How to Get a Marriage License in CT

Getting a marriage license in CT is one of the last steps to making your marriage official.  All of the planning and preparation for the wedding mean nothing if you don’t get this little piece of paper.  Here is how you go about getting your marriage license in CT.

Head to the CT County Office
To start, you need to head to your local county Vital Records Office to apply for your marriage license.  Both people need to go.  You can do it together to save time, or each can appear individually.

It is important that you go to a Vital Records Office in either:

  • The Connecticut City or County in which you or your future spouse live in
  • The CT City or County in which you are planning to get married in

When you go, you will need to provide a copy of your Valid Drivers License or U.S. Passport.

Filling Out The CT Marriage License
Once you hand over your information, you will need to fill out the CT marriage license for the clerk to process.  In order to fill out everything, you will need to know the following information:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Mothers’ Maiden Names
  • Parents’ Birthplaces
  • Date and Location of Your Wedding
  • Name and Contact Information for your Wedding Officiant

You will then pay your CT marriage license fee, which is $30-35 depending on your location.

Get Married!
Finally, you need to actually get married.  When you leave the Vital Records Office, they will give you a copy of your CT marriage license that you will need to get signed by the wedding officiant once you actually get married.

After the ceremony, send it back in or drop it off at your local Vital Records Office, and you’ll be official! They are pretty quick with the turnaround so you should have your marriage license within about 2 weeks.

The marriage license in CT is good for 65 days, so make sure that you get married before it expires!

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