Cristina and Christian's Wedding at the Waterview in Monroe, CT

I should have known the forecast would be wrong and Cristina and Christian would get the most incredible fall foliage day, complete with your outdoor ceremony (though it may have been freezing), no rain and the most MAGICAL snow storm I have ever witnessed and photographed in my life. I will never forgot the moments we had, standing in the snow, laughing and just taking in the moment. I live for moments like that!

The day started off as it should with LARISSA LAKE and her team. To all my brides she is the BEST DECISION you will make when it comes to wedding day glitz, glam and beauty. I literally freak out when a bride of mine books her because I know what incredibleness to expect.


It was SO early in the morning I had to wait for the sun to come up before I had my way with the details! The sun was JUST coming up here but the day was GREY GREY GREY.

Another of my brides had worn these shoes (HOLLA, KARA!) and I really loved them. I get excited when I see my favorite things!

Um, hi C; you are gorgeous .. even at 7 am in a crowded hotel room.


Love the reaction when everyone sees the bride for the first time!

Cristina and Christian did the BEST THING POSSIBLE. If you read my blog then you already know I am talking about the FIRST LOOK.

There are NO WORDS for these two. I can’t handle it. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. doesn’t even begin to cut it.

Both C&C came from incredible families. Thanks for welcoming Stefi and I with so much kindness!

Cristina had the sweetest bridal party.

Love this photo.

The snow hadn’t come yet – we still had fall flowers and foliage scattered around The Waterview.

This spread is one of my favorites. Caption not needed.

I’m ending part 1 of Cristina & Christian’s wedding with one of my FAVORITE PHOTOS EVER. Cristina, you are so fierce and gorgeous I can’t handle it. Was this when I asked Christian if he could even believe you were marrying him? OH MY. That sure came out wrong! For everyone else – what I meant to say (and I clarified for them there) was that it was amazing to see Christian gazing at Cristina with this ” I can’t believe I am lucky enough to marry you look on his face. I love LOVE.”

{Post and photos provided by Connecticut Wedding Photographer Brooke Allison. Be sure to check out her website, blog, Facebook, & Twitter}

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