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The Maritime Aquarium

The Maritime Aquarium Connecticut

Say your once-in-a-lifetime vows against an oasis of open ocean exhibits & magnificent marine life. Guests will mingle & enjoy wondrous floor-to-ceiling live views of amazing aquarium displays. Then, be prepared to dine & dance in the newly renovated, colorfully redesigned Newman’s Own Hall, with its expanded, open floor plan, accommodating 225 seated. Visit our website or call/email for more information!

Our seafood selections are caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways. The Maritime Aquarium proudly supports the Seafood Watch Program, which reminds you that seafood can be sustainable if it is harvested without having a negative impact on the species or ecosystem.


What the experts had to say about weddings at the Maritime Aquarium:

For a wedding that is completely different, I love The Maritime Aquarium as the venue. Guests get full access to the Aquarium during the cocktail hour, and the touch tank is open during the wedding reception…what’s not to love?  Misty Enright – Misty Enright Photography

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10 Water Street Norwalk, CT

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I was a little hesitant booking a wedding here with so few reviews out there, but we're so glad we did. It was beautiful. Everyone commented on how unique the venue was, and how well everything was done. Jackie was our original contact and she was top notch. I was worried when I heard she left, but we were in great hands with Lorraine. They are so organized and helped bring my vision to life with all our details. The cocktail hour winds through the halls with the turtles and sharks, while the reception is in the larger Newman's Own room. Like the previous reviewer said, the photos online are of the older space. The room has been renovated and looks really nice in person. The food during cocktail hour was so good - we got lots of compliments there. There were plenty of waiters walking around with food so that wasn't an issue. Dinner was good for the most part. People raved about the filet - it was such a thick cut and perfectly cooked (medium rare). Unfortunately, the fish was overcooked which is disappointing because it was phenomenal at the tasting. One of the only other things to go wrong was the dessert parade. They made it sound like there'd be tons of waiters out with trays and trays of desserts but I didn't see many and I only had one waiter ask if I wanted anything. I also regret booking the bridal attendant because she disappeared the last 1.5 hours which explains why she never brought our dessert tray. Oh well. At least I had my wedding cake. Overall though, I recommend the Maritime Aquarium. Everyone loved the sharks and seals, and just everything. Bar service was great and the bartenders were funny. They also let the bridal party arrive an hour before cocktail hour so we could take some pictures inside. The setup for the reception was just beautiful. I'm really happy we had our reception here!
The Maritime Aquarium has 5 out of 5 stars based on 1 user reviews.