17 Magnet Wedding Favors That Will Impress Your Guests

So you’re planning your perfect wedding. The magical place is set, the fairytale dress is made, everything is on point. But what about the favors for your wedding guests? Are you running out of ideas? Maybe everything you see in shops and online seems drab or too expensive or just doesn’t suit your personality. Wedding favors may not be at the top of a bride or groom’s checklist. After all, the day should be about you and your love.  Still, this overflowing affection always spills over, ready to be extended to friends and family, people that supported and loved you before you even found each other. And they will all gather to share your joy!

Show your love for your wedding guests by handing them cute, quirky, and beautiful magnet wedding favors that will surely make them feel how much their presence on your wedding day means to you. Surely so many choices are in play, how about a magnetic one? Feel like it’s a drag to choose the right item that sticks? We have listed 17 Best Magnetic Wedding Favors for you:

17. Wood Slice Thank You Gifts

Make those picture-perfect memories even more special with these Wood Slice Thank You Gifts. Witness how these simple items transform your beautiful photos into works of art. Set on a slice of wood, the rustic base and artistic finish give an amazing effect as if it was painted by a professional on a piece of wood on the spot. This piece will surely reflect your quirky but elegant style. 

16. Personalized Natural Stone Magnet

 What better way to proclaim that your love is set in stone than this  Personalized Natural Stone Magnet? The rustic and rugged material provides a unique backdrop and beautiful contrast for an exquisite design. Printed using UV technology, you can rest assured that the colors and details will stand the test of time. Give it as a gift to someone getting married or use it as your wedding favor.

15. 3-Word Ceramic Hearts

 Don’t be fooled by their candy-like appearance. Encouragement can also come in cute bulks. Make your wedding a channel of hope and good cheer with these 3-Word Ceramic Hearts. Each heart can contain a unique word, perfect for that personal touch that your guests will appreciate. Feeling generous? Give each person three hearts containing your message to them. Now that’s how you make them feel special!

14. Bird Save-The-Date Magnet

I heard from a little bird that you’re planning a wedding and thinking about what to give for gifts. The bird volunteers! This sweet Bird Save-The-Date Magnet will not just spread the news of your upcoming union but also leave a smile on the recipient’s lips. They can also be included to add some whimsy to your table decoration. You may not hear their chirps, but they will bring charm and happiness to the people at your special event.

13. Be-Our-Guest Wooden Invite

You don’t need a Beauty-and-the-Beast theme to send out this quirky invite to your friends. Place it near the sink or on the kitchen door. This Be-Our-Guest Wooden Invite won’t feel out of place in your kitchen and can comfortably stay on the fridge as decor forever. The 3-piece cutlery set hints at a promise of good food, and with a pretty be-our-guest request, who can say no?

12. Save the Date Wooden Magnets

Now, no one can miss your wedding day with this Save the Date Wooden Magnets stuck to their fridge. What day will that date fall? Also right there. Coz you want everyone to be there when you say “I do”. This piece is beautifully engraved with your names and the calendar month of your wedding. You can also request details to make this Save-The-Date uniquely yours. Add an itty-bitty heart to mark the day for extra flair and you’re all set!

11. Kate Aspen To-Have-and-To-Hold Wedding Magnets

Why have one magnet when you can have four? Let your guests have some fun even after the wedding day with these Kate Aspen To-Have-and-To-Hold Wedding Magnets. With four wedding symbolism encased in a tin container that looks like a fridge (how cute is that?), you have the freedom to mix and match or place them wherever you like. You can now brag about how you gave away refrigerators at your wedding. (Wink)

10. Luxury Mirror Magnet

 Stand out and announce your wedding in style with these gorgeous Luxury Mirror Magnet. This Plexi acrylic mirror will never get lost even amid a fridge door full of random stuff, its beauty will always shine. It comes attached to a card with a charming design to let this statement piece sparkle. Get ready to be dazzled as this luxury mirror steals the spotlight. But don’t forget that the person looking at it is the real star.

9. Wooden Heart Magnets

 In this age of flashy, fun, and cool wedding gifts, something as simple as these Wooden Heart Magnets is a breath of fresh air. Choose between having your names and date laser engraved or lovely phrases to express the joy that you feel. These are great for you, budget-minded people, who still want to share a reminder of your special day. Some people like to grin over wedding souvenirs. Let yours be the one that gives them a soft smile.

8. Vintage Vinyl Record Magnet

 Love can make the heart sing, and I predict this Vintage Vinyl Record Magnet can too! Share the wonderful music with your wedding guests using this personalized wooden record. It will tickle their fancy and forever earn for you the image of “person who knows how to give fun souvenirs”. Tip: Play something extra groovy to get their feet dancing and really connect the memory with your gift.

7. Custom Couple Portrait Wooden Magnet

Your face, his/her face, on a wooden portrait, no words, no dates, just a beautiful reminder of a beautiful day when you promised each other forever. Sounds like you? Then make these Custom Couple Portrait Wooden Magnet a part of your take-home bag. These cool pieces are hand-painted with acrylic paint and protected by a layer of fixative varnish to make them last. Just like your love. Order two or three sets of portraits, one with a funny pose, one with lovey-dovey eyes, and one just with the two of you just smiling happily. Then let your guests pick which side of you to take home!

6. Rustic Flower Magnets

Throw a splash of color to your party favors with these pretty Rustic Flower Magnets. Using flowers bunched into a delicious bouquet, bring your guests back to a happy place at the sight of a beautiful and sentimental souvenir. Oh, and did I mention that they are real dried flowers? It adds a more authentic and rustic vibe to your already-super-cute wedding! Choosing party favors can be tough, but flowers are always a good idea. 

5. Puzzle Wedding Thank You Magnets

Let this piece solve the puzzle of what to give your wedding guests. Send them home with a piece of your wedding day’s love and memories with these Puzzle Wedding Thank You Magnets. Display them on a magnetic dock for people to pick up or throw a couple inside your goodie bags for a nice little surprise. All these little pieces will be like giving them a bit of that special day, making them feel that the puzzle wouldn’t be complete without their presence.

4. Mini Aluminum Heart Photo Frames

Wedding favors need not only be about the couple. Spread a more personal kind of joy by giving away these pretty Mini Aluminum Heart Photo Frames where they can store their memories of your special day. Pair it up with a photo booth that prints smaller pics and bam! Personalized memento. Let them take home something that will warm their heart and also remind them how nice your wedding was. It’ll be something that they’ll truly treasure.

3. Keys To Love Magnets

 Feeling a bit modern? This Keys To Love Magnets set will not only spell L-O-V-E but F-U-N in your guests’ eyes! The clear case can contain the date of your wedding, but who needs that when just one look at these cuties and they’ll surely remember that they got them from your super cool wedding. Perfect for couples who want to veer away from the usual pretty and elegant wedding favors but still want to add a sentiment to the momentous event.

2. Click Click Love Typewriter Magnets

Who says going old-fashioned is lame? This Click Click Love Typewriter Magnets set not only takes you back to the good old days before the touchscreen but also brings an air of romance with its low-key elegance that your friends and family will find delightful. They may not be able to type anything, but these keys can open the way to your guests’ hearts.

1. Magnetic Leather Bottle Opener

 Everyone loves taking home something not just memorable, but also functional. This Magnetic Leather Bottle Opener gives this item a rustic but sturdy feel. Pop it on the fridge and say goodbye to rummaging in the cupboard for a bottle opener to enjoy that ice-cold beer. Your guests will be sure to mentally thank you for this thoughtful gift. They might even remember to invite you for a couple of beers after seeing your names. Win-win.

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