Best Groomsmen Gifts

Whether spending lavishly or sticking to a small budget, one thing to consider when buying groomsmen gifts is the individual personalities of the men in your wedding ceremony. A one gift fits all approach may seem to save time, but in the end it may not be as thoughtful as choosing something unique for each man. Considering their personalities and interests may help spark your creativity.

Try a few of these ideas for best groomsmen gifts. Is your best man into athletics? Try a personalized jersey or cap from his favorite team or tickets to a big game. Is one of your ushers particularly handy with tools? A small tool box and a gift card to a home renovation store might be a great way to say thanks.

Some of your groomsmen may be foodies. Why not a set of kitchen or outdoor grilling utensils, or a gift card to a local restaurant? If they’re beer connoisseurs, consider getting them a pack of their favorite brew or ale, domestic or imported.

Perhaps your groomsmen are into music, theater, or art. Try tickets to a concert or play or a year long membership to a museum. Movie passes or vintage comic books are all possibilities. If you’re not sure what your groomsmen enjoy most, ask them or their significant others, though likely you know them well enough to come up with ideas on your own.

If you decide to do one general kind of gift rather than choosing something unique to each, you can still make it personal and thoughtful. Pay for their tux rentals! Get them each a silk tie. How about a fun pair of socks? Add a monogram to a classic pen. Choose a leather journal, a day-timer book, or a phone cover. A desk or wall calendar with photos inspired by your friendship or the wedding locale is another possibility.

Whatever you decide to do, and whether your spend a lot or a little, the best groomsmen gifts will always be the ones that come from the heart.   If you need some more ideas, check out our list of top 5 cool groomsmen gifts.

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