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Saltwaterfarm Vineyard Connecticut

Saltwater Farm is an award-winning vineyard set on more than 100 panoramic acres – 15 of which are planted with six varieties of grapes – bordered by tidal marshes, a cove and vistas of Long Island Sound, near the historic New England coastal village of Stonington, Connecticut.

The centerpiece of the bucolic property, which has a small private airport dating to the late 1930s, is a World War II – vintage hangar, designed by the late architect John W. Lincoln, a colleague of Walter Gropius. The hangar, opening onto terraces and the vineyard, has been preserved and converted into a winery. The seamlessly renovated building showcases a vaulting roof, silvery milled aluminum exterior, the original interior wood sheathing and, dominating the airy room and gathering places, handsome and massive timber trusses.

Saltwater Farm Vineyard is an ideal setting for celebration or for contemplation depending on the occasion. For more information and to contact us call toll free at 800-818-7258 or email us at info@saltwaterfarmvineyard.com.

Saltwater Farm Vineyard was voted the #10 wedding venue in Connecticut by the experts.


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349 Elm St Stonington, Connecticut 06378
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renee platt
Recently we rented your facility for my daughters wedding. We primarily picked the Saltwater Farm Vineyard due to it proximity to the water and the modern design and space of the structure, (Building was an old airplane hanger). What really attracted my daughter was the open area down by the water, (which was a heathy walk through the vineyard), that could be used for the ceremony. This area was shown to us by Merrily Connery, (Owner of the facility) and this area was promoted as an area that people have used for ceremonies in the past. Merrily informed us they have a platform that they bring to that area for the bride and groom to get married on, (so that it is a flat area for them, the Minister and the Arbor to be on). During the rest of the "tour" of the facility Merrily seemed very care free and open to all of out thoughts regarding the facility and what we could do and where. We even had a conversation about the distance you had to walk though the vineyard to get to the ceremony and how we had two (2) elderly people who would find the walk extremely difficult. Merrily said they had a golf cart we could use to transport anyone who needed help getting to the ceremony. She even brought us to see the golf cart they had stored in the garage. The cart was beat up. My husband has a golf cart at our home. He even spoke to her about using it. Merrily did not have any concerns about that. We were also brought to a private bridal suite upstairs. The private bridal suite offered a small kitchen area, shower, common area and deck overlooking the vineyard. This was a great attraction to my daughter. A private area for us all to get ready, since the wedding party were all from different states and were staying at area hotels. We went home that night and decided it was a perfect place for our daughters wedding. We ended up using a "Farm to table" catering company that was recommended by Merrily and was told they are used frequently for wedding events at the Saltwater Farm Vineyard. They were extreemly professional and also provided a wedding co-ordinater that took care of the wedding set-up, (putting out flowers, making signs up, hanging decorations and walking the bride though the wedding timeline prior to and on the day of the wedding). A few months prior to the wedding we were going over all the details with the wedding coordinator when she began informing us that Merrily was trying to discourage us having the ceremony near the water. She would not let us put small stakes in the ground to hold lanterns, would not provide/rent/or let my husband bring our personal golf cart to assist the grandmothers of the bride getting to the ceremony location by the water. An e-mail was sent Merrily to remind her about the tour we had with her and her "selling" the waterfront ceremony area and the use of a golf cart to help elderly guests attend the wedding. She maintained her new "Rules" and the reason cited was that the grass & water sprinklers would be damaged? We were told that we could bring our golf cart and use it in the parking lot only but not on the grass or to go to the ceremony location. Weird! Of course what could we do but threaten to cancel a wedding 4 weeks before. NOT! We quickly felt like a hostage. The wedding day came and we were all excited! We arrived around 12 noon for a 4pm wedding. The girls moved all their stuff into the bridal suite and my husband brought all the decorations and center pieces to the storage room at the Vineyard. Unfortunately, the storage room was full of stuff from the previous nights wedding. After locating someone with the vineyard the items were removed so our decorations/stuff could be moved in. The bridal party was having a great time getting changed, doing hair and makeup, ect. when Merrily entered the area with prospective customers, giving a tour of the bridal suite. Can you believe that! Not one (1) time but two (2) times! How rude! Where was the privacy that we rented for over $8,000.00. I did not make a "big deal" at the time because I did not want to upset my daughter. We continued to get ready despite the lack of privacy. Now remember, I had been at the vineyard since 12pm but just before 4pm, (start of wedding) Merrily approached me in the Bridal Suite and asked for my Credit Card so that she could charge the one (1) case of wine that you are required to buy after you rent the facility. Ha ha ha !! Ridiculous but standard for most vineyards in this area. This was tacky and extremely unprofessional! Now it was time for my daughter and I walk down the vineyard path to the ceremony. As we walked we noticed all the ruts that were in the grass from the vehicles that service the vineyards. We both chucked & commented to each other about Merrily not allowing the use of a golf cart, (because the grass would be damaged). When we arrived at the ceremony site I noticed the Arbor was on the grass with the Groom and his wedding party. Where was the platform that was promised by Merrily? Did she forget? Or purposely not put it out since she had been discouraging us from having the ceremony near the water. Not much we could do at the moment. And thank God the caterers felt bad for the grandmothers of the Bride who were unable to walk to the ceremony. They gave both a ride, (one at a time) in a cargo van to the ceremony location. I hope the grass was not damaged by the van! Ha ha ha!! The rest of the wedding went well and my daughter was very happy! A few weeks later we e-mailed Merrily and asked her for the invoice of the one (1) case of assorted wine, (since she never gave us a receipt). The next day we received a e-mail with a receipt for for the wine. We were charged $641,82 for two (2) cases of wine. Eleven (11) bottles were $38.00 each. Unfortunately, the invoice was not accurate. I had asked for one (1) case of assorted wine. That case of wine I wanted to be used for the wine tasting that was offered during the cocktail hour. This was to help promote the vineyards wine. OMG! Were we fooled by them! Please use this experience when you make a decision regarding renting the Saltwater Farm Vineyard. They say one thing and do another. It is not a professionally run facility. Beware!
Saltwaterfarm Vineyard has 2 out of 5 stars based on 1 user reviews.