Picking a Fall, Summer, Sping, or Winter Wedding in Connecticut

Planning a wedding is tough, especially trying to book things so far in advance and trying to guess the weather.  However, if you’re thinking about an East Coast wedding, think no further than Connecticut.  No matter what the season, there are always great reasons to get married.

The fall can be a great time to get married in Connecticut because of the changing leaves.  Many people from all over the country venture to the Northeast to see the “Colors”, so why not get married in them?  Imagine a country house with beautiful fall leaves, and you have a perfect wedding picture.

The biggest drawback to the fall CT wedding is that this is usually peak tourist season.  This can make booking hotels and resorts difficult, and prices may be higher than other times of the year.


If price is a concern for your wedding plans, a winter CT wedding can be a great time to get married.  With the tourists gone, and snow on the ground, this is usually a slower time for weddings.  However, it can still make for a great setting.

The drawback is the cold, snow, and weather.  You will need to have a fully indoor wedding in the winter, and this can limit photographers and other wedding options.


The spring is the start of quintessential wedding season, and it is because the awakening of nature is a prime time to get married.  There are flowers and green galore, and this can make for great wedding pictures.

The challenge with a spring wedding in Connecticut is the hit and miss weather.  You can have beautiful spring days, followed by cold, rainy weather.  If you plan an outdoor wedding reception, make sure you have an indoor contingency plan.


Finally, you have the summer CT wedding – the peak of wedding season and the easiest to plan and prepare for.  The days are warm, the weather is consistent, and you’re still in beautiful Connecticut.

However, in the summer, outdoor weddings could be plagued by mosquitos, the humidity can have everyone sweating profusely, and prices for CT wedding venues could be higher due to demand.  Plan early and prepare for a summer CT wedding.

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