if it wasn’t for Camille at Event Connoisseur I would’ve been a complete mess. She was the perfect planner to handle my situation. In the beginning I was a bit apprehensive about hiring a planner but finding one I didn’t know personally was a huge challenge afterall, I could do the planning myself…Bad idea.. I became so overwhelming with my crazy work schedule, long commute plus business trips and now planning my wedding … I started to panic. People I thought I could trust including family who felt very comfortable with inviting whomever, forgot to consider my budget, my wedding theme and decor it was turning into a disaster. I happened to be at a business lunch and happen to hear the owner discussing EC and how fabulous they were. They went into details about choosing only them for their clients…I was hooked. I immediately went over and got their contact info. Boy were they not lying. The dream I had looked forward to started to come alive when Camille stepped in and started the process. I felt I always got the best of everything and the wedding day was a complete success..I am quite glad for the opportunity to have such an amazing wedding planning experience with Camille and her team and you sure wont be disappointed if you select Event Connoisseur.

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