10 Creative Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaids do more than wrap themselves in silk and taffeta to look pretty in your wedding photos. You hand-picked them because you want them standing by your side on the big day, and along the way they’ll (hopefully!) help you get ready to walk down the aisle.

It’s always good to give your girls a special thank you for their support and to honor their special relationship to you.

Tradition has many brides gifting their wedding party with jewelry to match the bridesmaid dresses. What about the idea of getting a little creative with your gift, though? It’s up to you to pick one of the best bridesmaid gifts that your girls can enjoy well beyond the wedding itself.


Everyone is inspired by what the future holds, and help elicit that inspiration out of your bridesmaids by getting them fortune keeper key chains so they can hang on to their fortunes.  Match the key chains to your bridesmaids personalities by choosing between dream believer, door of opportunity, key of success, or cherry blossom.   Wouldn’t it be cute if you had so had some great fortunes to start them off with, which you can also get by going to this website.  If you prefer to help your bridesmaids keep their fortunes in the form of jewelry, fortune keeper bracelets are also an option.



Brides aren’t the only ones who want to feel pretty. Beauty gifts can help your wedding party primp on the day itself, but still have value and purpose afterward.

Philosophy’s Thank You set includes two of their popular Grace scented shampoo, bath and shower gels. The packaging is adorable and ready to gift.

Cake’s You Deserve This” set contains luxury hand and foot cream. It’s another themed gift thats perfect to show appreciation.

OPI has an entire collection of sheer nail polish shades with names like Catch the Garter and Pearls Night Out.

Even if your bridal party comes from all over the country, you can still treat them to a pampering massage or pedicure on their own time. SpaFinder is an online service that offers gift cards redeemable at over 6000 location nationwide (the website has a full directory).


Getting monogrammed or otherwise personalized gifts is always a nice option if you want to give something unique to each of your bridesmaids.

Girly Twirly is a fun website that offers everything from monogrammed wristlets and umbrellas to personalized water bottles and flip flops.

Etsy is a virtual marketplace for tons of handmade and custom pieces. Personalized pocket mirrors and scrapbooks are unique and affordable gift ideas.

Erin Condren specializes in bright, candy colors on every variety of personalized paper good. A set of note cards or pads would make a cheery and useful gift.

Amazon has maid-of-honor and bridesmaid picture frames that would be perfect to house special photos from your special day. The website also offers many other customizable gifts.


If you’d still like to go the jewelry route, there are many options out there that go outside the traditional square box.

Charms are all the rage, and a charm chosen specifically for each bridesmaid would make a thoughtful gift. Bucket of Beads and Zable make Pandora like bridesmaid charms that would be a fitting reminder of the event.

Etsy, again, has a ton of options for unique and whimsical jewelry. Margo’s Originals on the site has many bridal party sets that can be customized with your choice of charms, stones, initials, etc.

Hunter Rain Boots

Every wedding has a chance of rain and as far as rain boots go with Hunters as they are the best. These boots come in a spectrum of colors there is bound to be a shade that matches your wedding in some way. If it rains these boots will make for adorable photos, and will keep your bridesmaids cozy and dry. If it doesn’t? Your bridesmaids can puddle splash with you in mind for years to come. The color will always remind them of your day and they’ll be forever thankful.

A year long magazine subscription

Whether it’s a mobile subscription to their iPad or a print subscription lazy days, your bridesmaids will love this gift. Pick a magazine that relates to their personality. You would be shocked at how many specialty magazines there are out there. For 12 months you’ll make the girls smile once every four weeks when they open their mailbox.


A Class

Another great idea for creative bridesmaids gifts is to sign you and your girls up for a class; yoga, cooking, horseback riding, photography etc. An experience, in my opinion is always the best way to go. You’ll learn something; if it’s something new I’m sure you’ll laugh as you all try to figure it out. For all you know you’ll discover a new hobby, or you’ll all chose to take more classes together in the future.


Boudoir Group Session

This isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is a growing trend. Grab some wine and some lingerie and spend a night in with the girls. So many wedding photographers offer this service. They’ll come in with a hair and makeup team and doll you gals up and take some tasteful but sexy photos. The pampering will be fun and the lingerie is a little naughty, which will make you all a bit giddy. You’ll have photos to go home with to share with no one or your someone.



More than likely you’ll be doing a hair and makeup trial run through with either your maid of honor or all of your bridesmaids. Ask the salon to set aside the makeup and product that was used to make each girl glow. Purchase the products for each girl and give them to her so that she can make herself feel as good as she did sitting in that chair, everyday. We use makeup everyday and its goes on our skin and gives the world a first impression of us. Sadly, due to the high cost of good makeup, we push desire to the side and head to CVS for some $8 concealer. Give the girls the gift of high-end makeup. Not only will they be thrilled but their skin will thank you too!


A Robe
How about a fancy robe to get ready in before the wedding and to keep afterward? Not only is this a personal bridesmaids gift because you can handpick particular colors and patterns depending on each girl’s taste, but the fact that they get to keep something practical to wear day after day following the wedding is a very special gesture. Plus, they make for adorable gifts when getting ready pictures (try having all the bridesmaids in a color and the bride in a white one)!

Wine Tasting
Once the stress of the big day wears off and the hype is gone, make sure everyone stays good and happy about the return to normalcy with a wine tasting tour. While this seems like an appropriate bachelorette party idea (and it is!) it’s something fun that you and your bridesmaids can do after the wedding that gives you the chance to finally say thank you to them.

A generic charm bracelet is one thing, but a sterling silver necklace is quite another. Have personalized charms featuring the initials of each bridesmaid and the wedding date made and attached to a silver necklace. It’s a subtle yet good bridesmaids gift that will remind her of the big day and the fun journey between the two of you that lead up to it.

Something Personal
This last one is definitely the most unique. Have each girl’s name written in fancy calligraphy and made into a rubber stamp. She can use this good bridesmaids gift for a multitude of things such as signing cards, as a personal signature on her blog or even return addresses. It’s an extra pretty way to say thanks for being my girl on my big day.’


We hope you liked our list of creative bridesmaids gift ideas, if you have any of your own please share them in the comment boxes below. Be sure to also check out our post on unique bridesmaid gifts.

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