Guide to Purchasing Sentimental Gifts For Your Groomsmen

No doubt, your groomsmen and best man are your closest friends who have been there for you through every season. Now they are committed to standing with you on the biggest day of your life, your wedding day! From pricey tux rentals to throwing the ultimate bachelor’s party they’ve all helped make your wedding so more special. Consider showing your appreciation and love with groovy groomsmen gifts. 

Need some help picking out the perfect groomsmen gift? Check out this simple guide for shopping for heartfelt gifts for your groomsmen.

Groomsmen Gifts Budget

Since you’ve already got a large sum of money invested in your wedding you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank for your groomsmen gifts. Most grooms spend approximately $40-$75 on each groomsmen gift or 10% of what their groomsmen have spent participating in their wedding. Ultimately how much you spend depends on what you can afford. Keep in mind, that it’s not about how much money you spend but the sentimental value that the gift offers.

Meaningful Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Yes, there are a plethora of fun groomsmen gifts that go against the grain but it’s important to select something that will pull on their heartstrings. From quality crafted custom engraved flasks to personalized sports gears you can buy gifts that are tailored for each of your buds. Consider choosing gifts that appeal to their personality and interests. Personalizing the gift with an initial, name, or a custom message will make it even more memorable and they’ll cherish it forever.

When choosing the right sentimental gift for one of your groomsmen you should consider purchasing something that symbolizes something personal like where you guys first met if you met some of them in college a nice beer mug with an old school picture of the two of you plastered on it. Perhaps you guys share a favorite sports team, in this case, a team jersey would be a great idea.

Who says your gift has to be a physical item? You can organize group outings before your wedding or after your wedding to a casino, sporting event, or a camping excursion. This is the perfect opportunity to create amazing memories that all of you will cherish forever.

Make It A Photo Worthy Moment

If you’re considering giving your guys similar gifts why not make it a photo-worthy moment? For example, if you’re buying everyone customized golf club sets you can make it a photo op moment by setting up a photoshoot on the golf course. 

J&J Studios one of the top wedding photography studios in Philadelphia has produced several creative visuals of grooms and their groomsmen. A cool photoshoot with all the guys is a great experience to give your buddies. 

Make sure you hire a skilled photography team that can capture great photos of you and your groomsmen. 

Don’t forget to include a written thank you note with your gifts for an added personal touch. Whether you decide to give your groomsmen their gifts at the bachelor party, the rehearsal dinner, or before the ceremony they’ll be touched by your token of appreciation. 

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