You pay for the weather

If you manage to get a beautiful day, the Candlewood Inn is unbelievable. With two huge windows overlooking the dance floor, your entire crowd gets to watch the sun set from their tables over the Lake as well as take advantage of their great patio and back lawn on the lake. Forget the whole overdone old mansion thing, nothing matches the ambience that the sunset will bring you. It’s amazing. Aside from that, it has an awesome back lawn for pictures, the place is immaculate and spacious enough to where it’s roomy, yet still very personal. I can’t say enough about the staff, as they were impeccable. And the food was tremendous. My only flaw with the Candlewood Inn would be the incumbent dissappointment if you didn’t get beautiful weather. And if you are looking for that old architecture charm, you are not getting it at the Candlewood. It has a very newlly built/remodeled feel, which I suppose can feel a little generic, but it’s so nice, you don’t. Two hugs thumbs up.

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