Below are a few of the comments that wedding professionals who advertise on WeddingReports.com have said to us:


Chris, I have been in business for 25 years.  Of all of the advertising decisions I’ve made over the years – WeddingReports.com has been simply the BEST & has given me a return quickly versus your competitor sites.  The leads have produced good quality customers.  I appreciate your passion for creating & maintaining your page #1 in the search engines.  I wish you much success!” 

Corrine Crocker-Luby

Corrine Weddings

“I wanted to thank you for everything WeddingReports has done for my business; I really appreciate the constant attention and exposure that I receive due in large part to you and your company. I have booked approx. 18 weddings since I have started with WeddingReports. I receive most of my clients (over 75%) due to your site and services.”

Robert Trenske

Robert and Kathleen Photographers

“The statistics you sent on our listing is very impressive. I don’t know if your competition could provide me the same information, well done. Heather and Linda have booked with us so in my opinion it is well worth us signing on with WeddingReports.com. Please forward me an invoice and I will pay for our listing. I look forward to working with you.”

Jim Bucko

The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station

“We have had a great response from your website. How do you promote it?”

Deborah Moore

Wadsworth Mansion

“We’ve been getting a lot more traffic through your site to all our locations (I track it each month), looks like the advertising is doing great. Would love to catch up to see what might be on the table for the future! ”

Lori Poniatowski

The Waterview

“I wanted to share and thank you for all you do to make weddingreports.com a success.

I have listed with many sites over the years. Some are free and some are paid. None of them have given me the quick response I have already received with weddingreports.com. I signed up on December 18th. It is now January 6th. I have already had 60 hits on my site and have booked my first event as a direct result of being found on wedding reports. As we enter the winter bridal booking season, I am excited about what lies ahead with wedding reports.


Jim Aldridge

Romantic Entertainment

“Hi Chris! I just wanted to thank you for this service – I have already booked 2 weddings for next year, and have had a bunch of inquiries in the works as well. THANK YOU!!! ”

Vicki Souza

Victoria Souza Photography

“I love your website. WeddingReports is the only website that has come through for me consistently. Thanks for having such a great site! ”

Amanda Taylor

A Taylored Picture

“Hi Chris, Thought I would let you know that we’ve had more success with the leads service recently!
We just booked our second wedding as a result of the mailing we did to the WeddingReports brides, and it was a $10,000 wedding! ~ thought I would share the joy!”

Jessica Robinson

Jessica’s Country Flowers

“I was actually meaning to email you and tell you that last weekend I had an explosion of inquiring brides. It was great to see they are coming from weddingreports. I have a few meetings scheduled for next week, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I book them. You are great to check up on your vendors listed on the site. That is something that most of the “bigger guys” don’t do. It’s nice to see you care about the businesses on your site, and I’m sure I’m not the only vendor to tell you that.

Dawn Kelly

Soiree Floral

“I owe you dinner. Weddingreports.com has proved to be my #1 internet advertising tool this year. I want to expand my advertising. I am would like to upgrade my service to the highest level of advertising. Please sign me up for a banner ads and can we be Vendor of the Month on the home page?”

Mike Fernino

Music in Motion

“Things seem to be going well with the exposure on WeddingReports and I thank you for that. All in all, with the promising prospects I have out there, I fear that I may actually be in for a swarm of commitments very soon….so I am very happy. I thank you for that. I think we’re in business for a lot of the same reasons and you make it possible for others to succeed. You should be commended for that. So, again, thank you.”

Brian Harte

In Pictures Photography

“So far I have four weddings booked this year from couples that found me on WeddingReports.com, and I have five more in the works so hopefully I will land a couple of them. I do find it interesting that I advertise with 3 other wedding websites, which cost me an arm and a leg, but I get
all my hits from WeddingReports.com. I’m listed as featured, have banners, etc. on the other websites and so far it’s
been a waste of money. I think it’s because WeddingReports.com looks and feels simpler. Just enough information!”

Lynn Wentworth

Lynne Ann Photography

“In the year that I have advertised on WeddingReports.com, I would have to say that I booked about 20 or 25 weddings as a result of being listed on your site. I have to say, that it has been incredibly helpful in getting my business off of the ground. I am incredibly pleased and greatful.”

Louis Spectrino

Spectrino Pictures

“I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails and calls from your site, so thank you. To answer your question, I would say that I’ve booked about 6-8 weddings this year through your web site. I only do about that many a year (by
choice) so the majority of my leads come from WeddingReports.com. I don’t advertise anywhere else.”

Craig Norton

Craig Norton Photography

“I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how happy I am with Weddingreports.com. My money is being well spent here and I like that I know where the leads are coming from. I’ve gotten two jobs in the past month from you guys. Thanks so much.”

Lisa Calhoun

Creative Event Design

“Thanks ever so much your website. I just did a wedding this weekend that was discovered via WeddingReports, so I certainly didn’t want to miss out on advertising with you. I don’t do advertising, per se in the print sense. Our business is very word of mouth, but WeddingReports has really helped us fill out our weddings market segment. You guys have been such a boost for us as we opened our Connecticut office!”

Elizabeth Seccuro

Dolce Parties

“We went back and looked at our bookings and we have booked 18 weddings from brides that found us on WeddingReports.“

John Clark

Calico Broadcasting

“FYI, we recently booked two weddings as a result of WeddingReports.com. Thank
you for your service.”

Rose Mary Lalonde

Creative Touch Photography

“I can track five of the weddings that I have done this year back to WeddingReports.com. A few other brides
have told me they found me on the internet, so the amount of weddings I have booked this year through WeddingReports.com may be closer to ten.Thanks for the business and keep up the good

Shawn Tait

Laird Productions

“I am very happy with my responses from WeddingReports. Several orders have resulted from your site and many sample orders. I occasionally log on to see my numbers on your site and, yes they are good and they are increasing. I actually love your site for myself… I will be using many other vendors when I get married too. It is a nice clean, clear site.”

Christina Santoro

Beyond the Invite

“I have been so pleased with the traffic you have directed to my site, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Deborah Dempsey

A Gala Affair

“I’ve already been able to tie five or six weddings back to people that have found me from WeddingReports.com. I’d be interested in hearing more about how I can increase my exposure on your website.”

Justin Bruno

Night Star Entertainment

I recently received some inquiries from WeddingReports, so I know that it is working for me. The bride to be also mentioned that the site had been a big help in her planning.

Denise Creiger

Denise Cregier Photographer

“Your site is doing very well for me and I see the word must be spreading because you seem to have every CT photographer listed.
I closed 2 deals and currently have 3 strong leads. These numbers are pretty good considering your website is relatively new. You are to be congratulated on your service and marketing skills.”

Leonard Leffand

Leffand Studios

“I received 2 calls yesterday in direct response to
the e-mailing that you sent out! TERRIFIC!!!!! Thank you again for your help.”

Becky Daymon

Floral Memories by Becky

“I have to say that your website has brought me sooo many clients!!! I am very happy with the results and the price. I wanted to know what the next step up would cost for advertising and what it would be. ”

Candice Milliard

Candi’s Floral Creations LLC

“My subscription with WeddingReports is going really well. It’s definitely paying for itself. ”


Morning Glories Floral Design

“I did book a wedding this week from a bride that found me on WeddingReports.com and have three consults set up soon. ”


Kat Snaps Photography

“I am definitely interested in advertising with weddingreports.com. As a recent bride myself and having been in 5 wedding in the last 3 years, I know that not one of us booked a single vendor or visited a single bridal shop without first checking with weddingreports.com. Your website was our guide to all of our wedding planning, which is why I definitely want to advertise with you. ”

Lisa Palama

Something Blue Bridal, LLC

“Joining with you and the business is one of the best business moves I ever made. ”

Lou David

David Photos

“I have listed with many sites over the years. Some are free and some are paid. None of them have given me the quick response I have already received with weddingreports.com. I signed up on December 18th. It is now January 6th. I have already had 60 hits on my site and have booked my first event as a direct result of being found on wedding reports. As we enter the 2008 winter bridal booking season, I am excited about what lies ahead with WeddingReports.com. ”

Jim Aldridge

Romantic Entertainment