A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Our Favorite Connecticut Wedding Pictures

Photographs capture a single moment in time yet speak volumes. Friends, family, smiles, laughs, and pure joy can be read through one single picture; it is simply beautiful. Sometimes it may seem hard to find a wedding photographer that can capture exactly what you are looking for, but there are plenty of great wedding photographers in CT that can make your day as special as you have always dreamed. Here are some of the best photographs taken by some of the best wedding photographers in CT. Who knows your wedding photographer could be right here?


This photo has color, interesting angles, and most of all pure love. The couple is beautiful and it is enhance by the love that reads through the picture. This photo was taken by Blue Diamond Photography, which has international wedding photographers on their team and has been featured in People, Modern Bride, Social Life, Hello, and Spur Magazine. And did we mention they are from right here in Connecticut in Niantic?

One simple word sums up this photo. Beautiful. The way the light hits the bride spotlights her to center stage. This is what you are in for with Raw Photo Design. The photographers on this team pride themselves on their abilities to blend into the background and create memories you did not even know were possible. Raw Photo Design in based out of New Milford CT.

This photo is as cute as its gets. The father-of-the-bride and the groom are not the only two important men in the wedding and this picture shows how to include some of the others. This picture was taken by Karie Peterson Photography who is based out of Danbury, CT. Their team is full of inspiration and love and that is exactly what they will bring to your wedding.

Sometimes it is not a face that captures the emotions of the day but a gesture or a touch as in this picture. The two hands intertwined in this photograph speak love just as two people sharing a kiss would. Also Connecticut brides put so much detail into their wedding day: nails, flowers, etc. and this photo is able to capture some of the details of the wedding day. Mike Merlin Wedding DJ & Photography Services is your one stop shop from Chaplin, Connecticut. You can find your DJ and photographer in one and they pride themselves on quality.

Why not put the groom behind the camera? This photo is fun and shows the fun-loving nature of some Connecticut brides. This photograph was taken by Stefanie Kapra Photography, which used to be known as Photography and more. The photography team loves to capture candid moments as well as emotions. Stefanie and her team are from Milford CT.


Bridesmaids are very important to any Connecticut bride. They are there through it all so why not let them be comfortable on the day of? This picture shows that comfortable shoes can also make for very fun photos. This picture would get a laugh or two in the wedding album. Brian & Rachel Henderson are a husband and wife team that are the great minds behind 47 Moments Photography in Bethel, Connecticut and this beautiful and funny photograph.

This photo is a whirlwind, but is such an interesting picture. With the wedding party moving around the bride and groom, everyone’s eyes are immediately drawn to the bride and the groom in the center. What Connecticut bride does not want the attention on her and her husband on their special day? CT Photo Group from Brookfield CT is all about catering to the bride and groom’s needs on their wedding day.

Sometimes the simplest photographs are the ones that bring tears to the eye. This photograph is so simple yet is one of the most beautiful. There are no people in this picture, but the rings encircling the bride and groom’s names make such a beautiful picture. Three words sum up Carrie Draghi Photography from South Glastonbury CT; candid, comfortable, classic.

Generations Photography is all about making your wedding a truly unique experience. From Southington, Connecticut, Generations Photography uses natural light and adds light when necessary in order to enhance every photo. This photo does not just capture the love between the bride and the groom but the energy of the whole night and wedding.


And finally we had to throw in one of our favorite posed shots. This photo was taken by Christy Murray Photography, who is based out of Simsbury, Connecticut. They specialize in local and destination weddings and modern lifestyle portraits. This picture is elegant, classic, and is a great keepsake for everyone in the bridal party.



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