I had a beautiful wedding at Wickham Pavilion, no thanks to the event coordinator. To list the number of issues we had communicating with Pamela over the past year would be absolutely ridiculous. Once the “sale” was made, little by little we found out that we were lied to and the park was misrepresented over and over. It would be one thing if Pamela were busy or spread thin, but she gave me the distinct impression that she just had no ounce of concern for our experience.
The park is gorgeous, and even though in the end we had an amazing day, I would never recommend to anyone to get married there. It was a miserable frustration that came close to ruining our wedding day, which was hardly high maintenance. We had a conscious wedding–part of holding it at a non-profit park. If it weren’t for the support of our amazing family and friends, we would have had to cancel or relocate last minute.
I’m amazed that more reviews don’t reflect the terrible service. Nearly every vendor we spoke with also said the park is difficult to deal with. Every other business we hired was a pleasure, so I know it’s not us. We requested our guests donate to a charity (one where I work, the caterer we hired, our church, or their choice) as their gift, and half-way through the year I removed Wickham from that list. We were also planning on donating to each charity we worked with, but I can’t in good faith support the park again.
I can’t imagine I’m the only bride that was treated this way, and I expect an apology to my guests more than anything. For anyone who has had this issue and not spoken up–you’re doing a beautiful park a disservice by not alerting the director to this issue. I’ve never in my life had such a negative experience or worked with someone less professional.
I wish to be connected with the director (I’ve requested before and been denied) so that I can recount the entire experience. It’s truly a shame the park supports this type of practice, and I’ll be telling everyone I know to warn their friends.

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