CT Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

Today’s engagement photo shoot ideas have evolved to full blown mini productions. The fun part about it is that you, the Bride to Be gets to be even more involved in the process.

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The days of the boring engagement shoot are over, you can now incorporate a theme, become characters in your favorite movie, use props or even locations to follow your theme choice. The awesome part of this is that you can not only incorporate your wedding invitation or even wedding theme in to your creative engagement shoot ideas , but you can include them in your wedding day.

What’s even cooler? You can create a video not only to announce that you are engaged, but to let your guests know to the save the date. Check out Krystal’s video and her CT Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas:

CT Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

I can’t take the creative credit for this cool idea. It was all my Bride to Be Krystal’s creative direction. We simply walked around the movie theatre and allowed for the moments to happen on their own. It was a relaxed, laid back kind of shoot with no real agenda except to have fun and be creative together. Krystal says she mostly remembers laughing through out the whole thing.

The next thing I did, to create more variation, was to have them change into a more relaxed set of clothes and move on to a local park. At the park, we used the trees, the grass and everything else in between to add a more laid back feel to the show.

Finally, she wanted to use the video as pre-save the date, that would late be followed by an actual save-the-date in print. Part of her engagement photo shoot idea was to add the date at the end of the show in a clever way.

A few more engagement photo shoot ideas for you may include going to the place where you first met and re-enacting your first look! Check out the video below for yet another couple who created a clever CT Engagement Photo Shoot Idea.

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