Our Favorite Connecticut Weddings from 2014

[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”4830626″]Can we all just go ahead and agree that 2014 has been the year for amazing, beautiful weddings? That’s the thought that keeps running through our minds as we reminisce about the totally stunning Connecticut weddings we’ve been able to share with you this year. That, and how lucky we are to have built so many relationships with local brides-to-be and the area’s most-talented vendors. So, as we prepare to say goodbye to this incredible year of wedding magic and ring in a whole new year — one that we know will be as equally as full of gorgeous inspirations and wedding days — we encourage you to join us in taking a look back at our favorite weddings of 2014! 

1. Emilio & Anna

Venue: Aria

Why We Love Their Day: We’ve seen a lot of truly gorgeous weddings in our day, but nothing could have prepared us for all the eye candy and sparkle that filled Emilio and Anna’s prettier-than-pretty soiree at Aria. If we didn’t know better, we would still insist that their day was a fairytale story rather than a real life wedding between two mortals; the room drips with elegant glamour, shining crystals, and all sorts of magic that make it seem too perfect to be real. See their full wedding here.

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The amazing vendors that helped make this wedding happen:

Wedding Venue: Aria

Photographer: Wedding Couture by Netmartin

Flowers: Flowers by Danielle

Makeup: NEO Cosmetic Boutique & Spa

Cake: Modern Pastry Shop

Video: Everett Freeman

DJ: That’s Entertainment

Limo:Carriage Limo

2. Josh & Mandi

Venue: Wickham Park

Why We Love Their Day: Josh and Mandi’s wedding day was a rustic dream — complete with burlap, wooden accents, baby’s breath, mason jars, and the most amazing little cabin-style reception area! But, although the details were totally fabulous and fit the couple’s sunny disposition perfectly, we have to say that nothing made us love this day more than the lovely the outdoor ceremony at the park’s overlook hill, which provided a breathtaking scenery full of blue sky and miles and miles of horizon views! Our vivid memories of this picturesque backdrop made their day rise to the top of our “favorites” list without a moment of hesitation, and we’re confident you’ll be calling it one of your favorites soon, too. See their full wedding here


Watrous_Watrous_Antonio_Rocha_Photography_WickhamParkWeddingMandiJosh52_low-e1407880102798 Watrous_Watrous_Antonio_Rocha_Photography_WickhamParkWeddingMandiJosh58_low-e1407880170295 Watrous_Watrous_Antonio_Rocha_Photography_WickhamParkWeddingMandiJosh95_low Watrous_Watrous_Antonio_Rocha_Photography_WickhamParkWeddingMandiJosh69_low-e1407880330389 Watrous_Watrous_Antonio_Rocha_Photography_WickhamParkWeddingMandiJosh84_low-e1407880263786

The amazing vendors that helped make this wedding happen:

Wedding Reception Venue: Wickham Park

Photographer: Antonio Rocha Photography

Hair Stylist: A Shear Perfection

Floral Designer: Bella Flora

Caterer: Log Cabin Rolling

Bakery: Los Cubanitos Bakery

3. Andoni & Laurah

Venue: Chamard Vineyard

Why We Love Their Day: Pretty doesn’t even begin to describe Andoni and Laurah’s gem of a wedding — there are so many one-of-a-kind details! From bamboo-inspired tables to the feminine color palette to the decor aesthetic that can only be described as rustic-meets-glam, vineyard-set day is hands-down the most unique and personalized day we we had the pleasure of publishing in 2014! See their full wedding here

Samuels_G_Anna_Sawin_Photography_LaurahAndoniAugust2012AnnaSawinPF010_low Samuels_G_Anna_Sawin_Photography_LaurahAndoniAugust2012AnnaSawin740_low Samuels_G_Anna_Sawin_Photography_LaurahAndoniAugust2012AnnaSawin736_low Samuels_G_Anna_Sawin_Photography_LaurahAndoniAugust2012AnnaSawin737_low Samuels_G_Anna_Sawin_Photography_LaurahAndoniAugust2012AnnaSawin712_low

The amazing vendors that helped make this wedding happen:

Wedding Venue: Chamard Vineyards

Photographer: Anna Sawin Photography

Event Planner: True Event

Floral Designer: Flowers on the Green

Cinema and Video: Buzz Media Company

Band: Elan Artists

Caterer: La Cuisine

4. Zeeshan & Aziza

Venue: The Lounsbury House

Why We Love Their Day: “Aziza and Zeeshan’s wedding day unfolds from start to finish like a modern fairytale — full of romance, true love, lots of sparkle, and stunning details” were the words that we used when wrote about this stunning soiree earlier this year. Revisiting their day only confirms how truly that statement feels for us. From the unique cultural details included to spotlight the couple’s family roots to the modern glamour inspired decor — we’re still gaga about the emerald green and gold palette! — their day is nothing short of a true work of art. Actually, it’s safe to say that we’d do this list an injustice if their special day wasn’t included. Once you see all the details, you’ll understand exactly what we mean. See their full wedding here.

Ejaz_Hussain_Shaw_Photography_Co_AzizaZeeshanportraits0052_low-450x300 Ejaz_Hussain_Shaw_Photography_Co_AzizaZeeshanWedding0116_low-450x600 Ejaz_Hussain_Shaw_Photography_Co_AzizaZeeshanWeddingReception0009_low-450x300 Ejaz_Hussain_Shaw_Photography_Co_AzizaZeeshanWeddingReception0019_low-450x600

The amazing vendors that helped make this wedding happen:

Photographer: Shaw Photography Co.

Event Venue: Lounsbury House

5. Peter & Karen

Venue: Hopkins Vineyard

Why We Love Their Day: From the very first moment we laid eyes on this stunner, we’ve been smitten with the intimacy that the couple infused into every detail of their rustic vineyard wedding. Peter and Karen kept things simple, included details that meant something to them, and focused their attentions on creating a big day that wasn’t about fancy accents, but the beauty of marriage, family, and being in love! See their full wedding here.

Milewski_Viola_Kate_Uhry_Photography_untitledalbum292_low-e1415062319630 Milewski_Viola_Kate_Uhry_Photography_karenPeter120_low-e1415062504620 Milewski_Viola_Kate_Uhry_Photography_karenPeter126_low-e1415062411453 Milewski_Viola_Kate_Uhry_Photography_karenPeter380_low-e1415062463774

The amazing vendors that helped make this wedding happen:

Wedding Venue: Hopkins Vineyard

Photographer: Kate Uhry Photography

Event Planner: Eileen Smith Events

Chairs & Tables: Party Rentals Ltd

Caterer: J. P. Gifford Market & Catering

Flowers: Azalea Floral Design

Tent: Durkin Tents

2014 had some total show-stoppers, thank you to the amazing Connecticut wedding photographers for allowing us to use their pictures of each wedding.  If you hire the right floral designer, wedding planner, cake maker, and of course pick the right wedding venue it will go along way toward having your wedding make our list for 2015!  If you see a wedding that you think was one of the best but did not make this list, be sure to share your favorites!

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