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When most guys think of weddings, the word “fun” doesn’t always come to mind. Bridezillas, flowers, cake testing and speeches aren’t things that most guys relish but being a good groomsmen comes with the territory of some pretty uncomfortable situations. Hey, there’s always the bachelor party right? Make sure your best guy friends know how much you appreciate their efforts by giving them good groomsmen gifts they’ll never forget. While a bottle of rum is always a great standby, try some of these more personalized groomsmen gift ideas to really say thanks for standing by your side, both on the big day and all the days before it.

Their Favorite Alcoholic Beverage
What guy doesn’t love a good drink?  Odds are you’ve spent quite a bit of time drinking with your groomsmen so you know what their favorite drink is.   Make sure your guys know how grateful you are for everything they’ve put up with during the whole wedding process by gifting them with a personalized drink box. Collect all the ingredients and accouterments for their favorite drink such as, tequila, triple sec, a cool glass and a lime for the margarita lover in your group. Do the same until everyone has a box unique to their favorite drink.

Their Favorite Accessories
In staying with the alcohol theme, try a personalized flask like the one you could get here or monogrammed Swiss army knife. Just make sure to give them the flask before the wedding to keep in their jackets in case of emergencies, like right before the Best Man’s speech or the garter toss. The Swiss army knife will come in handy in case any of the bridesmaids need help with a loose thread on their dress…or get too close for comfort on the dance floor.

A Brewery Tour
And finally, to make sure your good friends know that life will in fact return to normal after the wedding, get each guy a gift card for a brewery tour and a bottle of their favorite beer. It’s a great way to kick back after all the festivities are over with no expectations except to have a good time. Take a Saturday trip together and reminisce about the wedding over a flight of your favorite brews and more importantly, how grateful you are that it’s over and life can go back to normal.

Finally, if you need more good ideas be sure to check out this website which has a whole slew of the best gifts for groomsmen out there. If you have any more good groomsmen gifts ideas, please share them with us.

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  1. “What guy doesn’t love a good drink?”…. Exactly our thoughts! We got our groomsmen this great 6-bottle beer carrier: They were all big craft brew fans so we filled each with a mix of beers we knew they loved! The builder of them also put a cast iron bottle opener on the end of it so it added a great rustic look to match our wedding and was a gift they could use again and again!

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