding the groomsmen’s monogram and making the gift funny rather than stodgy. Get Batman cuff links, Star Wars shot glasses, college t-shirts with cheeky messages and soap shaped like hand grenades or pin-up girls. For older groomsmen gifts, you may want to stick to safe gifts like watches, money clips and Swiss army knives. Just don’t forget to engrave them with your friend’s initials.


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