Phil & Amy

Hi Brian,

I know Amy wrote you last week and thanked you for everything but I wanted to write you as well. Amy and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding ceremony and reception and your band was a big part of it.

The guitar player that played the music for the processional and recessional was amazing. But all together as a band, you guys are phenomenal. For many of the songs it seemed as if the actual artists were at our reception playing their songs for us! We had been warned by friends and family that we should choose the song for our first dance carefully because many of them had bad experiences with their bands trying (unsuccessfully!) to play their song. But you sounded exactly like Bryan Adams!! …many of our guests said the same thing as we made the rounds that night.

But at every table we visited, several people told us how much fun they were having and how amazing you guys were. I know three people that told me they went up after the reception to talk to you and get your business card!!

Planning the wedding was involved and often stressful (mainly for Amy, but I helped a little!!). Booking The LeBlanc Brothers was one of the best decisions we made. Please share my comments with the rest of the band members and feel free to post this on your website. Amy and I would also be happy to be listed as one of your references as well.

When Amy wrote you last week, she asked you if you play at other venues

in the area. If you do, please let us know how times and dates because we’ll be there!!

Thanks again,


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