Awesome Gifts The Bride Can Give To The Groom On Their Wedding Day

As if wedding days aren’t already hectic enough, you now have to think about the bride and groom gift exchange! There aren’t any rules about this, but the most common times to do this are right before the ceremony itself. So it won’t be an understatement to assume that these gifts might set the tone for your wedding ceremony itself – no pressure! 

For this big day, you want to give your husband-to-be something that lasts – something that reminds him of the day you two got married, and something that he’ll love. No matter what your budget and what your future husband’s interests, we have an idea for everyone so keep reading.

A Leather Wallet 

Leather wallets are a great idea. They’re long lasting, not too cheap, useful, and he’ll definitely be using them often. 

If you want to go the extra mile and get him something really exotic, how about a shark skin wallet or a crocodile skin wallet? They’re hard to find, but there are websites such as Real Mens Wallets that do deal in this kind of stuff. 

Or you can just get them a regular leather wallet. There are stores and websites that will be able to help you even if you want to get them personalized. 

Personalized Cufflinks 

A lot of shops and stores help you monogram cufflinks for your special someone, but there are even stores on etsy that will help you put whatever message you want on them, like this store that will not only accommodate your message but can also do it in your handwriting! 

We can’t think of anything sweeter for your new husband than for him to be wearing these around, and smiling to himself whenever his eyes land on his sleeves!

Some Cologne 

Perfumes and colognes can be the perfect present for special occasions, with just the right formal touch and a little sensuality thrown in the mix, there’s nothing better than your husband wearing the cologne you gave them. 

You can go buy a popular fragrance, or you can even go to boutique style perfume shops to buy exactly the right one for him. 

A Fancy Watch 

There’s no man who won’t appreciate being given a beautiful watch on any occasion, and your wedding is the perfect time for you to go all out and invest in a super fancy one. 

Luxury brands like Rolex and Tissot are awesome options, and if he’s a big watch enthusiast you can sign him up for a Watch Gang subscription – you can buy a one year subscription for the whole year and have the watches delivered to his home. 

The best part is that your husband will get to keep them all! 

An E-book Reader 

If you’ve fallen for a bibliophile, be prepared to deal with his mountains and mountains of books. There’s nothing we love more as books for presents, and the hardest part is travelling without them. You can solve this problem for your husband by buying him a new kindle or any other e-book reader. 

They’re awesome devices, specially designed for people who can read for hours. With features like no screen glare, built in lights, the capacity to hold thousands of books, and a battery that lasts weeks, the only thing better than an e-book reader is one that’s already full of e-books, ready to be read!

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