Very Satisfied Customer

I had less than 10 months to plan my wedding. I was working on checking off “wedding tasks” as quickly as possible, but with a 14 person bridal party (7 girls and 7 guys) it was hard to coordinate finding a bridesmaid dress that made everyone happy. We visited about 5 different stores and once the staff found out that i wasn’t going to make a decision that day because i wanted to check with others in the bridal party that couldn’t make it (we had girls that lived in 4 different states) their attitude quickly changed. Many shops had staff that were just plain rude. We eventually wandered into Bridal Bells Boutique but we did not have high expectations – ths shop wasn’t as fancy as some of the higher end stores we visited. Instantly our expectations changed as soon as we met Barbara (the owner). She was very welcoming and helpful she gave us free reign of the store allowing us to take pictues (so i could show my mom who couldn’t make it) and she LISTENED to our likes and dislikes making helpful suggestions… Sure she didn’t have two floors, or 6 staff members, or fancy carpeting, or a coffee station but she absolutely had the best service & price (hands down)!!! She also had an excellent seamstress who could make customized jackets for some of the girls (who didn’t want to go with bare shoulders). The work, service, price is impeccable! Don’t waste your time shopping around (like i did) just head straight for Barbara’s at Bridal Bells Boutique in Berlin!!! She is a great lady and i’m sure she will take care of you the way she took care of me (i felt like i was dealign with a family member)!!

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