Groom's Gifts: 9 Creative Ideas He'll Love

Exchanging gifts with your hubby-to-be? Not exactly sure what to get him? Uninspired by engraved cufflinks and shiny watches as gifts that everyone gets their fiance? Then, you’ve come to right place, our friend, because today we are sharing eight groom’s gift ideas that your honey will love! And not to worry, we’ve got something just right for the man of your dreams — from the sports loving athlete to the sentimental musician to everything in between!


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1. A Gift That Keeps On Giving: A Subscription Just For Him

Does your groom love craft beer? Maybe he’s a foodie? Perhaps his closet needs some help? Well, there is a subscription out there just for your guy. Yes, a subscription. Just like Birchbox or Julep, there are tons of monthly gift boxes made just for him! Some of our favorite picks:,,

2. Stubs For Your Hub: Tickets On His Dream List

So your fiancé has been dying to go to the Superbowl game for years? Then why not surprise him with tickets on one of the most special days you’ll share together? With him in mind and the things that he loves, this groom’s gift will really mean a lot to him!

3. Honeymoon For Him: A Day That Is Made For Him

During the wedding planning, it can be easily for a less involved groom to feel that the wedding day is all about the bride. A great way to make him feel really special after the wedding day is to plan an entire day of the honeymoon that is dedicated entirely to him and the things that he would love to do. Snorkling? Helicopter ride? Golfing for two? He’ll definitely love the attention and spending time doing things that he loves with you by his side!


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4. Heighten His Hobby: Treat Him To A Custom-Made Gift 

One of our favorite ways to surprise your groom with a groom’s gift that is not only special, but useful is to go custom-made with your present. If he’s a guitarist, have a hand-made and engraved guitar made just for him. If he’s a golfer, invest in brand new set of club customized with his name. If he’s a fisherman, go with a tackle box with his initials carved inside. Needless to say, your imagination is the limit with this groom’s gift idea. We love it and so will he!

5. Make Him Smile: A Wedding Caricature

Surprise your groom with a caricature of the two of you on your wedding day. You’ll be get a great reaction out of them when you give them a copy, he’ll cherish this gift for the rest of your life. 


6. Freeze Time: Create A Time Capsule Of Your Relationship

If you guys are the type of couple that likes to save every ticket stub, then a time capsule could be the perfect groom’s gift for your future hubby. Fill it up with special items from things you’ve done together and fun memories that you’ve shared and send it to him the morning of the wedding. When you return from the honeymoon, bury it in the backyard together or put it in a closed off space. On your fifth anniversary, pull it out and spend the evening going down memory lane!


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7. Reinvented Heirlooms: Make Your Gift One-Of-A-Kind

We truly love heirlooms here at Wedding Reports because they are sentimental and they are truly one-of-a-kind groom’s gifts. When it comes to gifts in this category, we suggest taking the time to really talk with your family or his family and to find something that is meaningful to your journey as a couple. Perhaps the gift could be the pocket watch that your grandmother gave your grandfather on their wedding day? Maybe his dad’s wedding jacket resized to fit him? These are definitely groom’s gifts with heart.


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8. Make It A Date: Plan A Special Day To Spend Together

One of the most darling groom’s gift that we’ve ever seen was a picnic basket full of goodies sent from the bride to the groom on the morning of their wedding. Attached was a note saying where to meet her and what time. Before the wedding day kicked into full gear, they met up and shared a special picnic alone. This time gave them the moments they needed to spend with each other to calm nerves and really soak up the emotion of the journey that they were about to embark upon together. Simple, yet sweet and intimate, this groom’s gift idea is one of our favorites. For your groom’s gift, you could do something similar or even plan a special date for when you return from the honeymoon!

9. Treasure Chest: Show Him Why You Love Him

With this unique and creative groom’s gift idea, you can really down to the romantic side of you and your groom’s relationship by showing him things that you love about him. To get started, you pick out a special box or basket that will fit your groom’s style. Inside, you can include notes saying why you love him or you could even include little items that remind you of him, such as a bottle of his cologne, a movie, etc. This groom’s gift is all about being personal and speaking to the love that you share. This groom’s gift is all about personality and the love that you share, which is why we think it’s just perfect for your groom’s wedding day gift!

Connecticut brides, weigh in, what are you getting/doing for your groom’s gift?

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