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Carriage House Events and Catering Connecticut

Carriage House Events and Catering has presented world class catering and event planning to our clientele for over a decade. Our highly trained staff has been creating culinary excellence that has entertained guests and excites their senses. Carriage House Events and Catering’s fundamental goal is to develop a “spirit of excitement” with the willingness to be flexible to all your specific requests.

We have built an impeccable reputation on our superb cuisine, visionary presentation, imaginative menus and our meticulously trained staff.

Carriage House Events and Catering has designed a spectacular variety of galas; from an intimate dinner to formal wedding receptions, to celebrity-filled fund raising benefits, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Our staff will make your event a priceless memory.

CHEC has all the palate-pleasing ingredients to help you celebrate in style, and we will cater your affair with flawless attention to detail. The next time you’re planning an event, call Carriage House Events and Catering, and experience the unique talents our organization has to offer.

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Danielle Quilligan
We just had a very uncomfortable and frankly disgusting incident with Chris from Carriage House Catering. We came to their tasting event today to finalize our wedding menu. We were early coming from Stamford. We arrived and they had tent seating and indoor seating. Brett asked if we could sit indoors since I'm recovering from a hospital stay. Chris said no we had to sit in the tent. When Brett asked if there really was no table inside Chris screamed at Brett that he was cancelling our wedding and we could just leave because he wasn't going to have his $30,000 event ruined over us wanting a table. Brett tried several times to talk to Chris and he just kept screaming at us. When I asked if we could get a check of our deposit before leaving Chris yelled again that he was going to call Waveny because his is very good friends with them and have our wedding venue and everything else canceled too. I can't even express my disappointment and shock at how Chris behaved.
Courina and Tim
We had to do three wedding receptions for ours, so we've had ample experience dealing with all types of vendors from various locations. Here's the breakdown: our wedding went well- the support staff were great and administered the day well, the food was overall delicious, their deadlines were flexible, they executed the setup and breakdown well, and they were responsive. This is a well-oiled team with the exception of one thing: the unhinged, unprofessional owner who was the primary person we unfortunately had to deal with throughout the planning process. Granted we had a lot of back and forth over email, and my husband corrected Chris when he cut an extra half an hour from our ceremony and reception (took away half of the venue's allotted 7 hours for prep) via a curt email response because he was busy. Chris called my husband screaming and using a string of profanities and insults, then threatened to keep our money and not show up for our wedding, telling us we can "sue him for it", a week away from the wedding. Saying that he overreacted and was unprofessional is an understatement. As a stressed out bride, this was the last thing I needed a week away from the wedding, and I had to undertake the task of coddling him like the bridezilla he was so he would perform under the terms of his contract. He made it all about him, and frightened us in the process. This owner is the absolute worse vendor we have ever dealt with, and I plan events regularly in my line of work. Do not support his business. No client should ever be treated and verbally abused that way, especially in the wedding industry.
Amy & Dan
Amy and I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for the amazing job all of you did last weekend on Saturday September 28th. Not only did you help us, but you constantly went out of your way on numerous occasions to make sure everything went smoothly and as perfect as it could possibly be. The food was amazing and every guest was excited about the variety of the menu. Again, thank you so much for all you've done for us and we hope to talk with you soon!
I wanted to thank you and your staff for our day this past Saturday. I really appreciate how well things went considering how late we showed up, we were missing an important person for the church ceremony. I'm sure that messed up your timing! I have to say it was quite shocking seeing that other bridal party and you handled it well, it was very uncalled for and not sure how they really got in. I was really glad for that room upstairs and your staff to give me some time to cool off. But anyway, everything tasted really good and your staff was super attentive especially with my bustle falling apart a couple of times. They were all super sweet and accommodating! The DJ was awesome and I was happy I didn't have to tell him exactly what to play and he felt it out. Nobody had anything bad to say and you give great advice, always on top of things and leaving me not to worry. Many people were impressed the food came out hot (not under heat lamps like most facilities). I can for sure say that no one else can do this better than you. I lost my purse a dozen times and every time it was put back on the sweetheart table. I think everyone was extremely happy and to be part of our day, I greatly appreciate all the vendors you suggested and thanks again.
We just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to shoot you a quick email (prior to the official cards being sent) to thank you and your team for helping to create a beautiful wedding last weekend! We were thrilled with the service, timeliness and professional demeanor of your staff, not to mention that our guests were very pleased with the food. We can honestly say that due to CHC's attentiveness to the food, our guests, and the finer details, our event went off as smoothly as we could have hoped for!
Ryan and I cannot thank you enough for catering and helping us to plan our wedding day! You truly made it the wedding of our dreams and then some. Everything from the appetizers to the cake cutting was perfect! You and your staff thought of everything! Someone once told me that the details are what make a wedding special. After our wedding, I couldn’t agree more. You should add “Wedding Planner” to “Carriage House Events and Catering” because you are a true master at planning every little detail. Meeting you at Tarrywile the day before and at the rental place as we were planning helped to relieve so much stress. Ryan was so excited about his personalized salad that he made a point to sit down and eat the entire plate. Actually Ryan and I both took the time to sit down and eat. Putting us at a sweetheart table in the conservatory was pure genius! I didn’t even bother to order chicken on our honeymoon because I knew it wouldn’t compare to yours. Even the butter in the shape of roses was extraordinary and tasted extra special. Just when I thought it couldn’t be any better, I saw the tray of chocolate covered strawberries. I don’t know how you knew, but they are a favorite of mine. I wish you could have seen my face when Sheri told me you added them in as a surprise for us; I was smiling ear to ear…and they tasted so good!  Sheri and your staff made sure everything ran smoothly, even when Ryan’s grandmother had a seizure. They are true professionals and have clearly been hand picked by you! Ali made sure that I always had a glass of iced tea. Matter of fact, Ryan and I didn’t need to go to the bar once as we were always taken care of. Our guests also commented several times about how nice and accommodating your staff was, not to mention that they are still raving about the food! The staff at Tarrywile at the end of the night even came up to thank us for using Carriage House. After our wedding everything was packed away, cleaned up, and left in excellent condition. When Ryan and I started to plan for our wedding, we never thought we would be able to have a wedding as nice as ours was. You made dreams come true despite our budget and slight time crunch. It is hard to believe after planning our wedding for a year that we didn’t even book our event with you until about 4 months before our wedding day. I guess you could say that third time is a charm after going through two other caterers prior to you. You are truly a diamond in the rough. Other caterers promise the world and turned out to be far less than professional. My advice for anyone from now on is to go with someone who caters for a living and go with Carriage House as you guys are hands down the best in the business! I hope someone will read this and learn from my mistakes. Using Carriage House will save any future bride and groom so much time with far less stress than going with another caterer. We both highly recommend Carriage House Catering for any event. I have already told my sister to have you cater her wedding when the time comes. We both can’t wait to taste your food again! I hope she gets engaged and married soon! Until then, we wish you the best. Even though I have tried, I feel as though words cannot express how thankful we are to you and your staff. You were an answer to a prayer!
Let’s see, how do we begin to praise you without inflating your ego so much that you float off before being able to finish reading this. The most direct way is give you a big THANK YOU and a virtual hug for making the day amazing for us. As you found out, we were not the typical wedding couple micromanaging every aspect of the event from day one through the wedding itself. We are pretty sure you wished we were more hands on at times but our laid back attitude was the direct result of the confidence we had in your abilities and talents from the first moment we met you. From Day One we knew we could put our total trust in you and your recommendations. So much so that we hired vendors with whom you had worked in the past knowing that such a symbiotic relationship would guarantee the wedding would be flawless. Your recommendations for dj, desserts, liquor and equipment rentals were spot on. Naturally the venue of Tarrywile Mansion was great on a fall Sunday afternoon and your crew transformed the space into a wonderfully complementary setting befitting of the fall foliage on display outside. The food was delicious and your suggestions were perfect for our guests. Your staff was cordial and very well “choreographed” to handle every aspect of the day seamlessly, to the point where it almost seemed that they either blended in or were guests because they somehow were everywhere at all times attending to all needs. They were a very professional, attentive and talented crew who knew their assignments and executed them with a refined precision. And a special shout out goes to Sherri, the “den mother” of the day. Take a positive “can do” attitude and wrap it in a never ending smile and you have Sherri. Her attention to detail, even the most minute, was incredible and she had an ability to just sense when something might be needed. For example, I do not drink but do enjoy a nice cold Diet Pepsi (friends don’t let friends drink Coke……..) and after the ceremony and being moved around for photos and hellos we went upstairs for a moment and Sherri just walked in the Bride’s Room, handed me a glass of Diet Pepsi, all while complimenting the girls on how they looked. Somehow she just knew at that moment a simple glass of soda was what I was going to look for but she already had it for me. Yes, it was just a little thing but it was part of what made Sherri special and exemplified how she was able to manage the event with impeccable skill and grace. We both have been married before and we plan on this being our last marriage and it is almost a shame that we cannot get married again because you and your crew made the wedding so incredibly wonderful. From that first meeting in Tarrywile to the last dance after the wedding, the communication, preparation, attention to detail and consummate professionalism that Carriage House demonstrated throughout made it feel like our wedding was being catered by family. Thank you Chris, thank you Sherri and thank you to all of your crew for making our wedding day nothing less than simply perfect.
Yetzalee & Paul
My husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A worry never came to mind, everything was handled before we could even think about it. The event was as smooth as silk. You’re whole team worked collectively and in sync to make sure nothing was out of place. The food was absolutely delicious and presentation was A+, the favorite dish was the mushroom purse pasta. Thank you so much for your professionalism, expertise and attention to detail. Chris, we are beyond thrilled that we chose Carriage House Catering, in the weeks leading up to the event you were excellent managing my nerves and responding to any questions very promptly. You truly are top notch in the catering business. Thank you. We will keep you top of mind for any future events.
We want to thank you for making our wedding so beautiful. Lara and I both look back on the day and would not have changed a minute. The room looked beautiful and was set up perfectly. Your staff was outstanding and kept the flow moving really well. Sheri was fantastic and was always attending to us and our families. The food was outstanding - compliments to the Chef's. And you were great in creating the full package.
My husband and I can't thank you enough for the amazing job that everyone did at our wedding. We were so impressed at the level of professionalism from all of your staff and how smoothly everything went throughout the night. All our guests raved about how great all the food was and the service that they received. My husband and I were able to sit back and enjoy ourselves completely knowing that everything was taken care of by you and your team and enjoyed every minute of the night. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Everything from getting ready and having people checking in to orchestrating the wedding ceremony to walking us through the evening with ease. A special thank you to Sherri for everything. She was incredibly helpful, hard working and ensured that everything went perfectly! We are so thankful to all of you for sharing such an amazing beautiful day with us and recommend your services to everyone in the future! Thank you again for everything. We appreciate all the work that went into putting together such an amazing evening.
Chris, you were there for Peter and I from the minute we decided to have the wedding in Connecticut until the minute the wedding was over one year later! You, and your team, provided so much support and guidance throughout the planning of the wedding and helped to make everything went as smoothly, and happily, as possible. You were so understanding of our needs, willing to work with us on every aspect, and supportive from beginning to end! And our wedding was absolutely magical—it was a truly perfect day that friends and family will talk about for years to come! And SO much of that is attributed to all of you who helped that day. My personal “team” while we were getting ready for the ceremony was outstanding. They were two of the kindest people and were so attentive to all of our needs. They made us feel so comfortable and at ease and like we didn’t have to worry about anything all day. The food at the reception was amazing—so many of our guests told us that it was some of the best food they’ve had at a wedding. Chris and his team thought of every detail, down to the firewood, drinks, and pizza at the “after-after party,” as well as creating an incredible brunch for us the next day! Every time I would think of something, I would reach out to Chris and his team and they were already one step ahead of me! Planning a wedding is not easy, but we felt absolutely calm and at ease throughout the entire process and that is all because of Chris and his team. It was obvious how much time and effort you all put into making sure we had the most beautiful wedding ever. We are so thankful for all you did for us and will recommend your services to other couples in the future!
Executing a two day wedding with over 150 people from two completely different cultures, a good portion of the people from overseas, and tons of homemade decorations, on a farm during a rainy April weekend in the flawless way that you all did is not something that may companies could match. We are still getting compliments from guests on how much they enjoyed the wedding. The food was amazing. Many of the guests said that it was the best food that they had ever had at a wedding. For both the rehearsal dinner and on Saturday night, we had a lot of compliments as to how delicious everything was-- so hats off to your chefs! Another thing that was exceptional about the wedding was the attention paid to detail. Everything looked so beautiful. Chris (my husband) and I also especially enjoyed the attention that everyone on your staff paid to the guests and the one-on-one attention that we received. Thanks to the captain assigned to us, I had a drink in my hand and food all night as well as help coordinating my friends and working with the DJ. Finally, I really appreciate the hours that you put into planning the wedding even before the month leading up to the day. We had a long engagement, but you were always accessible throughout the entire process -- which is something that, for me, made all the difference. So thank you again for everything, it was better than I could have imagined and please tell everyone how much we enjoyed the weekend.
Carriage House Events and Catering has 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 12 user reviews.