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Ida's Bridal Shop Connecticut

Welcome to Ida’s Bridal. We are a full service Bridal Shop with everything you need for the entire wedding party. We are conveniently located in downtown Torrington, Connecticut. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

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98 Main Street Torrington, CT 06790

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Kelly Orr
Ida is the only person I wanted to buy my wedding dress from. I have felt with her for prom, bridesmaids dresses and alterations. She is rough around the edges. She will tell you you don't look good in a dress. She will tell you you have a bigger butt, or lovehandles. Only because she truly know what will flatter you, and make you look the best. If you can handle the truth go somewhere else. My bridesmaids all picked dresses, tried them on. Not the one. Ida picked one dress before we started. I tried it on last, and it was the one. She is really good at what she does. I felt my dress was appropriately priced. Her alterations work it seamless, and she will always get it done, no matter what it takes.
I went to IDA's because it was highly recommended by a friend ("she will make good suggestions to lead you to a good dress). IDA was watering her plants when we got there even though we had a appointment. I told her roughly what I was looking for but was open to trying on her recommendations. I had to agree one she picked looked gorgeous on me but it was way fancier and more expensive than what I was looking for. The floor was a mess and she had to move things on the couch to have a space for my mom to sit. She didn't really have what I was looking for - which is fine but she was verbally insulting to me and my mom. I was shocked. I am going to pay you big money and this is how you treat me. Needless to say I did not buy there. I found the dress of my dreams at David's.
Auntie Kay
I would not recommend this shop! We dropped by on a Saturday mid afternoon. We were waited on promptly (because there was no one else in the store) by the owner. Who seemed knowledgeable and to have an eye for what the bride would look good in. We were very excited and found "The" Dress right away. We asked the price and it was on the low end of our budget. Or so we thought. She quoted us one price when we tried it on and as soon as she knew the bride had to have that one dress wrote the sales slip for more!!! We had written down original quote in our planner and we pointed this out to the owner. She denied it. So we haggled a bit and decided to take the dress any way.
My mother, sister and I went to Ida's for mother-of-the-bride and bridesmaid dresses. She had a nice selection and was very helpful in having us pick out the dresses. She was also very polite. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the other posters that it is very strange that there are no prices on any of the dresses. After we got home, we looked up the bridesmaid dress online and found out that Ida was charging $100 more for the same dress we had bought in her store. We were so upset!!! The shoes that I bought were also $20 more from Ida than online. My suggestion: try on the dresses there then buy online. Finally, Ida miscalculated the tax on my mother's dress (which in light of everything else that happened now seems suspicious in retrospect).
I did not have a good experience with Ida at all. My entire bridal party got their dresses and tux’s' from Ida’s. She did not order the tux’s until the Monday before the wedding! Then there was a problem with both my father and father in law's tux’s (the vests did not fit) and one of our grooms men ended up with pants 5 sizes too big. Needless to say the short time between the arrival of the tux’s and the wedding was very stressful, especially with all the problems that seemed to be happening. My bridesmaid's all got their dresses in a timely manner but alterations seemed rushed and poor quality. One of my girls had spaghetti straps added to her dress and they were sewn on in a very poor manner, i had to even fix one on the day of the wedding 10 minutes before the ceremony. I purchased my dress from another retailer before i found Ida, and bought it off the rack because it fit perfectly. I had gained weight in the 7 months since I bought the dress and it had to be let out, and hemmed. Ida told me originally a very low price for the alterations when I explained what i needed done. Then after the alterations were complete the price sky-rocketed to $250! What could I do but pay; i needed my dress for the wedding. Like previous posts, i noticed there were no prices on most of the dresses. I believe she makes them up on the spot. I would never go back there and i would never recommend anyone to go there. If you want to buy a dress and she is the only one who has it, buy it and take it somewhere else to get the alterations done. Extremely overpriced, and in my opinion, poor quality. I am extremely unhappy with my experience here.
I tried on wedding dresses at Ida's, and I wasn't impressed. She had a large selection; however all the dresses were hidden away so she picked them for me, without even asking what kind of dress I liked. After trying on a few dresses, I could tell Ida was getting annoyed that I didn't like them. When I tried on one that she had designed herself that looked good on me (not THE one though), she became pushy in trying to sell it to me. I felt that the price of the dress (no price tags on any dresses by the way...read previous posts to see how prices are 'calculated') was way too much for the design and quality. The store was not very welcoming or accommodating. They have a decent selection of bridesmaid dresses, but they are very pricy (a bridesmaid dress I like was going for $35 more than three other shops I saw it at). I just wasn't impressed with Ida or her store, and find it sketchy that nothing is priced.
I do not recommend this bridal shop. After reading some of these reports on Ida's (both positive and negative) I decided to find out for myself what Ida's is all about. I called and made an appointment for 11am on a weekday. When my mother and I got there, Ida (owner of shop) was nowhere to be seen and someone with screaming kids was trying to help us. Ida finally showed up half hour later. I was not very impressed. I had to go through the gowns on the rack, and yes, there were no prices on the gowns. I tried on the first dress and before my mother asked how much it was, Ida had asked me and my mother what we did for a living, basically sizing us up. She quoted a price on a dress that was $600 more than the same dress in a bridal shop in Farmington, Connecticut. After we left I told my mother about the dresses not having prices, she was outraged and said we were not doing business at Ida's. So, I don't recommend Ida's, unless maybe you go in there looking like a slob and tell her your unemployed!! She also said that she charges $350 for alterations, no matter what you have done, if you do not buy the dress from her.
Ida's commitment to her customers far surpasses any service person I have ever come across. Her prices are higher than a chain store, because you aren't just buying a dress, you are paying for a guarantee that the dress will fit perfectly. Also, you will get honest answers on fit and style, and if it doesn't look good, she won't let you walk out of her store and embarrass yourself. The night before my wedding - I came to pick up my wedding dress - One week after the final fitting - and she had my try it on only to find that I had lost more weight in the last week. So at 9:00 pm the night before my wedding, Ida took apart the dress and re-sized it so it fit perfectly. You wouldn't get that level of service and commitment anywhere.
Would never buy a thing there again!! Problem being, there are NO prices on any gown. She chooses a price based on how you look, what your ring size is, etc. How could you possibly know what ALL those gowns cost off the top of your head??!! Told one price, by the time we were done, the price was double. Quality of items NOT good.
Ida’s Bridal Shop has 2.1 out of 5 stars based on 9 user reviews.