We thought we were getting a great deal but you get what you pay for. First of all, every time we spoke to Daryl, he tried to sell us more photography hours after he told us when we booked the package we had the perfect amount of hours. Second, we asked if he and the other photographers would pose us. He said absolutely. This definitely didn’t happen. My husband and I basically have the same pictures both engagement and wedding with the same poses, which are kind of awkward and boring. Third, we booked videography through Hawk because Daryl said, “our photographers and videographers have worked multiple weddings together so they don’t get in the way of each other.” Not true. I was there on the wedding day when the photographer and videographer introduced themselves to each other. They also got in each other’s way. Fourth, Daryl tried to bribe us for a 5 star review before we saw photos or the video by offering us a free portrait if we gave him 5 stars and when I didn’t do it, he called me multiple times to remind me. Fifth, the video is still not done after 10 months. The date was wrong and it’s really not that great. I probably could have made a better video. It goes in and out of focus and the sound is choppy in parts. The reception plays entire songs which gets boring to watch. Sixth, the communication has been very poor. I’d email Daryl with a question or looking for an update and he would say he’d get back to me and never did. Overall, my husband and I are pretty disappointed. The wedding and engagement photos were pretty good but the video is not, as we can’t even get a copy that has the correct date on it. I would not book services with Hawk Photography again.

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