5 Cool Groomsmen Gifts

It’s customary to give your groomsmen gifts, however, what you get them can be as varied as their personalities and you don’t want to get them the standard run of the mill groomsmen gifts. No matter what your budget is, you will certainly be able to find cool groomsmen gifts for the guys in your wedding party.

These are some of the closest people in your life, so it just makes sense to give them something special. Here are a few great ideas to get you started on your hunt for cool groomsmen gifts:

Groomsmen Caricature

This could be the mother of all our unique groomsmen gifts.  So many tacky wall decoration ideas out there posing as cool groomsmen gifts.  I mean, who needs a personalized golf sign?  That one is going straight into a box in a basement somewhere.   The wife is going to take that thing down and replace it with something she found at Pottery Barn the minute it goes up.  Give it a month.  Do you want something that not even the most stubborn woman will have the gall to overhaul?  Try this unique groomsmen gift.  Costs will range, but if you can get one here and they give you a digital copy you can pay once and print multiple copies.



Rayban Sunglasses

These specs are timeless and will forever be one of the best pair of sunglasses your groomsmen will ever have.  JFK firmly fused these guys into US fashion culture and they aren’t going anywhere.  They are the best summer sunglasses.  Rayban makes a great pair, as does Oakley.  If you can find them on the cheap or a decent brand on the low down, they’ll be cool on the day of and ongoing.  Check out Vans for a great affordable brand where you can grab a pair for as low as 12 bucks.

Credit Card Bottle Opener
This is a low-cost gift that’s both fun to use and useful. Who hasn’t found themselves in a situation where they need a bottle opener and there just isn’t one to be found? With the credit card bottle opener, your groomsmen will always have one with them. You simply place it in your wallet’s credit card slot and it stays there until you need it. Get it engraved for an extra personal touch.


Ferdinand Mug
Every guy should have a Ferdinand mug in their kitchen. Keep it in the freezer for a nice frosted taste. These glasses are stylish and classy. They make even the cheapest beer look elegant. Best of all, your groomsmen can use this gift right away, at the great wedding party you’re sure to throw.

Every guy has great memories of playing beer pong, and an inflatable beer pong table will be one cool groomsmen gift.  They guys in your wedding party and tuck it away in their car and make sure they always have it available no matter what party they are at.





If you have any other ideas for cool and creative groomsmen gifts, please share them with us.


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