How to Create a Wedding to Remember - Here Comes the Guide

Not so long ago someone asked me how many weddings I’ve been to, and you know what? I’ve lost count.  At some point, I started feeling like the guys from Wedding Crashers, except I was actually invited. The weekend after weekend I got my makeup done, my hair styled, put on my fancy dress and stood in line to congratulate the happy couple. When a year ago it was finally my time to say ‘I do’, I looked back on all those receptions and realized they all had one thing in common – I couldn’t remember a thing about them. I know there was a bride wearing white, I know there was some kind of cake and that was pretty much it. So, when I had to plan my own fabulous wedding I decided I wouldn’t allow it to blend in with all the others and instead I would make that day as memorable as possible. If you are anything like me and you want to create the best memory for your guests, here are several ideas you can use to spice up your special day.

It’s a nice day for…white wedding?

Who says you have to wear a white wedding dress? I always loved that 50’s red carpet look so I went with a champagne-colored one, but if you want, you can always take it one step further. I think I’ve seen the movie ‘About Time’ a thousand times, and I always loved the red dress the bride was wearing. Do you know the one? If you have a favorite color, why not wear it on your special day? You can even experiment with your bridal jewelry and opt for something a little different. There are so many options, take a look and experiment until you find your perfect bridal accessories.

A guest book doesn’t have to be a book

Yes, a guest book can be a beautiful keepsake from your wedding, but it really doesn’t have to come in the form of a book. For example, for my wedding, I made a small tree out of branches so the wedding guests could write their wishes on a customized paper (personalized with my husband’s and my initials) and hang it up on the tree. This ‘guest book’ is still sitting on my dining room table and every now and then I read those cards and remember our special day. You can also create a puzzle of your photo and let guests sign each piece. Just think outside the box and I’m sure you will come up with an original idea. The best thing about these customized guest books is that they really don’t have to cost a thing and yet they will make your wedding a little bit more special.

(Don’t) strike a pose

Do you really want to open your photo album in ten years and see hundreds of photos of you and your husband standing there like statues while every single guest takes a picture with you? Oh, come on, no matter how much you’ve practiced your smile in front of a mirror, eventually your face will start to hurt. In an interview with a wedding photographer, Tomasz Kornas said that the best pictures are those that are not staged and I couldn’t agree more. Your Mom with tears in her eyes, your husband’s face the first time he saw you in your gorgeous dress, your best friend twerking on the dance floor – those are the moments that count and that will put a smile on your face for years to come. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous.

Cake or no cake

Every bride spends months trying out different cakes and checking out all the trends. Maybe this will burst your bubble, but really no one cares about the wedding cake except you. Don’t believe me? Just try to remember the last wedding you’ve been to and how the cake looked. You can’t, right? If you want to make this part of your wedding more memorable, why not go in a different direction and opt for a chocolate fountain instead? Or you can build a cake-like tower from mini muffins. Don’t be afraid to experiment, you cannot go wrong.

Whether you decide to stick to the tradition or listen to Sinatra and do it your way, the only thing that matters is that you have fun. Your wedding day is not about the cake or the flowers or your dress (yes, I said it!), it is about celebrating love and sharing that special moment in your life with all the people you care about.  Nothing else really matters.

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