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The Persnickety Bride

The Persnickety Bride Connecticut

The Persnickety Bride specializes in Bridal gowns, Stationery and customized decor and gifts. We carry Bridal gowns by Atelier Pronovias, Paloma Blanca, Justin Alexander Signature, Lea-Ann Belter, Justin Alexander, Lillian West, and several other specialty designers.

We strive to go above and beyond for all our brides’ needs in hopes that she will find the perfect gown to walk down the aisle in. Our exquisite dresses come in a variety of styles, sizes (petite to plus) materials, and embellishments to help you find your gorgeous wedding look.

We also create all types of custom stationery, custom favors, party accessories, gifts and carry jewelry, headpieces, veils, and more!  We work to make sure your wedding day is all about you and your loved ones. Let us be your one stop shop for all your bridal needs!

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224 South Main Street Upper Level, Unit F Newtown, CT. 06470
203 426-2598
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It was my first time shopping for my wedding dress, so I really only expected to figure out what style I liked best. However, by the fifth dress it was obvious I had found the one – a beautifully romantic Justin Alexander fit and flare from the Persnickety Bride. My mom and future mother-in-law spotted it in the store, but Denise knew it was out of my initial price range. I really appreciated her transparency and was grateful that she didn’t pressure me to try it on, but to appease the moms, I agreed to do so anyways. Of course, it was perfect and not like anything I thought I would’ve picked for myself. Both moms were in tears when I came out of the dressing room – it was a bonding moment, topped off with some bubbly. I recently picked up my dress and am amazed as to how perfectly it fits! Denise did an impeccable job with taking the measurements and because of that, I need very minimal adjustments. She and her staff were so wonderful with us and Denise’s enthusiastic personality made the entire experience painless and so enjoyable. I especially love her non-salesy approach – there’s enough pressure to go around when it comes to planning a wedding, so not having the added stress of a pushy salesperson is all I could have hoped for. I cannot wait to wear my dress in December!
I couldn't be happier with my experience at the Persnickety Bride. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by the wonderful, bubbly owner - Denise. She was excited to know about me and was so welcoming to my mom and sister. Denise worked hard to listen to what I wanted, and gauge my reaction to dresses to help me find the perfect dress. With Denise's help, the experience was fun, exciting, and not the least bit stressful! Plus, we celebrated with some champagne once I said yes to the gown! I had visited several other dress shops and nothing compared to the Persnickety Bride. In addition to the amazing experience, the shop itself is gorgeous. It is beautifully lit, clean, and well decorated. There is a comfortable sitting area for your helpers and most importantly an outstanding selection of beautiful gowns. I cannot say enough about the Persnickety Bride and the amazing Denise!
Maxine Gonzalez
I had an amazing experience at the Persnickety Bride! Denise was amazing! She made my whole family feel comfortable and happy ! Her salon is decorated so beautifully. If your looking for a special intimate experience, this is definitely the place to go !
Caitlyn F
I initially contacted the Persnickety Bride because I was looking for a specific dress, even though they didn’t have it in stock, Denise (the owner) went above and beyond to get a sample of the dress for me to try on. She was the ONLY bridal salon (within a 3 hour radius of Boston!!!!!!) that offered to try and track the dress down. Because of this I decided that if this wasn’t my dream dress I would still make sure to purchase my dress from her because she deserves my business. “My dress” wasn’t the dress for me but Denise was more than helpful in trying to find one that worked. Her cheerful attitude and humor totally won my family and I over and we purchased a different gown (my dream gown) that day. So all in all, the Persnickety Bride hasn’t been in the dress business for long but with how they run things I can only imagine their great successes in the long run! Thanks so much Persnickety Bride and I can’t wait to see you guys again when my dress comes in!
Emily A
Denise was absolutely amazing, and her staff was so attentive and helpful! They made picking out a dress easy, fun and enjoyable. They treated myself and my family absolutely wonderful and made the process so personal. I really felt like the most important part of their day, and have no hesitation referring any other brides to them. You can’t go wrong! So happy I found them and got my wedding dress from them. Thank you Denise and girls!!
I purchased my dress, veil, jewelry and invitations at The Persnickety Bride. I can not recommend them highly enough. The staff made me feel so comfortable trying on dresses and did not pressure me in any way. They really cared about what I liked and didn’t like in each dress and fine tuned it until we found the perfect one. You just can’t beat the service and atmosphere of a boutique salon like The Persnickety Bride. It’s high class all the way! You definitely do not feel like you're in a factory here. In fact, you feel like you are the only client they have! They take personal attention to a whole new level. The day you pick your wedding dress should matter and at the Persnickety Bride, it does. They made it a day and memory I will never forget. They also have wonderful follow through. I have been kept abreast regularly of the timing of when my dress and invitations will arrive. They could teach a class in good communication. If I could give them 6 stars, I would!
Oh my God! This Bridal Shop is the best! This is going to be my second marriage. I have traveled so many different places and have came across many different people in my life so far and Denise and her coworkers including her adorable daughters are absolutely amazing! They were extremely attentative, gave me the care and love that I needed, and was completely honest with me. Denise also did not try to go over my budget or sell me a dress that I was not interested in. She listened to me and gave me everything that I asked for without judgement and only coming from a place of love. You can tell that this is her passion not just a place where she wats to make money. I highly suggest this place for your Bridal needs. On top of the love coming from them this Bridal Boutique is beautiful. They have a great assortment of different gowns as well as invitations, save-the-dates, accessories, etc. Highly recommend The Persnickety Bridal boutique!!!! Xo
I wish I could give more stars! Denise is absolutely amazing and I could not have found my wedding dress without her. The dress selection in her store is amazing and she is constantly getting new styles in all the time. She gets genuinely excited about all things wedding and goes out of her way to make you feel so special. I am thrilled that I found this place!
WORK WITH DENISE AND PERSNICKETY BRIDE! Denise has gone MORE THAN ABOVE AND BEYOND what I could have expected in multiple areas! In less than two months from meeting Denise and Persnickety, my fiancé, future mother-in-law, and I have already had Denise work on wedding invitations, party invitations, personalized products, AND I got my veil and a wonderful barrette from Persnickety, too. I found Persnickety while at one of those bridal expos. Before that, I was having the hardest time finding someone to make beautiful invitations for mine and my finance's wedding. Everyone told me that "nobody makes invitations in person anymore because everything is done online." Well, I wasn't happy about this because whenever I tried to make my invitations online, I either had to adjust the wording/format that I wanted to have a design I liked, or I had to have a design I hated in order to have the wording/format I liked. Therefore, when I saw Persnickety's table at the expo with tons of unique invitations, I was SO RELIEVED! During our first appointment, I could tell immediately that Denise knew her stuff! It did not take her long to help me nail down the kind of paper, colors, fonts, and style that we wanted. While Denise was quick to understand my wants, she took her time to listen and to get to know my fiancé and me. Our first appointment lasted about an hour and a half, and I can honestly say that we got more done in that time than I had in the month before the appointment as I tried to work on invitations on my own. Denise even helped my future mother-in-law design shower invitations. I also purchased my veil and hair clip from the shop. I had no doubts that I'd find a hair accessory since there are so many beautiful options, but I had no idea that I'd find the veil that was perfect for me. I'd had a lot of trouble finding one, but right away Denise and one of her staff members pulled out several veils and helped me find the best one! They scrutinized photos of my dress and made several suggestions, and wouldn't you know, they found something that I love. The one I wanted didn't have a blusher, but Denise had one added to it, and it looks awesome! Oh, and the price was right, too, which was great since I was not looking forward to spending hundreds of dollars on it. We've had about 4 appointments with Denise so far, and between each one, Denise has been excellent when it comes to communicating. If I send her an email, she responds quickly. When there was something my future mother-in-law needed edited with her shower invitations, Denise took the time to sit down with her and figure it all out. Going to appointments is fun, not stressful, and Denise makes you feel like an old family friend. She legitimately cares about her clients and her work that she does for them all. It helps that she's a perfectionist; if you work with her, there's NO WAY that you'd get lazy, low quality products. Denise takes the time and puts in the extra effort to make sure that everything is perfect, and if you aren't exceptionally happy with it, she makes sure to fix it fast. Denise and the staff members at Persnickety are wonderful. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who needs wedding attire and/or any kind of printed materials for a wedding or any other event. If I could give Denise and Persnickety 10 stars, I would. I'm so glad I found Denise and Persnickety at that bridal expo; I only wish I would have found her sooner!
The Persnickety Bride has 5 out of 5 stars based on 9 user reviews.