Vicky & Bob O.

I just had to let you know how much fun everyone had at the wedding on Saturday. Jon was the perfect Event Manager and was very attentive to detail during the entire reception. Jon has a perfect personality for people and never-ending energy along with his beautiful smile, and we were thrilled when Sarah told us that she was very happy with his willingness to honor her requests at the reception. When we met Jon on Thursday to finalize the details, we knew exactly what Sarah meant. Jon has an amazing gift and put us at ease. Immediately we knew that our children’s wedding was in great hands. Our guests and family are still talking about what a great time they all had – how delicious the food was and how beautiful the Waterview is and all together it makes for a great wedding. Big Daddy loves to DJ at the Waterview as well – everyone was dancing. Jason was great as our head wait staff and when there was a request, Jason was on it with a happy heart. Thank you Jason!!! The cocktail hour was filled with hungry people and we all enjoyed the beautiful display and delicious food. The reception was a “WOW” to walk in to – just beautifully done and well staffed. We know that everyone worked very hard to make our day successful and it absolutely was – so please extend our thanks to everyone who made this possible. We appreciate everyone’s efforts which is a great reflection on you, Maureen and the Waterview. I would like to mention that Table 7 was located under a vent and they were freezing – but they moved their table over a bit and it worked out for them. They didn’t tell me about it and I know that there is not much that you can do except to move the table over. I just wanted to make you aware of this for future events. Thank you again Maureen, Jon, Jason and everyone who made this a wonderful memory. Very sincerely – Vicky & Bob

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