The Agricolas

A beautiful person who makes beautiful arrangements
Gabriele was exactly what we were looking for in our florist – flexible, artistic, innovative, and personable. We had a specific budget for our flowers and Gabriele met us on just the right page, with a creative flair. She is the only person that you will work with as she operates on her own. She is very knowledgeable about flowers and plants and clearly is passionate about what she does. We spent hours at her lovely home looking through magazines and photos, coming up with ideas together. She took careful notes and made us feel so comfortable that we were confident come wedding day, we would have some glorious arrangements. She added a personable touch with her handwritten notes and courtesy phone calls. Our colors were purple and green. We wanted the bride bouquet with some lavender herb (my favorite) and purples while the bridesmaids’ were all green. Gabriele created the most gorgeous bouquets! Some of the greens and succulents could even be planted afterwards! On the wedding morning, Gabriele was there in the bridal suite helping to arrange everything and making sure the boutonnières and bouquets were just right. She was even able to work in my “something old” to my bouquet at the last minute.

We wanted our centerpieces to double as favors and were really hoping to somehow give people herbs or plants to take home (I love things to be useful/re-usable/green!). Gabriele made the cutest, most perfect arrangement with an herb in a small glass vase with moss and an adorable label, several per table. There was an assortment of herbs (rosemary, thyme, lavender, tarragon, and more!) and our guests were happy to take them home to plant. My herbs are still alive and well in their pot at home! Thank you so much to Gabriele for her beautiful touch on our most special day.

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