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We specialize in professional wedding and event videography including;

marketing, training, sales videos and event videos for your business.

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We take pride in the personal attention to detail that every video project receives, with an unobtrusive approach and a keen eye for capturing the once-in-a-lifetime moments.

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wayne biroscak
Victor went above and beyond what he needed to do to make sure that everything went amazing...he was more then professional and was on his game making sure that he got every moment possible from many different angles....he couldn't have don't a better job and would recommend him any time to anyone....thank you again for an amazing experience and hope to work together again in the future
Cara + Arthur
Victor did our wedding video and we are very happy that we chose him. He is very passionate about his work and he shows great dedication. Our wedding video was like a movie. We had a comfortable experience throughout the whole wedding process. He really knows what he is doing and is very professional. Victor will make you cherish your wedding video. I highly recommend Victor for your wedding video, He's the man for the job!
Adam & Heather
We chose Victor for both our photography and video and it was the best decision we could have ever made. Victor is professional, genuine, dedicated and passionate about his work. We truly enjoyed his customer service and he always made us feel like we were his only clients. We truly enjoyed our meetings with him and many times it felt like you were sitting and talking with an old friend. All of our pictures are absolutely gorgeous and the video is OUTSTANDING!! He spent an incredible amount of time before the wedding discussing details with us and was adamant about making sure our video and wedding album was exactly what we wanted. Victor is absolutely phenomenal and we will continue to refer him to others. There are not enough words to describe our wonderful experience. Victor is the Best!!!
Morgan & Matt
We just received our video from Victor and he absolutely exceeded our expectations! He was able to capture the excitement of the day, the nervous anticipation leading up to the ceremony, and everyone celebrating at the reception; all the moments that we will remember forever! To be honest, we were on the fence in regards to getting a Videographer for our wedding, but after viewing our video for the first time, we both agreed it was probably the best decision we made. Years down the road we will be able to watch our video and remember & re-live all those moments that made our wedding day so very special! Victor is professional, genuine, and extremely passionate about his work, and this is clearly seen in his video. He had us "re-shoot" some moments that he may of not captured perfectly, and at the time we didn't understand the reasoning for this, but now looking back I am so thankful he was the perfectionist that he is! I could go on and on as there are not enough words to describe our wonderful experience with Victor but to sum it up, we highly recommend Victor to anyone! He is outstanding & you won't regret it!!
Victor produced an unbelievable wedding video for us!! I was overcome with emotion throughout viewing our video for the first time, because it was exactly like re-living my Wedding Day all over again, he did an exceptional job! My husband and I were on the fence in regards to getting a Videographer for our wedding, but after viewing our video for the first time today, we both agreed that doing so was the best decision that we made in regards to our Wedding Day....Thank You Victor!!
JJoan and Rich Acampora
Victor did such an Amazing job helping me make the wedding of my dreams come true! Our Wedding Video and our Photographs are Amazing. The time that he took to capture all of these moments, and even moments I didn't even know should be captured!! We got so many compliments on his work during our wedding, the attentiveness he showed. Our Wedding DVD was full of timeless moments as well, even our background music was perfect as we asked him to choose something for us. We thank you Victor for all of your hard work and exceptional displays of our most Beautiful Day!
Quality and professional January 04, 2013 I searched high and low for a good, reasonably priced wedding videographer and I thank God I finally found Victor. I chose Victor, after meeting with over 10 wedding videographers in CT because he is professional, easy to work with, and experienced. I knew he was professional when I talked to him about specific equipment he uses to ensure the audio at the ceremony and reception would be heard clearly on the video. He showed me the equipment and examples of weddings that demonstrated the quality of his equipment. I was immediately impressed! He was unobtrusive through out my wedding day and worked very well with the other vendors (photographer and DJ) to coordinate everything. His experience allows him to know what to capture, how to capture it, and how to edit it so that you are brought to tears every time you watch your wedding video. Victor is passionate about his work and you can tell just by meeting with him for a few minutes. That passion is translated into his videos. I can write about the suggestions and extras Victor gave me to make my video the best it could be, and the attention to detail to the lyrics of the music I chose and how he linked it perfectly to every action of the day, but nothing will convince you to go with Victor other than watching my wedding video! My name is Melissa and my husband is Christopher and we got married August 11, 2012. I gave Victor permission to lend a copy of my wedding video to his potential clients, so you can see for yourself how satisfied you will be if you choose to hire Victor as your wedding videographer. Thank you, Victor, for capturing the memories of my wedding day and editing it to perfection.
Sunshine Day
Couldn't have asked for more! Victor's journalistic style is patient, professional and non-intrusive. He has an outstanding eye to capture amazing moments and expressions. I would recommend his photography, without hesitation, for any special event
The best video at the best price. We can’t thank Victor enough!! Victor is great! He is very professional, flexible, personable, no intrusive at all, and very kind with everybody. His work is so high quality that you'll feel that you're watching a high budget Hollywood movie, and no just your wedding video. One week before our wedding he had ready a video-Photomontage using our growing-up and engagement pictures. This was lovely!! . We were amazed watching the edited final Wedding Video. It was Fantastic!! Victor captured every single moment on our wedding day. Victor’s price is extremely reasonable and as a bonus, Victor can communicate very well in English, Spanish and Portuguese. This feature was a big hit in my wedding because we had guests from different countries. More than a wedding vendor, we consider Victor as a good friend who helped us enormously to remember every detail of our special day. We recommend Victor’s services without any reservation to everybody, and very much look forward to hire him again.
Victor was great! After doing some research (and speaking to a lot of people), we decided to go with Victor. We were not disappointed! From the very beginning, Victor was extremely polite, professional, and showed a genuine passion for his work. Victor also gave us a great deal price-wise, but that never took away from the quality of his work. Even though Victor said it would take awhile to prepare the edited videos, Victor gave us the finished product early. It was very well-done. He captured all the important moments during the wedding and edited it into an hour-and-a-half video, as we requested. I would definitely recommend Victor to anyone thinking of hiring him. --Eric
Very Pleased! We were not going to have a professional videographer for our wedding but only 2 months before the wedding we decided to get one. I am so glad we did! Victor's price was decent compared to others out there so we went with him. Let me just say that Victor will never be forgotten. He is such a character. He is very nice and friendly and doesn't let anything get in the way of capturing every special moment. He works hard and is a perfectionist. He does a nice job with the wedding video and adds some effects and transitions. I can tell he put a lot of time and effort into our video. Our wedding recap video is amazing! He put all the highlights of our wedding into a 10 minute video on the internet for my friends and family to see. It looks very nice and professional! He told me that my video would take about 2-3 months to be ready, but it really only took a month and a half! He told me the recap would take a week or 2 but he did it in 2 days! I would highly recommend Victor to all the brides to be out there. You will NOT be disappointed!
Mr. Victor I have never been so moved by a wedding video as I was when I watched the video of my granddaughter's wedding. Victor not only captured the beauty of the venues, the wedding party and guests, he captured the beautiful emotion that we all felt on our very special occasion. Victor is polite, extremely well mannered and yet we were almost unaware of the fact that he was there, He did not RUN the wedding as some photographers do. He is very professional, kind and considerate. Victor, thank you so much for your excellent work........The Lombard Family will cheish these video's for many, many years, as will the Martins. You are a true master.
Erin and David Walls
Incredibly Professional and Worth Every Penny! David and I hired Victor to be our videographer for our wedding in Nov. 2009. From start to finish, he was incredibly professional. He captured every moment that had any importance at the wedding, moments that we surely would have missed if he had not been there. Even though the wedding was at night and he had limited lighting to work with, the picture was still awesome and clear. We had our video done in blue ray and it was worth every penny! I would recommend Victor to anyone in a heartbeat! We are so happy with his work and you will be, too! Thank you, Victor for helping us to treasure every moment of our day! :)
Erin & David
My now wife and I weren't sure if we wanted a wedding video. We casually decided we were interested, but since it was a last minute decision, we would try and find someone that was inexpensive. We found Victors name via the internet and decided to call him. His prices were very reasonable which we were thrilled about. My wife and I just watched our wedding video and we couldn't be happier about hiring Victor. As it turned out our photographer missed a few very important shots and Victor got them all. It was amazing to watch the video, he did a great job getting shots of everyone that attended the wedding and was never in the way or obtrusive. We are so happy that we decided to get a wedding video, and we are thrilled with Victors work. Our wedding video was the best value from our wedding. Thank you SO MUCH Victor!
Victor is awesome Victor's video of our wedding on October 18, 2009 at St. Clements castle was amazing.. I had no idea he was going to take so much pride in our video. everything from the sound, to the editing, the detail and the music was absolutely perfect. Victor was more than willing to do anything he could to make a great video, and he did! I'm definitely a pleasesd customer!
Gina Pandolfi
Our wedding day was on January 24, 2009. After a year of planning, our wedding day went by SO fast. It was so hard for us to capture every little detail of our special day because we were so busy entertaining our guests. Victor changed all of this for us. My husband and I sat down last week after dinner and watched our wedding video. Within two minutes fo the DVD playing, we were both in tears. I was in complete amazement at how fabulous our video turned out. I didnt think it was possible for a wedding video to turn out SO well. It looked like something staight out of a movie. Victor captured moments that we did not even remember from that day. Glances, comments, and hugs were captured that couldnt possibly be done by our photographer. We didnt even realize how fabulous our wedding really was until we saw our video. Victor is an amazing talent and I honestly feel bad for anybody who DOESN'T choose to have him on thier special day. He is one-of-a-kind!! I will recommend him to ALL of my friends!!!!!
Mrs. Senel!
The best videographer ever! Our wedding was August 2nd, 2008; the day we proclaimed our love for each other, the day we became Mr. & Mrs. Deniz Senel! Like most weddings our day went by so fast, and in the end we struggled to remember ever little detail. Thankful we knew we had hired a highly recommended professional videographer, Victor's Videos. About two months after our wedding we recieved our wedding video! We were so happy and appreciative to have gotten our video so quickly. Victor is not only the nicest and most friendly person to work with, but also he is a fabulous artist. We never imagined our video to be so captivating and moving, and still caught several funny moments. He took the time to include Cinderella transitions, because our theme was fairytale. Not only was he considerate to incorpaorate our theme, but he never missed a moment of our wedding! I have absolutely no complaints at all about our video. Our video is extremely high quality, and it shows! Victor definatley put his time and effort into his business and individualy into our wedding day. I can't even bring myself to put the words together that can explain how greatful I am we chose Victor's Videos. Of all the people who ask me about a videograpgher, he is the only one I will recommend. We have decided that every year on our anniversary we are going to enjoy re-watching our wedding video together, because he capured so many moments that went by too fast for us to remember, and he did it perfectly! When we watch our video, it does not look like any old home video, it is like a real film production, even the sound is clear and loud. I just can't sum up all the words to express how appreciative we are, but we will be forever greatful that we chose victor. In years from now im sure people and friends who see our wedding video will ask for his information, just as they do now. Thank you so much Victor for allowing us to never forget one of the happiest days of our lives!
Melissa December Wedding
Victors Great! Victors Videography is great. We recently married in Decemeber. While watching the video it was beautiful..not because It was my wedding but the beauty of the picture. IT WAS SO CLEAR AND STILL! The picture on the video was so clear.( I saw my husband sweating..haha) We heard every word clealy. The graphic are very creative. I loved it! During the cermony and reception I did not even notice where Victor was. He blends in with the crowd and behind the scenes to your wedding. I never even noticed where the camera was, it was not shine in our faces, which was nice. He is a very genuwine person and capture all the moments you want. I will definitely recommend him again. If I have any more funtions he would be the one I would call. Thank you, Victor
Joanne and Todd Morgan
Victor is just a wonderful man !!! During our wedding day, he was professional, non-intrusive, and ensured that he covered all of the important details. Once we saw the video, we were very impressed with how talented and passionate he is about videography. He not only captured the best moments, but paid special attention to details that most would dismiss. He also did a great job matching our music to the background. He was respectful, kind, and very accomodating. Our video was on time. Actually he finished it earlier than we thought. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in having an extraordinary video of thieir special day. Good Work Victor !!!
Holly & Alex
I wasn't going to have a videographer for my wedding, but when I saw the video that Victor did for my brother's wedding, I called him immediately. He did an excellent job. The music he chose was perfect. He captured every moment of the day. I love how some of it was in black and white. I think my favorite part of the video is the recap. Victor, you did a great job. I would definately recommend Victor to others.
Mitzi Salvatore
Sal and I watched our wedding video again last night and we want to tell you what a wonderful job you did. We laughed, we cried, and we were able to see things that we missed that day. I believe you when you say that you put your heart into making our video, because it shows, and this is what sets you apart from others in the industry- you put your heart into your work. The editing was great, the 2-camera coverage at the ceremony caught every moment, the slow-motion scenes were so touching, the instrumental music was perfect. Thank you so much for all the work you put into our video.
Eric & Jennifer Rogowski
Victor did an incredible job in both filming and editing our wedding dvd. The results were well beyond our expectations and those of everyone who has seen the it. The 10 minute summary dvd was particularly amazing and a great added touch. It is clear from your work that you are inspired by what you do. Everyone that has seen our video has commented on the high level of quality and many including ourselves, haven't seen better video footage from a wedding/reception. In addition, Victor had the finished product done by the time we got back from our honeymoon. We would highly recommend Victor to anyone that wanted to capture a special event on video, and have already begun to spread his name around. Sincerely, Eric Rogowski Jennifer Rogowski
I just received my DVD from Victor- He was awesome!! Came early to get footage, used the pictures I wanted in beginning and my music! He pays attention to detail and gave me a fantastic end product! Non obtrusive and truely captured the best of my day! Please e-mail me if any question!! Jennholcomb22@yahoo.com
Victors Videos LLC has 5 out of 5 stars based on 23 user reviews.