Groovy Groomsmen Gifts Giveaway — Custom Groomsmen Caricatures!

Get ready friends because we have some exciting news to share here at Wedding Reports — a groomsmen caricature from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts! Before we jump into the details, let’s just say that we’ve heard a lot of buzzing about the awesome —and man-approved — groomsmen and groom gifts offered by Groovy Groomsmen Gifts for some time, so we are thrilled that we were able to partner with this for this wedding sweepstakes! So if you looking for something to surprise your best guys with, you’ve definitely come to the right place and the right time! Enter today for your chance to win! Check out the details and terms below!

If you’re a groom and would like a chance to win, you can enter up to 5 times. As a bonus to your chances, you can also pass this contest to your groomsmen (or anybody else that you know who is getting married) and have them submit up to 5 times as well, and you will get an extra entry when they enter.  Make sure you meet the restrictionsand start adding your entries below, we will pick one winner on July 9 and have an awesome group caricature for you shortly after we get all your pictures.  By our expert opinion, there aren’t many groomsmen gifts any cooler.



  • Please only enter for a wedding that has not taken place yet. We will only draw a group caricature for a wedding party that has not had their wedding yet.
  • No more than 13 people in the caricature.
  • You can choose a custom background or a white background.
  • The caricature will take 3 weeks to complete once we have picked a winner.
  • Existing group caricature customer are not allowed to enter

If you are entering our contest or toying around with the idea of getting your groomsmen a group caricature and want to know more about how the process of creating a group groomsmen caricature works, or want to see some examples of the pictures we receive and how the completed caricatures come out, please read on.

After we receive an order, we send you the email below asking for the information we need to create a group groomsmen caricature.

“Thank you for your order of a groomsmen group caricature with a custom background from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.  To get started, we need clear and close up photo of the subjects and we will need to know their eye color and approximate heights.  If you could send over a short description of what you would like the background to be that would be great.  If you have a picture that we can reference for the background that would be even better.  If you would like certain clothing in the drawing we would need photo reference for this too, but if not we can use the layout of the caricature you see up on the website.  Also, for our planning purposes it would help if you could let us know when you need the caricature completed by?  Thank you again for your order and we look forward to having our artist get started on it and seeing the finished product!”

In the caricature example above, we received an email back from the groom (Chris) with these details:

“I am very excited to be working with you on this project.   I think this will turn out to be a wonderful gift.  I have attached head shots of all the groomsmen and myself as well as photo’ of the tux.  The tux is black, it doesn’t really look like it in the photo.  We all will be wearing black shirts, the groomsmen will have a black vest with the purple and black striped tie.  I will have the same tie, with the purple vest.

Groom ——> Chris Gonnoud —– 6’1    Brown Eyes

Groomsman -> Ralph Gonnoud —- 6’0    Brown Eyes

Groomsman -> Dave Gaudioso —- 5’10    Blue Eyes

Groomsman -> Jim Ruehle ——– 5’11    Brown Eyes

Groomsman -> Chuck Yarochowicz – 5-9    Blue Eyes

After creating the first draft of the caricature, we allowed Chris to see it and make any suggestions that he had for changes.  Chris had a few small suggestions to our draft, and at the end of it all the caricature was delivered to him.  Most importantly, we had a happy customer at the end of the process.  This what Chris had to say after the group groomsmen caricature was delivered to him.

“I recently had Groovy Groomsmen Gifts do two caricatures for my upcoming wedding.  They did one with me and my groomsmen and another one of me and my fiancée at the location we got engaged.  They captured each of the people perfectly and were willing to make any minor changes promptly.  I am very excited to give the caricature as a groomsmen gifts on the day prior to my wedding. I highly recommend for a wonderful and original wedding gift!”

Here is another example that shows the pictures we received along with the final group groomsmen caricature.

After we complete a groomsmen caricature we always make sure our customers are happy with the finished art.  The consensus is that everyone loves them and they make one of the best groomsmen gift ideas out there.  Below are just a few of the quotes customers have told us after they receive the  group groomsmen caricature.

“The groomsmen loved the caricature. When they saw them for the first time they were surprised then started dying laughing. They were confused how I was able to do that. It was the perfect groomsmen gift because it is unique and sentimental. I would absolutely recommend this as a gift.” – Mark Grycan – Stow, OH

“Wow! This caricature looks amazing! You definitely captured everyone very well! Thank you very much for all your hard work and being so easy to work with! The guys all look great and this will definitely be an amazing groomsmen gift! Thanks again!” – Kyle Eaton –  Middletown, OH

“All of my groomsmen absolutely loved the caricature. It was the best gift and I made sure to pass along all the information as to where such art could be done. Thanks for helping to make some great memories.” – Chris Wood – Cedar Falls, IA

There is a reason why we have created hundreds of these group caricatures and have had lots of ecstatic customers, they make for one of the best groomsmen gift ideas out there.  If you would like to hook your groomsmen up with a group caricature, be sure to visit this page and put in your order.

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