Rachel Roth

Flowers were beautiful
I went with Candi’s creations mostly based on the reviews on wedding reports.com and I was not disappointed. I only needed personal flowers and we were doing a “budget” wedding so I felt that I could splurge a little bit. Candi was very attentive at taking what I wanted and making it come to fruition. She even called and emailed in the weeks just prior to the wedding to make sure where I was going to be, and was everything ok, had I changed my mind, etc. and she was the only wedding vendor of mine to do that, I was very impressed. Her communication on the day of was excellent. My flowers were so beautiful, a lot of people thought they were the most beautiful flowers they had ever seen, a lot of people thought they were fake. I actually squealed when I saw them they were just perfect. Candi was also organized and attentive enough to include a bouquet charm that I had made on my flowers. I would definitely recommend Candi to anyone for wedding flowers.

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