66 Creative Groomsmen Gifts in 2022

Your groomsmen have been in multiple weddings and have received all the stock gifts, its time to think outside the box and get your guys creative gifts for your groomsmen.

Time to get out of the established patterns in gift giving. Let your groomsmen enjoy a gift that is unusual ideas. Get those creative juices flowing as you prepare unique groomsmen gifts that will make it hard to forget that they came from you. You simply can’t do without the presence of these special men in your life. Each groomsman has been your go-to person in times of celebrating big or small happenings in your life and times when you just need support and encouragement while going through the rough times.

Thinking of creative ways to thank your groomsmen and show appreciation will surely make them feel valued and extra special If you can add a touch of humor and find them a funny groomsmen gift it will make the gift even better.

Here are 66 best creative groomsman gifts your guys will appreciate:

66. Pic Pint

Best Groomsmen Gifts Pic Pint

Give your groomsman a great way to stake his claim at the bar with this personalized beer glass. Take your favorite photo and watch it come to life with a laser engraving, because nothing says “I’m a professional” like drinking a beer out of a glass with your own face on it. Add your groomsman’s name below the photo for easier identification when he’s down for the count in the front yard, or simply to revisit that nickname he hates. Cheers!

65. The Beer Slinger

It is equipped with a removable can koozie on the strap to safely hold his beer to keep his hands free. He could even sling it right over his shoulder to carry to any outdoor event he may need it for. The Beer Slinger is an insulated cooler sleeve that easily fits 5 of his favorite cold brews to help get him through a round. It can also be personalized with up to 3 initials.

64. Sole Squad

This Sole Squad has a custom label included with your order. One size fits most (8-13). It is made from cotton (80%), polyamide (15%), and spandex (5%). The label is printed on 80 lb. cover weight paper with a smooth finish made with 30% recycled material.

63. Captain Flask

This Captain Flask is a vintage glass with cork stopper design. It comes with many different design options so that your groomsmen’s personality can shine through with your chosen design. Let your groomsmen show off their most prized liquor with this one-of-a-kind glass flask.

62. Frost in Translation

It is hand-drawn and digitally printed with their caricatured faces. This gift speaks of how fond you are of your beer buddies. Each time they drink down that glass of ice-cold beer on a hot day they are refreshed not just with their drink but the thought that you actually remembered them through this mug.

61. Take Them Out Shooting

bullet groomsmen bottle opener

Hunting or a visit to the range always makes your day when spent with your favorite buddies. Your guys will be thrilled to spend the day with weapons in hand. Then pop the question with an engraved bullet bottle opener.  Each one is made from a once-fired .50 caliber military bullet. It’s one gif that is simply irresistible.

60. A Bottle of Booze Proposal Label

Groomsmen Proposal Booze Label

Treat your favorite guys to a bottle of their favorite sauce, but with a message they can’t ignore. The BroLabel is the perfect way to ask your buddy that important question.  This flask is going to find a special spot in their man cave bar and be used for years to come.

59. Koozin For A Bruisin

They are definitely not a fan of warm beer or a sweating can in their hand. These Koozin For A Bruisin are the perfect type of gifts your guys should walk away with. It has double-walled vacuum insulation with powder coated finish. Made from quality stainless steel, this one is also heat and cold-resistant.

58. Heavenly Shave Set

This Heavenly Shave Set comes with all the tools needed to achieve the perfect shave! Add an initial to the brush handle and personalize the handsome wooden box. The reusable razor fits standard Gillette Mach3 blades, makes this shaver a gift that will be used time and again.

57. Top Dopp

It’s functional and stylish. This Top Dopp bag has a large compartment to hold his larger belongings and a smaller zippered space to hold the smaller items. Keep everything organized with this gift. Make it extra special by adding your groomsman’s information.

56. Ready2Go Leather Tech Organizer

It can hold charging cords and headphones and can fit an iPhone 5 and 6. This leather tech organizer has a functional minimalist design that is a perfect fit for him who loves to travel. Simple and functional, it’s a perfect companion to help him get organized.

55. Stud Set

This personalized Stud Set contains a groomsmen money clip, tie clip, and a pair of cufflinks all made from metal for a put together and polished look. These finishing touches may help get him the contract, job or even the girl! It even comes with a box complete with a black foam insert to cushion the set and protect the contents in the box!

54. Daily Planner

This Daily Planner arms him with the right equipment. With this gift, you give your man the motivation and muse to bring the ballpoint to the paper in a way that gets the creative juices flowing. It might be the leather in the hand or the touch of the paper, but the quality will get his strong hand moving. Whether it’s tucked away in a nightstand for thoughts and reminders or in the passenger seat for lists, it’s something that any guy with a writer’s side will appreciate.

53. Beer Holsters

This Beach Cruiser is a 100% hand-made leather cup holder that attaches to his basket or handlebars as a bike holster. Coffee cups, root beer bottles, water, phones all fit great! Cruise around the town with your favorite drink ready right in front of you.

52. Anti-Theft Backpack

This Tzowla business resistant anti-theft backpack has an antitheft design, fixed password lock and durable metal zippers, he can rest secure that his stuff will remain secure when traveling or lining up. The backpack also comes with a convenient USB and headset port design. It’s multipurpose and has a large capacity that it can easily carry his laptop, iPad, iPhone, water bottle, books, and many more.

This is one outstanding gift for your groomsmen who are close to your heart. a . This 50 Cal Bullet Pen is a unique and functional gift made of all steel, brass and copper construction. It’s a 100% real 50 caliber bullet transformed into a refillable pen.

50. Gentlemen’s Soap Collection

This Gentlemen’s Soap Collection is a daily use soap and is a treat for your groomsmen’s senses. Made with all-natural ingredients and formed into beautiful pieces they will surely be delighted with this gift. It includes three great soaps with beechwood soap tray ready to be handed to your favorite buddies.

49. Wood You Comb Over


This Wood You Comb Over is one stylish way to appreciate your groomsmen. Get them a small compact comb with the personal touch of their name or nickname. This wooden masterpiece folds and fits perfectly into any suit jacket or jean pocket. Wooden Combs are better than traditional plastic ones because it does not produce an electrostatic charge, making the hair and scalp healthier.

48. Wine Gift Box Set

This wine gift box keeps your wine protected and securely wrapped and tight inside the case. Say thank you to your groomsman with this elegant wine gift box set. It is made from real bamboo wood with matching bamboo accessories that will allow your wine enthusiast groomsman to be the perfect host for any occasion.

47. Fire Gift Set

Get your groomsmen a gift that matches his energy and craving for anything grilled. This Fire Gift Set has everything for your man to start a barbecue bonding by the fire with the boys. This set includes dry rubs, hot sauce and matches to start grilling, and a stainless-steel mug and candle to get the mood going by the fire. It is a perfect gift for him to start grilling and preparing charcoal goodness for you as well.

46. Man Crate – Snack Gift Set

This perfect gift set comes with ice ball makers, whiskey low ball glass, engraver your own decanter and bar snacks. This Man Crate – Snack Gift Set is every whiskey lover’s dream. Let them crack open this man case to find great snacks and a fully engraved decanter.  While the monogrammed decanter looks super classy when flanked by its matching pair of personalized rocks tumblers, whiskey should be appraised by taste as well as presentation.

45. Woody

Surprise him with this sentimental personalized watch made of ebony wood and stainless steel. Getting your groomsmen a watch is a great way to let them know all their hard work and efforts in making your wedding extra special. Have it personalized with his 3 initials, their role at your wedding and the wedding date.

44. The Vegas Box

Whether he plays it at home or while relaxing in a park on a lazy afternoon with his favorite buddies, you can be sure he will have fun with this gift set. Let your best man enjoy this poker set while enjoying his favorite drink and snacks. All placed in a box that can be personalized with his name or initials making it an extra special gift.

43. Time to Suit Up

Say thank you for all his help and support. This Time to Suit Up is one gift that your best man will truly appreciate. This box set comes with a custom low-ball glass, (1) 4oz premium soy candle, gold credit card style bottle opener, maple bourbon flavored toothpicks, a custom liquor label and a pack of playing cards.

42. Necktie and Cufflinks Set

Let him get that perfect polished look with these durable ties made of quality polyester in solid stitching and non-fading colors. He deserves only the top quality that spells luxury and elegance. This Necktie and Cufflinks Set contains a set of premium neckties, pocket handkerchiefs that comes complete with tie clips and cuff links.  It’s quality, style and affordability wrapped up in a luxurious gift box ready to be handed as an awesome gift for your best man.

41. All-in-One Gift Set

It isn’t called all in one for no reason. This gift allows your best man to carry his cigar case, flask, and snips in one convenient and sleek case. This gift can also be personalized by having the top of the flask and the rustic wood gift box engraved with his name or initials to make it extra special for your cigar lover best man.

40. Personalized Toiletry Bag Set

Help him get his toiletries organized for travels by giving him this Personalized Toiletry Bag. It comes in heather gray with leatherette accents and zipper. What’s more, you can have the the toiletry bag personalized up to 4 letters or have this functional gift monogrammed to make it extra special. 

39. Midnight Smoker

Best Cigar Groomsmen Gift

The Midnight Smoker gift set is a mix of a stay at home humidor and smokes anywhere travel set. The full set comes with a wallet for the poker winning or cash to add to your cigar stash. It also comes with an engraved Zippo lighter to spark up some conversation around the fire with stogies in hand. The best part of the gift is the personalized travel case which comes with a stainless steel cutter. The cutter can be carried on the back of the case for quick and easy cutting and lighting. There are no better cigar lovers set than this one. Don’t believe us, well buy one and see.

38. The Groomsmen: A Movie Poster

It’s specially recreated by talented graphic artists. This The Groomsmen: A Movie Poster features you in the leading role. It is one hilarious way to honor your supporting cast of groomsmen on your big day. Since this poster comes in digital format, it can be easily shared via social media, text, or email. This poster is one of the more creative groomsmen gifts out there, it can also be used as a wallpaper for your phone or have it printed and framed.

37. Notorious B.A.G

This Notorious B.A.G is a 22oz unwashed cotton canvas journey bag with brown accents. It features an easy access U-shaped main zipper compartment measuring 19 ½” X 12 ½” X 11.” It also comes with two side zipper pockets, two front pockets with brown flap closures, two carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad. Everyone will love his flashy ways when they see these leather accents and brass hardware!

36. Baseball Bat Beer Mug 

Baseball Bat Mug

Your love for the game of baseball never goes out of style. Whether your team is kicking off Spring Training, or chasing the pennant in October, you are going to be right there cheering them on with this baseball bat mug.

35. The Broposal Groomsmen Label

Asking a close friend to be part of your wedding party can sometimes be awkward. Let The Broposal do the talking. This set comes with a 3 x 2.5 label that asks your friend the very important question, if he will stand by your side. This label fits perfectly on any half-pint (200 Ml) liquor bottle. It also comes with a personalized shot glass. These two great proposal gifts are packed in a sleek black engraved box.

34. Wallet Do It All

Let him accomplish just about anything with this handy tool card. He’ll be the go-to person around his home and office. Give him this Wallet Do It All to equip him and live up to that reputation. You can be sure he will remember you each time he uses this mini wallet tool card.

33. Decanter w/ Set of Cigar Whiskey Glasses

Engraved Decanter w/ Set of Cigar Whiskey Glasses

These Engraved Decanter w/ Set of Cigar Whiskey Glasses have built-in indentions that actually hold his cigar for him! Each piece in this set is laser engraved with his name, initials, year, and custom phrase that creates a unique and one-of-a-kind gift set that no one else will have. Getting your groomsmen a gift set is a great way to ensure you will get him something he will use, and these personalized whiskey glasses allow him to smoke his Macanudo and sip Crown Royal with one hand while scrolling through the headlines on his smartphone with the other.

32. Creative Caricature Groomsmen Gift

Mug Groomsmen Gift Caricature

Looking for a creative and funny groomsmen gift?  If you want to pat your groomsman on the back with a thank you for being your favorite guy, then do it with this Mug On A Mug. Let your groomsman enjoy his favorite past time out of a mini version of himself.  It’s a super cool groomsmen gift idea he sure won’t be able to forget.

31. Groomsmen Group Caricature

The artist will hand draw a group caricature portrait of your wedding party. All you do is send high-resolution photos of each groomsman, decide on a theme and background, and the artist will do the rest. Once completed, the caricature is sent to you via a digital file. You can share it over social media, through email, or text, or you can have it printed and frame! This Groomsmen Group Caricature gives you a ton of bang for the buck!

30. Groomsmen Bobblehead

It’s their mini me gift. These Groomsmen Bobbleheads are pure art. No trouble has been spared when it comes to the nice detail put into these gifts. You only need to supply individual pictures and a bit of identifying information about your groomsmen like eye color, hair color, and skin tone (scars & tattoos are TMI), and you are all set to giving one creative gift!

29. Bamboo Tumbler

Get creative with your gift. Let it stand out with this 15 ounces Bamboo Tumbler. It is made from real wood and constructed with the highest quality. It’s one dependable gift he can use for many years. It’s excellent for everyday use, on the go, or at home for his favorite drink – hot or cold.

28. Slanted Ice & Glass

Unique Ice Rock Wedge with Engraved Whiskey GlassIt’s form and function rolled into one. This Slanted Ice & Glass keeps all of these desirable qualities in precise balance. These unique whiskey glasses include a specially made ice form, creating a wedge-shaped slab of ice that rests perfectly in the glass. This slab of ice melts much more slowly than traditional small cubes, meaning he can take his time, and leisurely enjoy his favorite spirits without them getting watered down.

27. Personalized Hatchet

It’s a fully functional handmade ax. This Personalized Hatchet is crafted with tough stainless steel. The smooth wooden handle can be personalized with a single line of text. Each hatchet is fitted with a nylon sheath cover to protect the sharp blade. Four standard size hex head cutouts and a gut hook in the back, this hatchet has multiple uses.

26. The Mugshot – Unique & Fun

Your groomsmen would definitely enjoy drinking from The Mugshot. It can hold up to 15 ounces of his favorite beverage and feature the unmistakable likeness of each groomsman in caricature form. Funny, functional and definitely a creative groomsmen gift he will always remember you by.

25. Barrel Aged Coffee Infuser

It’s one odd combination he will really love.  Bourbon and coffee go together in this Personalized Barrel Aged Coffee Infuser. This mini oak barrel with bourbon essence (included) and the coffee beans will age with that sweet whiskey flavor. His name right on the barrel lets people know these special beans are all his. This gift makes a tasty gift for the coffee and spirits lover.

24. Essentials Survival Kit

The weekend warrior in him deserves this Adventure Essentials Survival Kit. This kit contains the safety supplies he will need for short-term excursions, cleverly stashed in a military-grade aluminum LED flashlight. The impeccably crafted items that include water purification tablets, a compass, a wire saw, reflective trail markers, and waterproof matches are packed in small canisters that fit perfectly into the flashlight tube. He can easily place them in his bag or glove box.

23. Viking Horn Mugs

Let him drink like a true Viking with this Viking Drinking Horn Mugs. This beautiful item is handmade and is perfect for his man cave. Equipped with a suitable vessel, he will surely be welcomed to the grandest tables of Valhalla. Definitely a gift he will add to his Drink like a Viking collection.

22. Metal Pin Money Clip and Wallet

It’s sleek and sophisticated. This Personalized Metal Pin Money Clip and Wallet comes with a metal pin clip to hold all your cash in a safe and secure spot. The inside of the wallet is made with genuine leather that is soft to the touch. It has room for cards on both sides of the wallet for easy access. Personalize it with a classic monogram (in order of first initial, last initial, middle initial) to make it extra special. 

Made from organically grown bamboo, this Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board comes with a serving platter with 3 ceramic bowls and bamboo spoons. It even has a milled groove around the edges of the cutting surface to collect the juice from soft cheeses and fruits. It’s one gift he will really thank you for!

20. Campers Delight

A love for hiking and being practical. The Campers Delight is the perfect gift for your groomsman. It is an engraved hobo knife with a spoon, fork, and bottle opener. This gift is made from stainless steel and features a slot and tab mechanism that allows dis-assembly into separate eating utensils. The knife cuts like a Ginsu with a  blade that is high quality, strong, and sharp. This unique gift is sure to put a big smile on his face. Have this gift personalized with his name to make it extra special.

19. Pocket Watch

Let him walk down memory lane as you hand him this special gift. Make new memories as you let him carry this classic personalized pocket watch that comes in silver and has a 14” chain. Make your sentimental thoughts known to him as you can have this special watch engraved with 3 lines up to 10 characters.

18. Leather Valet Tray Box

Specially made for the special people closest to your heart, this Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box is perfect for your groomsmen. Let this tray welcome them each day as he empties his pockets when coming home or that last tray he reaches out to for all the things he would need before he goes out. And each time he does it he remembers you – that’s the best part of it. Customize it with his initials or his name to make it extra special.

17. Wooden Wrist Watch

Made from natural bamboo with a glass face, this personalized watch has an adjustable wood band with removable wood links. Don’t waste any time letting him know how much you appreciate all his hard work and efforts. Have it personalized to make it extra special. Let this slick timepiece on his wrist remind him that you truly treasure his friendship.

16. Engraved Leather Belt

This stylish engraved leather belt will surely end up as a welcome addition to his favorite accessories. You can have the option to find the color closest to his preference – dark brown, brown or black leather. It comes with a silver buckle and is neatly placed in a box that can also be engraved with his initials.

15. Game of Thrones Divot Tool

He will constantly have you in his thoughts each time he struts his putt. Then give him a gift he will certainly love with this Game of Thrones Divot Tool.  This 3-in-1 gift has a  high-quality divot tool base. It is made of real mahogany wood and has a durable hematite finish. What’s more, you can have his name or initials engraved on this creative gift.

14. Custom Bullet Cuff Links

Who says being sentimental can’t go with his million-dollar look? Let this gift complete his debonair look as you give him this Custom Bullet Cuff Links. It’s a bullet-shaped cufflink with brass detailing. Business meetings, formal affairs, and his night out together with friends will be made more special as he wears these cufflinks complete with his initials.

13. Custom Utility Pocket Knife

Let him enjoy this little solid nugget. The Custom Utility Pocket Knife comes with 11 well-selected tools including a pocket knife, a corkscrew, scissors, and mini saw. It’s the ideal gift for fishing, camping, and barbecues. The wooden handle can be engraved on both sides for a personal touch.

12. Magnetic Baseball Opener

It will always be a reminder that you’ve asked him to be your groomsman and that he willingly said yes to be part of your special day. Why? Because this gift sticks to the fridge and doubles as a bottle opener. It catches the bottle cap so it doesn’t fall on the floor. This groomsman baseball gift is made from real regulation leather baseball. Functional, convenient and especially made for your baseball fanatic groomsman.

11. Engraved Whiskey Stones

One of our favorite personalized gifts are engraved whiskey stones.  Your guy will have these for the rest of their life, and they are a welcome addition to any guys bar.  You can personalize them with the name of each guy, and they will only run you about $30.

10. Personalized Basketball

Let your groomsmen enjoy their favorite sport by giving them this personalized basketball. This is the perfect gift for the men who stood alongside you on your wedding day and the same group of men you’d be playing with week in and week out. You may choose the wording that will be engraved on the basketball, up to 3 lines of text. The wordings are engraved permanently into the leather.

6. Personalized Wine Caddy

This Personalized Wine Caddy is perfect for a date, picnic, or a casual bottle of wine with a friend or significant other. Let your groomsmen enjoy a creative gift that is available in 4 stain options. This gift is waterproof sealed and double as a gorgeous home decor for your favorite drinking buddies.

5. Capture Can

Get your wedding party excited with this Capture Can. It is a beautiful beer can glass touched by the hands of an amazing laser engraver. With its personalization at its finest, this is one keepsake that will be endeared while sipping any choice of beer. Beer makes men smile without much help, but pouring it into a mug with their mug on it, now that is priceless.

4. 12 Gauge Shot Glasses Set of 4

Another welcome addition to his man cave collection is this 12 Gauge Shot GlassesThese set of 4 shot glasses are modeled after 12-Gauge Shells that will make for a great gift to your groomsmen. It is made from high-quality polyethylene and each shot glass can hold up to 2 ounces of his favorite drink. It comes in an attractive box ready to be handed to your favorite men.

3. State Plate Wine Hugger

Give him this pre-loved plates turned into one-of-a-kind beauties like these unique wine huggers. The State Plate Wine Hugger is lined with neoprene for top-notch insulation. Choose his favorite state and get that cozy feeling of home as he enjoys his favorite bottle. What’s more, it’s a welcome addition to his man cave collections.

2. Tilted Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket

Let your groomsmen enjoy a crisp Riesling at its optimal temperature or a full-bodied Pinot aerated to perfection with this beautiful two-in-one decanter. The Tilted Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket is handcrafted in Colombia with each unique design free-formed into a tilted silhouette. An attached pocket for ice allows you to chill your favorite vintage once your guests arrive, while the fluted spout aerates the wine when pouring.

1. Splendid Splinter

The Splendid Splinter is an awesome personalized mini bat that makes a great gift for your groomsmen.  Let them swing on a 3-0 count with a bat that will feel great in their hands. There is no swinging and missing with this cool groomsmen gift.

More Creative Yet Practical Ideas

I know that a lot of my blog is dedicated to my lovely brides to be. But it takes two to tango so the men are clearly a big part of the wedding occasion. So today I want to throw some ideas at you for creative groomsmen gifts. The personalized flask has been done and done again; so let’s fill those flasks and then settle in to the real things that get guy’s hearts beating.

Everyone dude needs a cool travel bag to put their toiletries in, and how great would it be to have one that looked this cool and and had your name engraved on it.  You can get the awesome toiletry bag pictured below for $50 on Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.

I don’t know about you, but I lose or break at least one pair of sunglasses a year.  Everyone wants a cool pair of shades, but its hard to pony up for them because you know you are likely you are to lose or break them. This is why sunglasses make a great gift. Think about how cool your wedding party will look in pictures with these Ray Ban Aviators on.

While we are on the topic of fashion, every guy can use a new pair of fashionable shoes, how about a pair of Vans to replace the shoes in their smelly closet.

For the groomsmen that don’t have a decent pair of socks to wear to your wedding, save them the embarrassment of showing up to your wedding with mismatched socks by giving them a pair of groomsman socks the night before your wedding.  Lets face it, no guy has control of his sock drawer so these will be much appreciated by all the groomsmen in your wedding party.

iPhone Lovers

Everyone has an iPhone nowadays, but nobody’s iPhone plays music loud enough for their liking. Give your groomsmen a cool gift that they will be excited about by surprising them with an amp style retro speaker that is portable and can give those iPhone speakers a boost.  Its great to take to a party or to the beach, and the girls love a guy that knows how to get a party started.  If you’d rather be more practical,

If you would rather be more practical, the iPhone wallet serves as an iPhone case and wallet in one.  Which guy wouldn’t want to minimize what they have in their pockets?

Filling the Flask

Your best man has been there for you through every NBA loss, every fantasy sports blowout, and every late night bar crawl. So celebrate him.  Get him a good scotch, if that’s his poison. Look for something like Johnnie Walker Blue Label, at an average of $250 a bottle it’s not the cheapest package store run you’ll ever make; but he’s worth it. For the rest of your groomsmen ask someone at the liquor store to suggest to you a more moderately priced scotch.

For the Groomsmen that are Sports Fans

Few men I know don’t have a flare for sports. Even those who pretend they don’t have a coveted team I only find out about when we’e at Buffalo Wild Wings happy hour. Many stores offer team championship frames. Suit your groomsmen up with a championship from their favorite teams, or maybe a team you all enjoy together. They can put it in their man caves, bachelor pads, or test fate and try sticking it in their wives’ living rooms.

Another one of the best groomsmen gifts for the sports fans would be going to pro shops for their favorite team. At The Garden pro shop in Boston you can buy hockey sticks the Bruin’s players have used in games and practice. They only run about $75, so they won’t even empty your bank account.

Lastly; look into a night out with your groomsmen. Find a game you can all agree on and pick up the tickets as their gift. You can always incorporate it into a Bachelor Party, they can plan the rest of the events around the game.

The bottom line is this; while women are pleased with monogrammed bracelets and sentimental trinkets, men are men. They want practical gifts, and gifts they can enjoy on the same level we enjoy the Tory Burch summer handbag collection. Appeal to their senses, and if you’re engaged it means you’ve already grasped the concept that their senses and our senses are five whole other things. So drinks, sports memorabilia and a game are going to produce raw male emotion and will be perfect for groomsmen gifts.

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