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When trying to find the perfect birthday or Valentine’s Day gifts for your female fiance, it’s important to put some time and effort into thinking about what will make the best gift. Unlike the kitchen appliances and gift certificates that you’d be getting from friends and family, your fiance gifts to each other must be meaningful and symbolic of why you’re tying the knot in the first place. In short, should be something lasting, personal and from the heart, as well as something each of you, but especially her, will really love.

Your budget will narrow down your choices for your fiances gift, so think about what you can afford. If one of you is already paying for the entire wedding and reception, it may be hard to spend too much on your fiance’s gift. It can be tricky to pick out the perfect present for your one and only while you’re already stressed out about the wedding preparations. To help you out, here are some great gift ideas for her:

Framed photos or portrait. Pictures can be formal, casual or hilarious—it’s your choice—but they have to be meaningful. Look for pictures of you and her before you were engaged and from when you were dating and get them framed and engraved. Portraits are more expensive, but if you can get a good portrait painter it’s well worth the expense.

Something alive. This can be flora or fauna. A puppy or kitten (or exotic animal) is always a hit, but make sure they really want it and are prepared for the responsibilities. If you and her have busy jobs, a plant is easier to care for. Plant their favorite flower/shrub/tree in the garden (or get potted herbs/greenery if you don’t have space). If you’re a green thumb, you can grow an entire garden filled with their favorite flowers or vegetables.


Jewelry. While not original, jewelry is a gift that is sure to be cherished by her for a long time. The man can give his female fiance earrings or a necklace or even a bracelet. Past, present, future necklaces are a great gift that symbolize of your love for each other. He can also give her a gold bracelet from a site like, as gold symbolizes how precious she is to him. To make your presents extra special, have them engraved with your names, a favorite quote or the date of your proposal/wedding. Heirloom jewelry is even better, but make sure you know your partner’s taste.

Sculpture or piece of art. We’re not talking gallery piece here (unless you can afford that), but something personal that only you and your female fiance of you will understand. It can be a hand-carved wooden huppah/canopy that you can get married under, an heirloom love seat or custom floor-to-ceiling photos for your future home.

Photo album or short film. Gather all the photos from when you were babies up to now and select those that are meaningful/funny/memorable to you. Arrange them in a photo album (spend some money on this one) and write a caption or a quote for each picture. In between the pictures, you can write diary-like entries or Tweets you’ve sent to each other. As an alternative, gather home videos from when you were born up to the present day and make a film out of them. You can add pictures, quotes, testimonials from friends, cheesy music, etc. If you want, you can show the film at the wedding reception.

More Fiance Gift Ideas for her. If you can steal some time away from the pre-wedding craziness, throw in a pampering session (mani-pedi, massage, breakfast in bed, home-cooked dinner) before the wedding

Hopefully you have found these gifts for your fiance helpful, if you would like more gender specific ideas be sure to check out our gifts for your male fiance and gifts for your female fiance posts.


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