Connecticut Bride-to-Be Shares Her Advice for Planning a Perfect Engagement Shoot

[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”4830626″] Everyone constantly talks about how difficult it can be to plan a perfect Connecticut wedding. But, it’s seldom that you hear about the challenges that go into putting together a totally gorgeous and personalized engagement shoot. With that thought in mind, we reached out to the wonderful bride-to-be, Britany, featured in this stunning Connecticut engagement shoot at Chamard Vineyards and Chatfield Hollow State Park shared by Robyn Blasi Photography for her words of advice for fellow brides struggling to plan an engagement shoot they’ll love for years to come. And trust us, you’re gonna want to stick around, Britany has some fabulous words of wisdom to share! Plus, her engagement shoot is totally breathtaking, too, so keep reading for an experience that’s double the fun!
1. Hi, Britany, thanks so much for joining us today! To begin, tell us a little bit about your story — how did you and Kyle meet and how did the proposal unfold?
“Kyle and I met our freshman year of college in Boston and have been dating ever since.  We lived in the same dorm and had mutual friends so we hit it off right away! We both were from Connecticut, but our families were a little over an hour away from each other.  Kyle and I had been together for so long and had discussed marriage many times so I knew it would happen eventually, but I was completely surprised when we finally did pop the question! I was at work and I was pulling out of the parking lot when I turned to my right and saw Kyle pulling in. I just assumed he has gotten out early and wanted to come say hi. I parked my car and by the time I had gotten out and reached the other side he was already on one knee. The moment was so surreal and all I can remember were the cars honking their horns as they drove by! But it was an amazing moment and one that I’ll cherish forever!”
2. Planning the engagement shoot is often very difficult for CT brides, especially since there are so many details to consider, such as location, theme (if there is a theme), outfits, etc. Can you walk me through how you planned for your shoot? 
“When it came to our engagement shoot, it was definitely hard to pick what we wanted to do because Kyle and I love all different scenarios! But when it came down to it we just had to pick one, and for us the fall is our favorite time of the year and we knew we would love to see the beautiful New England foliage in the background! We found our photographer, Robyn Blasi, at a bridal show and she was amazing! It really helps to find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable because not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera or is used to taking pictures like this. She was great though and when it came time to pick my locations she was a big help too! We wanted to keep the engagement session relaxing and fun for us so we picked 2 places nearby where we lived. You don’t want to have to worry about anything on that day so it’s nice to be close to home in case you forget anything, like I did! Since we wanted the foliage we picked Chamard Vineyard and Chattfield Hollow Park, and were thrilled with the way the pictures turned out! For outfits we wanted to be comfortable and look like ourselves and we also thought it would be fun to coordinate a little bit so we picked some like colors and went with it! My advice would be not to overthink it! Just be yourself and you’ll be happy with the turnout!”
 3. Many couples decide to forego the e-shoot completely. What made you decide to have engagement photos taken and why do you believe they are important to include in your wedding plans? 
“The main reason Kyle and I wanted to do an engagement session was for our save the date. We wanted a professional picture that we both really liked to put on there. Also, your wedding is once in a lifetime and I think the more pictures you have the more memories you have to look back on together! The engagement pictures are also fun to put on your wedding website or even to just have around the house just for the couple and their families!”
 4. Do you have any words of wisdom for brides who are trying to plan their engagement shoots?
“Just have fun with it! Don’t overthink and enjoy yourselves. Your engagement goes by so quick, you should try to enjoy every minute of it!”
 5. What do you think is the best thing about having an engagement shoot in Connecticut? 
“The best part about having your engagement session in CT is that your options are endless! From taking your pictures on the beach to taking them in the snow and everything in between, everyone can find something that works for them!”
6. For brides who are really struggling with narrowing down what they want to do for their engagement shoots, what are your recommendations for making the process easier? Is there anyone special you think they should turn to for advice? 
“If you’re really having trouble deciding what to do, I would go to your friends and family who know you best. Sometimes all of the options can be overwhelming and they should be able to remind you of what’s important to you and help you make up your mind. Again, your photographers are there to help as well! And they’ve done this so many times that they tend to have some great recommendations!”
Burlakoff_Gies_Robyn_Blasi_Photography_bk219_low Many thanks to Britany for her words of wisdom and to Robyn Blasi Photography for sharing her beautiful photography!
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