Rob Connaughton

Buyer Beware!! First of all the address listed on google is now a pizza shop. There is a reason why his shop is not open anymore and he is working from home. My fiancé spoke with him about a wedding cake and setup an apt for a tasting. He knew we were coming from 2.5 hours away but never picked up his phone when we arrived for the tasting. I finally got a call back an hour later and the owner said he was stuck in traffic and wanted to meet me at quizno’s. We then asked about the tasting and he acted like we misunderstood the point of the meeting when in reality my fiancé spoke with him at length the type of cakes she wanted to taste.. He was completely unapologetic and completely unprofessional. Is this a guy you want to trust with your wedding cake or any other important event? He is obviously not organized and unprofessional and why his shop is not longer open.

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