10 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding

The night before your wedding is a really exciting time and we don’t doubt that you will definitely be feeling those pre-wedding butterflies due to stress or utter happiness. Just as they say about your wedding day, “it’s only one day so soak up the goodness” so let’s apply the same wisdom to the night before the big day. Here’s our complete list of things to do the night before you wedding; some things are fun, some introspective, and some sentimental. Your goal is to just find what works for your personality and what inspires you and make every second count!

Spend some time with your mom. Your wedding day is as sentimental for your mom as it is for you, but usually bonding time is rushed in the crazy race to plan the big day. Make the night before your wedding about getting in that quality time with you mom, talking about marriage, love, and the big step you are about to make. This will really help you focus on a really important relationship in your life and help calm those nerves.

Say no to social media and texting. The night before your wedding is a truly special time that should be about reveling in love, excitement, and the changes that are coming your way. On this night, turn off your phone and close your computer and say no to social media. There will be plenty of time for updates later so spend this time in the here and now.

Cordelle Photography

Cordelle Photography

Write a letter to your fiancé. You are in love and, of course, that’s why you are getting married, but take this night to write a letter to him telling him why you are happy to marry him and spend your life together. Putting those thoughts down on paper will not only be meaningful to him, but will help you take some time to reflect on your commitment and why you love him so very much.

Get some extra sleep. No matter what time you’ve planned for your wedding ceremony, wedding days always begin early and they last a really long time so take the night before your dream day to get in some extra zzz’s while you can. You’ll feel better and look better as a result!

Stay away from alcohol. When those pre-wedding jitters or stress set in, our tendency is to reach for the all-calming glass of alcohol, but say no this time. Drinking the night before your wedding day can make you feel bloated, look tired, and it doesn’t really help calm you down. Plus, nobody wants a wedding day hangover.

Cordelle Photography

Cordelle Photography

Take some time to be alone. From the moment the ring was slid on your finger, you most likely stopped having a lot of alone time. There are parties to attend, vendors to find, people to see and you are stuck in a whirlwind of socializing. On this night, find some time to just be alone. Whether you spend your alone time just relaxing, doing something you enjoy that isn’t wedding related or just thinking about the journey ahead, you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to just simply be in solitude.

Read through your vows or wedding speech. You may have gone over your vows or speech a million times, but the night before the big soiree is one of the best times to rehearse. This allows you to make last minute changes or add things that maybe have become more special in the last few days. This may be your final time to make those changes and to really give your vows/speech a good rehearsing.

Cordelle Photography

Cordelle Photography

Walk down memory lane.  Sure, it might be cheesy, but what’s a better time to really dive into nostalgia than the night before you begin a new chapter in your life? Make a slideshow, pull out those old photo albums, and just enjoy spending some time in the past. Remember, all those moments led to this one!

Host a sleepover. If alone time isn’t your idea of fun, then make the evening before your wedding all about spending time with your best girls. Rent some rom-coms, dress up in your favorite pjs, and make it a night for old times sake!

Drink lots of water and avoid bloating foods. Of all important days, your wedding day is the one where you absolutely want to look your best, so our number one tip is to drink lots of water and avoid foods that will make you bloated. No bride, including you, wants to have to squeeze into her dress the next day.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but just remember that the night before your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity to really do something special and to prepare for the day ahead. Add items from our guide, make up your own plans, and most of all enjoy your time!

Brides, what’s something you are planning for the night before your wedding day? Share below!



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