Making Home Weddings a Dream Come True

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Making Home Weddings a Dream Come True

Getting married can be expensive. Industry experts claim the average celebration costs $28,000. One way of lowering the price tag is performing the ceremony where you live. Throwing a wedding in your home, though, requires forethought and planning. Wedding Reports offers some advice on marrying where you rest your head.

Communicate the Details – From Directions to Parking

Make sure all guests know your address and when to show up. Royal Wedding points out that the traditional way of doing this is with wedding invitations. Create your own to save a few dollars. Remember to have someone proofread them before bringing them to the post office.

Consider parking arrangements. Seek permission to use a nearby school or empty lot. Alternatively, see if a neighbor would be willing to act as a valet in exchange for performing household chores.

Spiff Up the House

The last thing you want is to turn people off with a dirty or unkempt home. So prioritize cleaning the house thoroughly, especially those areas that guests will be spending the most time. to get started, refer to online cleaning experts for hacks and advice.

Setting the Scene

As people arrive, you want to make a positive first impression. Candles have a way of exciting people’s romantic sides. You’ll want to clean up before lighting wicks. Zen Habits notes that now may be the time to take on that decluttering project you’ve been avoiding. 

If you have a backyard, you’ll likely want everything done there. Plan how you’ll move indoors if the weather conspires against you. Instead of hiring a wedding planner, visualize how the big day will flow, letting common sense rule. Have more chairs on hand than you think you’ll need. Ones with cushions are best. See if your church or local community center is willing to loan them for the big day.

Make sure the acoustics accommodate the venue. Consider how wind might affect people’s ability to hear the exchange of vows, and then arrange the seating with this in mind. Another way to dodge this problem is by renting a portable sound system

Personalize the Day for Everyone

Give a piece of yourself to every guest. Making candy is inexpensive and fun. Cook some up that you can hand out; illustrate the wrappers with meaningful designs. Adorn matchboxes with slogans and words of thanks. If you’re the country type, serve drinks in mason jars with ribbons. Get creative and imbue the event with love and personality.

A photo collage is sure to be a hit. Everyone wants to see pictures of you with your future spouse. Don’t just toss them onto a board and start gluing. Think carefully about the arrangement for maximum impact. 

Overnight Guest Accommodations

Perhaps you have rooms where relatives can sleep the night. Make preparations for them to stay over. This includes setting up guest rooms. Pay special attention to the bedding, which can really stand out with interchangeable duvet covers and matching pillows and sheet sets. These items are a great way to conveniently and quickly update the style and feel of any bedroom.

Include disposable toiletries from the local dollar store, just in case. Don’t forget to ask in advance about their specific needs. Let others know about the sleeping arrangements beforehand to avoid conflict on the big day.

Getting hitched is a life-altering event that needn’t cost a mint. The right touches, such as thoroughly cleaning the house, sprucing up guest rooms with comfy bedding, and creating a stunning photo collage, are affordable and will make your special moment unforgettable.

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